Honoka Shigeta, Satomi Takano Win Championships At Pancrase 341Undefeated rising star Honoka Shigeta captured a notable title in her fourth pro fight tonight at Pancrase 341 in Tokyo, Japan. The 20-year-old, who has been competing professionally for just 11 months, defeated tough veteran Takayo Hashi to become the new Flyweight Queen of Pancrase Champion.

Also at Pancrase 341, the promotion crowned its inaugural Atomweight Queen of Pancrase Champion when Satomi “Sarami” Takano knocked out Sayako Fujita in just 48 seconds. In non-title flyweight action, Shizuka Sugiyama and Fumika Watanabe both earned wins in other women’s bouts.


Shigeta (4-0-0) took an early led on the scorecards thanks to effective striking with knees to the legs and body of Hashi (19-9-1) during a prolonged clinch battle. The fighters exchanged strikes in round two until Shigeta secured a takedown and she landed elbows from top position.

The third round began with an early takedown for Shigeta, who took Hashi’s back when she returned to her feet. Shigeta threw her down again and struck from the top in side control before later standing over Hashi and dropping punches to Hashi’s face. Round four was primarily contested on the feet, where both women had success with leg kicks and punching combinations. Shigeta scored two late takedowns and Hashi reversed into top position before the bell.

Shigeta countered early leg kicks from Hashi with left and right hands in the final round. She repeatedly took Hashi down, but Hashi fought her way back to her feet each time. Late in the fight, Hashi landed some clinch knees and took Shigeta down with an osotogari throw.

After 25 minutes of action, the bout went to the scorecards and Shigeta was awarded a Unanimous Decision victory with scores of 50-45 twice and 49-46 to become the third Flyweight Queen of Pancrase Champion. Post-fight, the 20-year-old expressed an interest in challenging current Rizin champion and Deep Jewels double titleholder Seika Izawa, and also dedicated her victory tonight to her teammate and training partner, Kanna Asakura.

A Victorious Honoka Shigeta At Pancrase 341A Victorious Satomi Takano At Pancrase 341
New Pancrase champions Honoka Shigeta (left) and Satomi Takano (right).


The inaugural Atomweight Queen of Pancrase Championship bout ended in quick and devastating fashion. Takano (19-14-0) countered two early leg kicks from Fujita (8-3-0) with a big right hook that sent a dazed Fujita crashing backwards to the mat. Takano immediately dove in with punches on the ground that bounced Fujita’s head off of the canvas and briefly rendered her unconscious, and the fight was stopped at the 48-second mark.

Takano’s quick knockout victory crowned her as the first Atomweight Queen of Pancrase. The 12-year veteran previously held the Shooto Women’s Super Atomweight Championship prior to joining the Pancrase ranks in December. Takano has now won six of her past eight fights.


Earlier on the card, former Deep Jewels title challenger Shizuka Sugiyama (22-7-1) made a successful Pancrase debut by outpointing long-time Pancrase veteran Emiko “Fujin” Raika (13-11-1, 1 NC) in a rematch from the pair’s first fight under the Deep banner in 2014. While that fight ended in a first-round win for Sugiyama, tonight’s rematch was more competitive and went the distance.

Sugiyama opened the action with a front kick and later took Raika down, where she held her against the cage and eventually transitioned to her back. The second round was a carbon copy and Sugiyama once again took Raika down into back control after landing a front kick early on. Raika did manage to get to her feet after a prolonged period on the ground, but Sugiyama took her back down before the end of the round.

In round three, Sugiyama continued to control the grappling exchanges after she took Raika down once more. Sugiyama moved to side control until Raika scrambled up to her feet, then took Raika down two more times. Raika gamely fought her way up and threw a late combination that missed its mark, but Sugiyama’s positional control was enough to earn her a clear-cut Unanimous Decision victory with scores of 30-27 thrice.


Also at flyweight, Fumika Watanabe (1-1-0) scored a significant upset and earned her first pro win in a showdown against former two-time Pancrase title challenger Nori (6-7-1).

Watanabe caught a kick and scored a key takedown in the opening round that allowed her to take top position in Nori’s half-guard, where Watanabe threatened with an arm-triangle choke. She passed to side control and landed punches before attacking with an armbar late in the round. Watanabe took Nori down again in round two and once again worked for an arm-triangle choke from the top. Nori escaped to her feet and she used a kosoto gari throw to get Watanabe down, then mounted her. Watanabe gave up her back and then shook Nori off of it before taking top position.

The final round was contested on the feet and both women threw kicks during the first two minutes. Watanabe landed leg kicks while Nori missed with a head kick attempt. Watanabe switched to a more boxing-focused attack as time ticked down and she landed a few right hooks and crosses.

The judges scored the fight 30-27 and 29-28 twice for Watanabe, who took the Unanimous Decision win in what was only her second pro fight.



(Top Photo Credit: Pancrase)