Reid was scheduled to face Alyx Hess in an SNMMA title fight on April 17, 2010. Hess had stepped into the bout after initial opponents had declined to fight Reid. However, after Hess was suspended shortly before the fight for allegedly falsifying bloodwork, Reid’s opponent was changed to Catia Vitoria; an unknown but talented striker who represented a very real threat to the injured Reid and her title.

Making use of a reach advantage, the larger Vitoria employed an excellent game plan consisting of kicks and straight punches, and also scored with a big knee. Reid held strong, but was eventually overwhelmed in round three. The fight was waved off after Vitoria landed a barrage of punches.

“It’s really kind of sad with my [last MMA] fight, actually, with my knee injured because I thought it would be an easier fight [for me] than it turned out to be,” Reid says. “I should have never fought because my knee was really messed up. I didn’t know quite to the extent [that it was injured] yet, but to be honest, the only reason that I fought was because I had to in order to afford my next training camp. That’s really, as females, where we’re at. It costs more for us to train than we’re actually getting paid to fight.

“The person that I am of course just appreciated the opportunities [to fight], but as a businessperson and being able to have had the opportunity to fight all over the world and overseas where women are [in] the main event, of course they are making more money. They get those opportunities and they run with them, so they’re doing really well and the promotions are doing really well. Out here in the United States, for some reason or another, [promotions] just won’t get behind women. They don’t put any money behind us, so it’s hard to ever get out there.”

With bills to pay, Reid returned to boxing on June 5th in France. Sporting a knee brace, she faced Nadia Hokmi for the vacant World Boxing Federation Female Super Flyweight Championship. After ten rounds, Reid was defeated by unanimous decision. The loss was her third in four fights, dropping her overall record to 19-6-6.

As a result of the serious injuries to her knee, Reid was forced out of the Bellator 115-pound MMA tournament and contemplated having surgery. She ultimately decided against it.

“It was kind of up in the air about whether I was going to [undergo] surgery or not,” she says, “and I opted out of having surgery in order to let my body heal itself. My ACL was ruptured. My [torn] MCL has healed, but my ACL ruptured so it doesn’t heal. I’ve been doing strength and conditioning and lifting weights, and it’s been a lot better.”

Reid’s focus shifted to the present, where competing as a fighter is currently an afterthought.

“I haven’t really been in the fight gym very much, but my life has been really good. I’m planning my wedding on October 29th and me and my fiancé [MMA fighter Ray Steinbeiss] just closed on our first house. I also just started my own business, so I have been really busy in my own community.

“Fighting has kind of been the furthest thing from my mind for the last couple of months.”


Reid still trains when she has time, but only for the purposes of fitness and rehabilitation for her knee.

“Every once in a while [I’ll do some fight training in the gym],” she says. “Honestly, I’ve boxed and been in the fight gym for 16 years, and it’s been a normal thing for me, so I’ll definitely go to the gym and work out and do my own things, but not with any plans of fighting. The Power MMA gym just opened up recently, so that’s definitely somewhere that I go to train and I really support them.

“I’ve started some programs out here and, really, my whole focus has always been [on] the community and working with kids, and I’ve been able to do that, which has been awesome. It’s just pretty crazy when you’re planning a wedding and going through your new house stuff and everything.

“I’ve definitely changed my focus [away from combat sports],” Reid continues. “The thing is, I’ve had a very long professional career. I’ve been fighting for 11 years as a professional, which I’m really happy with. I’m really happy with what I’ve been able to do, and doing it my own way. I’ve always said that at the age of 29, it’d be close to being done with so I can get on with the next portion of my life.”

For fans wanting to see Reid compete one more time, they may have the opportunity to do so.

“My passion is still very much boxing, and even fighting, so I do want to have at least one more fight. I’d really like to have it in front of my own community [Phoenix, Arizona], just because I’ve been all over the world and done so many things for such a long time since I’ve been involved with Phoenix or Arizona. So [fighting in Phoenix] is definitely a dream of mine, and I’d love to be part of it. Especially if there’s an opportunity that I can’t say no to. As a female [fighter], it’s tough to come by those opportunities.

“For boxing, I would love to have a local match. And then for MMA, if there was an opportunity that came up, just because there’s more opportunities [in MMA], I would look into [an MMA bout] as well, but I would definitely do boxing for sure. That’s a goal of mine; to have one last boxing match.”

  1. Had to stop reading after you gave credibility for her fighting tammie schneider lol 3-11 record, worst mma fighter next to stephanie palmer. . . and waterson is ok, but then she wanted a title fight w alyx hess luck? Isnt she also 1-6? And for her to say it was supposed to be an ‘easy’ fight? If she has so much boxing experience and is so talented why is she trying to powder her record with easy fights? Thats really all this article did for me was clarify how prevalent this mindset is in womens mma. And dont blame it on her manager. If girls want tough fights theyre out there. Elena is a talented boxer, focus on that instead of sugar coating her mma skills or lack there of.

  2. Your comment is fair, but does need context. Tammie and Stephanie only had two fights apiece when they fought Elena, who had none and one in MMA, respectively. And neither of those fights were presented for giving credibility, but rather just to state that they happened. Alyx Hess was 2-2 when she was to fight Elena, and was put into the fight after a couple of other fighters with better records declined the fight.

    So, I’m not disagreeing with you, but just adding context. Her MMA career did not really begin to develop until her third fight, and there were all sorts of changes that went on before the final one; none of which she had any control over. She just fought who was put in front of her because some other fighters turned the fights down.

    I added a brief note about that for better context in the article itself, as that was my error in not doing so previously. Thank you for the comment.

  3. Fair enough

  4. Awesome read.

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