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Up and Coming Fighters in the MMA World is proud to present to you a one of a kind feature in the MMA World. Mixed Martial Arts is a field that has long proved to be difficult for amateurs to get a foot in. No longer. has started a Fighters database designed to aid those who are just breaking in to the business and need help getting the attention and the sponsorships they deserve.

This database is open to fighters of all experience levels. Whether you're preparing for your first voyage into the ring/cage or you're a seasoned professional with a score of wins under your belt, you may find it beneficial to be listed in our Fighters database.

The goal of this venture is not to attempt to list all of the fighters in the world. There's no need for that, as plenty of other sites offer that static feature. This list is designed to primarily focus on those who need the exposure and the attention from sponsors.

Here's how it works. If you're a fighter, grappler, or wrestler who is training hard and looking to make an impact on the sport, then sign up with our Fighter database. By adding your name to our server, sponsors will be able to locate your credentials and information quickly.

There's always a difficulty in being recognized at local shows, due to the sheer volume of individuals competing. Here, sponsors can get right down to it and learn everything about the fighters without the distractions of a live event.

You now have the ability to create your own profile. In this profile you will be able to include:

- A Brief Description of Who You Are and Your History
- Pictures of Yourself
- Videos of Yourself Training
- Your Fight History
- The Styles You Train In and The School You Compete Out Of - The Warcraft III Community
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