Road To UFC Lightweight Final

Anshul “King of Lions” Jubli vs Jeka “Si Tendangan Maut” Asparido Saragih

Round 1:
Saragih missed with a spinning wheel kick attempt, but he landed a leg kick and Jubli responded with a one-two. He took Saragih down and landed short elbows and right hands until he was able to pass to full mount. Jubli locked on an arm-triangle choke, but Saragih was able to turn into it and escape, and he returned to his feet. Saragih landed a knee to the body and Jubli just missed with a right hook late in the round. 10-9 Jubli.

Round 2:
The second round began with Saragih landing a head kick, but Jubli took him down against the cage. He took Saragih’s back and tried to flatten him out. Jubli eventually did so, then landed right hands to Saragih’s face while pinning down his right arm. Jubli transitioned to mount and continued to land punches. Saragih gave up his back and Jubli flattened him out again. He dropped elbows and punches, and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Anshul Jubli by TKO (Elbows & Punches) at 3:44 of round two. He improves to 7-0-0.


Road To UFC Featherweight Final

Jeong Yeong “The Korean Tiger” Lee vs Zha Yi

Round 1:
Yi clinched right away and he took Lee’s back against the cage. Yi dragged Lee down to the mat, but he was unable to do much from the top and Lee worked his way back to his feet. Lee landed short short uppercuts while fighting off another takedown attempt from Yi, who tried unsuccessfully to throw Lee to the ground. Lee landed a hard uppercut and a knee, which Yi countered with an elbow. He landed a liver kick shortly before the bell. 10-9 Yi.

Round 2:
The fighters traded right hands and Yi shot in for a takedown. He hopped on Lee’s back, but Lee shook him off and he cracked Yi with a hard elow to the temple. Yi fired back with a right hook and an elbow. He clinched, but Lee backed him up with a knee to the jaw. Yi slowed down and Lee landed jabs and a lead left uppercut. Yi countered a right hand from Lee with a takedown. Time was called when Lee landed an illegal upkick to Yi’s face. The fight resumed and Lee landed a knee and a right hook. Back-and-forth round. 10-9 Lee.

Round 3:
Lee landed a big right hook and an uppercut early in the final round, then fought off a takedown attempt from Yi and held him in a standing guillotine choke. Yi freed his neck and he held Lee against the cage. Lee pushed him away and he landed a hard right hook. Yi jumped on his back, but Lee shook him off and he transitioned to a belly-down armbar attempt on the ground. Yi escaped and he took Lee’s back once more. Lee briefly got to his feet and Yi pulled him back down. Lee stood with 40 seconds remaining and Yi took him down. Lee stood and the fight ended with Yi holding back control. Another close round. 10-9 Lee due to damage.

Winner: Jeong Yeong Lee by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 27-30) after three rounds. He improves to 10-1-0.


Road To UFC Bantamweight Final

Rinya “Hybrid” Nakamura vs Toshiomi “Silent Finisher” Kazama

Round 1:
Nakamura opened the fight with a big left hook and two head kick attempts, and he dropped Kazama with a lead right hook. Kazama rose to his feet and Nakamura sent him crashing to the canvas with a big left hook to end the brief fight.

Winner: Rinya Nakamura by KO (Punch) at 0:33 of round one. He improves to 7-0-0.


Road To UFC Flyweight Final

Hyun Sung “Peace of Mind” Park vs Seung Guk Choi

Round 1:
Cautious strikes were exchanged on the feet until Choi countered two leg kicks from Park with a right cross that knocked Park down. Choi stood over him and kicked at Park’s legs. Referee Marc Goddard stood Park up and he landed two more leg kicks. Park lunged forward with a one-two and he continued to chop away at Choi’s left leg with kicks. Choi landed a right-left combo and he countered one more Park leg kick with a right cross at the bell. Close opening round. 10-9 Choi by a slim margin.

Round 2:
Choi landed an early combination and Park cracked him with a lead left hook. Choi caught a kick and landed a right hook that knocked Park off-balance. Choi entered Park’s guard, but Park worked back to his feet against the cage. He countered a Choi leg kick with a left-right combo and fought off a clinch attempt. Park landed two jabs and a leg kick. Choi circled to his right and landed one leg kick of his own. He clinched, but Park reversed it against the cage and Choi broke free. Another very close round. 10-9 Park.

Round 3:
Park stuffed a takedown and took Choi’s back in a standing clinch, but Choi turned into it and he held Park against the cage. Park took his back once more and landed a knee before dragging him down into back control. Choi stood with Park on his back and Park pulled him down with a neck crank. He switched his grip twice and changed to a tight rear-naked choke, which forced Choi to tap out.

Winner: Hyun Sung Park by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:11 of round three. He improves to 8-0-0.


Jun Yong “The Iron Turtle” Park vs Denis Tiuliulin

Round 1:
Park jabbed early in the fight and he secured a body-lock takedown into full mount. Park punched from the top and he eventually cut Tiuliulin with a hard elbow strike. Park postured up with more punches and elbows until Tiuliulin gave up his back. Park quickly locked on a rear-naked choke and Tiuliulin was rendered unconscious.

Winner: Jun Yong Park by Technical Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 4:05 of round one. He improves to 16-5-0.


Tatsuro Taira vs Jesus Santos Aguilar

Round 1:
Aguilar immediately knocked Taira down with a leg kick, then jumped on a guillotine choke and pulled Taira down to the mat after her stood up. Taira stayed calm while stuck in the guillotine in Aguilar’s half-guard. He eventually freed his neck and threw short right hands to Aguilar’s ribs. Taira passed to full mount and then locked on a triangle choke as he rolled to his back. He switched to a triangle armbar and Aguilar verbally submitted.

Winner: Tatsuro Taira by Verbal Submission (Triangle Armbar) at 4:20 of round one. He improves to 13-0-0.