Mike “MAK” Kyle vs Marcos Rogerio “Pezao” de Lima

Round 1:
Kyle opened the fight with jabs and right hands and de Lima answered back with leg kicks. Kyle flurried and backed de Lima up to the cage, but de Lima countered with punches and circled out. De Lima threw more kicks as Kyle jabbed and Kyle just missed with a looping right. He began to target the body and landed two lunging right hands that kept de Lima on the defensive.

De Lima landed a nice punch-kick combo and both fighters missed with lead left hooks. Kyle jabbed and tried to catch a leg kick from de Lima, but de Lima pulled his leg out and landed more kicks. A one-two backed de Lima up and Kyle followed with more punches. De Lima answered with two hooks, but Kyle landed five punches to the head and body. A lead left hook and right hands kept de Lima backing up until the bell. 10-9 Kyle.

Round 2:
De Lima landed nice leg kicks in round two and Kyle returned to his jab. He threw a right cross, but de Lima tagged him with a three-punch combo. Kyle regained his footing and landed a right cross, but de Lima continued to find a home for his kicks to Kyle’s lead leg. Both fighters landed jabs and de Lima connected with a leg kick, right hook combo. He landed a kick to the body seconds later.

De Lima scored with more leg kicks and began to score with jabs that kept Kyle at bay. Two more jabs and a leg kick landed for de Lima, who found more success in the striking exchanges. Kyle backed de Lima up to the cage and took de Lima down. De Lima stood, but Kyle maintained back control. Kyle slammed de Lima down and punched from the top. Very close round due to Kyle’s late rally. 10-9 de Lima, just barely.

Round 3:
The fighters traded uppercuts in the final round and Kyle jabbed. De Lima continued to throw leg kicks, but the action slowed as the fighters appeared to fatigue. Kyle landed more jabs and de Lima answered back with a leg kick and a right hand. Kyle scored a takedown and punched from the top in de Lima’s guard.

Kyle moved to half-guard and continued to throw punches with his left hand. He postured up and bloodied de Lima near the left eye with punches and hammerfists. De Lima held on and tried to prevent Kyle from landing anything damaging, but Kyle connected with more short punches late in the round. 10-9 Kyle.

Winner: Mike Kyle by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds. He improves to 19-8-1, 1 NC.


Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante vs Yoel Romero Palacio

Round 1:
The crowd grew restless after the fighters circled throughout the opening minute, but Cavalcante drew applause after firing off a head kick. He followed with another one that backed Romero up, but Romero recovered and the fighters resumed circling. Cavalcante came up just short with a right cross.

The crowd voiced its displeasure with the lack of action again. Romero circled away and Cavalcante landed a hard leg kick. Time was called and Romero appeared to be warned for inactivity. Action resumed and Romero taunted. He clinched and tried for a takedown, but wound up on the bottom. 10-9 Cavalcante.

Round 2:
Cavalcante landed a body kick early in round two, but time was called after an accidental low blow from Romero. The fight continued and Cavalcante fell while throwing a head kick. Romero landed a right hand on the way up and followed with a flying knee. He clinched and unloaded with punches. Cavalcante fell again after throwing a body kick. He stood and the fighters unloaded with power punches. Both landed and Romero clinched again.

After a brief exchange of strikes, Cavalcante scored a takedown and stood over Romero. He allowed Romero to stand and avoided a knee. Romero pushed forward with a one-two and clinched. Both fighters threw hooks and Romero backed away. Cavalcante missed with a head kick, but dropped Romero with a spinning backfist as he spun through with the kick. Romero recovered and the fighters traded punches. Cavalcante landed two big shots and just missed with a knee. Romero fell to the mat and Cavalcante knocked him out with one more punch.

Winner: Rafael Cavalcante by KO (Punches) at 4:51 of round two. He improves to 11-3-0.


Jordan “Young Gun” Mein vs Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos

Round 1:
Both fighters landed punches in the opening minute and Santos threw a series of leg kicks. Mein avoided one and landed a nice kick of his own. More leg kicks were exchanged and Santos fired off a quick combination. Mein jabbed and Santos continued to throw leg kicks. Mein switched stances briefly and the fighters traded punches.

A right cross landed for Mein, but Santos answered with a leg kick and a one-two. Mein jabbed his way in and landed a left hook, but Santos immediately countered with one of his own and followed with another leg kick. He threw a head kick and Mein blocked it. Santos landed a right hook to the body and Mein countered with a left. Another leg kick landed for Santos before the bell. 10-9 Santos.

Round 2:
The second round began similarly to the first, as the fighters traded punches in the centre of the cage and Santos landed more leg kicks. He continued to kick at Mein’s legs, but Mein managed to land a nice combination. Two hard left hands backed Santos up and Mein just missed with a head kick. Both fighters landed straight punches and Mein countered a leg kick with a lengthy flurry to the head and body.

Santos covered up and fired back an uppercut. Punches were exchanged and Santos missed with a spinning hook kick. Mein landed a one-two and ducked under a right hand from Santos, but Santos landed more leg kicks. Mein threw two kicks of his own and followed with a left hook. Another exchange of punches followed and Mein backed away from a Santos head kick. Mein just missed with a spinning backfist and Santos ended the round with kicks. 10-9 Mein.

Round 3:
The fight remained on the feet in the final round as the fighters traded punches and leg kicks. Mein connected with a left hook that appeared to rock Santos and he followed with more punches. Santos seemed to recover and fired back with punches of his own, but Mein hurt him again with punches to the head and body. Santos backed up to the cage and Mein unloaded with standing elbows until Santos fell to the mat and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Jordan Mein by TKO (Elbows) at 3:18 of round three. He improves to 23-7-0.


Alexis Davis vs Amanda “Lioness of the Ring” Nunes

Round 1:
Nunes flurried with punches early on as Davis looked to clinch for a takedown. Nunes shrugged Davis off and landed more short punches in close. Davis threw uppercuts of her own and tried to stay in close to prevent Nunes from winding up with her punches. Davis landed right hands and Nunes answered with two of her own. Nunes backed Davis up to the cage and tripped her to the mat. She trapped Davis’s arm and landed punches with her right hand from the top.

Davis scrambled up and landed a knee on the way. The fighters traded punches and Davis connected with a solid right cross. Nunes landed a big right of her own, but Davis remained active with a knee and a one-two. The fighters continued to exchange right hands in a clinch and Nunes backed Davis up to the fence once more. Davis broke free, but Nunes landed a wild combination. She tried to take Davis down before the bell. Close round. 10-9 Nunes.

Round 2:
Davis closed the distance in round two and the fighters clinched against the cage. Nunes tripped Davis, but Davis attempted an armbar from her back and briefly took Nunes down seconds later. The fighters stood and Davis kept Nunes pressed up against the cage. She landed knees to the thighs until the referee called for a break.

Nunes landed a hard combination, but Davis backed her right back up to the cage. Nunes used a hip toss to throw Davis to the mat, but Davis immediately reversed and punched from the top. She moved to mount and unloaded with punches until Nunes rolled to her stomach. Davis threw more punches until the fight was stopped, giving her a big win.

Winner: Alexis Davis by TKO (Punches) at 4:53 of round two. She improves to 11-4-0.


“Non-Stop Action Packed” Dominique Steele vs Chris “College” Mierzwiak

Round 1:
Steele opened the fight aggressively with punches, but Mierzwiak took him down and secured an inverted triangle choke. Steele managed to escape and stood up. Mierzwiak followed and tried for another takedown. He briefly took Steele’s back in a scramble, but the fight returned to the feet again. Steele landed an uppercut and two big knees. Mierzwiak landed a knee of his own, but found himself trapped in a guillotine choke.

Mierzwiak escaped and the fighters clinched. He drilled Steele with a flurry of punches and a knee. Steele fell to the mat, but quickly got back to his feet. Mierzwiak took him down and secured back control. A bloodied Steele defended against rear-naked choke attempts and eventually scrambled to his feet. He landed a trio of left uppercuts and the fighters exchanged power punches. The round ended in a clinch. 10-9 Mierzwiak.

Round 2:
Steele landed a combination of punches and a knee in the second round and wound up on top in Mierzwiak’s guard after a scramble. He landed punches as Mierzwiak attempted to escape back to his feet. Steele kept Mierzwiak down and landed more strikes, but had to fight his way out of a triangle choke. He escaped and punched from the top until Mierzwiak got back to his feet.

Both fighters landed punches in an exchange and the pace slowed down as fatigue set in. Steele clinched and landed short punches and knees, then dropped Mierzwiak with a solid right hook. Steele dove in from the top and landed punches, then moved to a top-side crucifix. He punched with his free hand and prevented Mierzwiak from getting back to his feet before the bell. 10-9 Steele.

Round 3:
Steele took the fight to the mat early in the final round and settled into Mierzwiak’s guard. He threw short punches and hammerfists from the top for over a minute until Mierzwiak postured for an armbar. Steele avoided danger by standing up and he returned to Mierzwiak’s guard.

Short strikes scored for Steele until Mierzwiak managed to scramble and took his back. Mierzwiak secured a body triangle and worked for a rear-naked choke, but Steele defended and spun back into Mierzwiak’s guard. He threw a handful of short hammerfists before the final bell. Close fight. 10-9 Steele.

Winner: Dominique Steele by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28) after three rounds. He improves to 4-1-0.