You have already faced Sarah once in Strikeforce and lost a close decision under the previous three three-minute round format. Now that Strikeforce uses five-minute rounds for women’s bouts, how do you see that affecting the fight if you were to rematch Sarah in the future?

Miesha: I think that more time always favors the grappler because it gives you time to set up a good shot, get the fight to the ground and establish a position that you can work from to finish. That’s a lot to do sometimes in three minutes, especially with someone like Sarah who has awesome takedown defense. You might have a few failed attempts like I did and then I finally got it to the ground with 18 seconds left in the first round. Who’s to say what I could have done with an extra two minutes! Before that can happen, you will square off with talented striker Zoila “The Warrior Princess” Frausto at Strikeforce Challengers 7 on March 26th. There has been an exchange of words between the two of you leading up to the fight and some are billing it as a grudge match. What are your thoughts on facing Zoila and what is your take on her recent comments and actions?

Miesha: I stand by what I’ve said. I think she’s green compared to me, she comes off as cocky and, overall, I think I outskill her in MMA. I also don’t think I’m a good style matchup for her. With that being said, I do think that she’s super tough and I know she’ll be coming to try to take my head off. That’s okay and I’m prepared for that as with any fight, but I’m confident that I will be able to implement my game plan and win the fight. As for everything else we’ve said, it won’t matter come fight time! Zoila is known primarily for her kickboxing skills, but she did recently pick up a submission victory over Jessica Rakoczy in February to take her record to 5-0. Are you concerned at all with her striking skills or do you feel that you could stand and trade with her if necessary?

Miesha: Oh, no doubt. I feel confident on my feet against her, too. She’s very flashy, which I think might make her look better to the average person than she really is, but she leaves herself open a lot. By no means do I think that my standup is perfect, but I don’t see her having the opening and ability to knock me out and, really, I think that’s her only chance to win this fight. I’m going to do everything in my power to beat her and if she can’t stop me, I don’t see how she can win the fight. She has recently stated that she is training hard to improve her takedown defence, but you have been able to take down fighters with excellent takedown defence in the past. If you choose to take the fight to the mat, do you feel that she can do anything to stop you?

Miesha: No. If I want to take the fight to the ground, I’m confident that I will get it there. If she has been working on her takedown defense, maybe it will take me a try or two, but I’m very persistent and I will get it there within the 15 minutes. I mean, there is no way that I can’t take her down at least once in 15 minutes if I feel determined to do so. That’s how I feel about that! Without overlooking Zoila, who is a solid opponent, do you feel that you should be next in line for a title shot if you are able to defeat her?

Miesha: Although I would love that, no, I don’t think that I’m next in line. I think there are some girls ranked above me who still deserve their shot at the champ, like Roxanne Modafferi, but I do believe that I will get a second go at Sarah since the first was such a close fight. I still have some work to do to show that I’m worthy of a rematch. Who are some other fighters that you would like to face in the coming year?

Miesha: Whomever Strikeforce deems appropriate, really. I’d love to fight Liz Posener since she is my only amateur loss. Kaitlin would be nice to fight again, but she’s on a four-fight losing streak, so I think that she’s not going to be looking at me anytime soon. Kaufman, no doubt! Outside of that, maybe Roxy? She’s a hell of a fighter and it would be fun, I think!! What would you most like to be remembered for from your time in mixed martial arts?

Miesha: My heart and determination. I always say that if you want it bad enough, it’s only a matter of time. Do you have any final comments or shout-outs to fans, family or sponsors?

Miesha: Thanks to my family and friends for their support. My boyfriend/trainer Bryan Caraway for supplying me with unlimited knowledge and confidence. Dennis Hallman for providing me with a place to train and helping me along the way. My mom for holding up the business end of things and my “through thick and thin” sponsors Tussle Fight Gear, Projekt Label, Fight University, Cage Candy and Caged Steel! Thank you again for your time and best wishes for your fight with Zoila.

Miesha: Thank you!! sincerely thanks Miesha for her time for this interview and we look forward to her fight with Zoila Frausto at Strikeforce Challengers 7. The event will air live on Showtime and Super Channel on March 26th.

  1. miesha deserves her place in the list of great women fighters!