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Training Videos and Articles for the Mixed Martial Arts Enthusiast

The Medicine Ball Press-Up
Medicine Ball Press-Up For MMA


Medicine balls are one of the most valuable tools any fighter can have in his arsenal! While they have long been a staple in most gyms, they're often misunderstood. We're all familiar with the old-school boxing videos of boxers dropping leathery medicine balls on to their abdomen to 'toughen' up their mid-section. Well, surprise surprise - there's much more fun out there, as far as these guys are concerned. There's a nearly limitless supply of exercises that can be done with a medicine ball. Fighters are definitely not the only athletes that benefit from this wonderful device. Any athlete looking for top performance can use one!
Exercise - The Dumbbell Snatch
Dumbbell Snatch For MMA

Dumbbells Don't Like To Be Ignored.

Dumbbells are powerful devices in training strength! While the average gym goer has confused them for the one-spot stop for bigger bicep peaks, Dumbbells have been apart of effective athletic training for decades. While new fads come and go with adjustable dumbbells and even kettlebells, their overall function has yet to change. In this article, I'll discuss the fundamentals of the Dumbbell Snatch exercise. This exercise is an excellent way to develop strength or muscular conditioning. It teaches the body to work in synergy with itelf. This can be one of the most important exercises in any developing athlete's arsenal.
The Four Foundations of Fighting
The Four Foundations of Fighting

There are four keys to training for mixed martial arts.

There's something about life that often leaves you with many choices, but few right paths. It's often hard to figure out which best suits you and this is no different when it comes to training for Mixed Martial Arts competitions. In the world of sport fighting, there are as many different training routines as there are fighters. Between old-school boxing trainers and new-age technology nuts, no one can seem to decide on what to train. However, while training methods evolve and science reveals new perspectives on the human body, how much are we overlooking things?
Beerless Keg - Part 02 - Clean N Press
Keg - Clean N Press

Heavy things deserve to be lifted overhead.

In a continuation of the article from last week, it's time to introduce you to the first exercise that you can do with your keg. Whether you have your keg filled to the brim with sand/water (hopefully the beer is already gone) or you're working on your long-term conditioning, this exercise is one that can find its way in to any routine. Everyone's heard of the Clean and Jerk. It's about as well-known as you can get when it comes to Olympic lifting. With a keg, though, it takes on a whole new world, and in this instance, a new variant: The Clean and Press.
Beerless Keg - Part 01 - Don't Lift After Drinking
Beerless Keg

Kegs. They're not just for breakfast anymore.

If you're looking to become a mixed martial artist, sometimes you have to take a step out of the norm to find what can make or break a fighter. If there's a subject that ever needed discussing in the MMA World, it's the age-old concept of whether to lift or not to lift. To a select few, this debate isn't that simple. It becomes what to lift.

In a world full of fancy machines and fitness trends, it's hard to know where to begin when stepping in to the gym. That's why, in the next series of articles to be released by, we're going to help break you in to the world of lifting. - The Warcraft III Community - The Warcraft III Community
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