Rena Kubota Defeats Yu Ri Shim At Rizin FF: Landmark Vol. 9 In KobeReturning from an 11-month hiatus, multi-time Shoot Boxing champion Rena Kubota earned a victory in her 60th professional combat sports fight tonight at Rizin Fighting Federation: “Landmark Vol. 9” in Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan. Kubota defeated former Road FC champ Yu Ri Shim at super atomweight.

Despite returning from a 30-month layoff herself, Shim showed no signs of ring rust and she put Kubota on the defensive with long jabs and overhand rights early in tonight’s matchup. Kubota came on strong as the fight progressed, however, and earned a well-deserved Unanimous Decision win.

Kubota (14-5-0), who also sports a combined 35-5-1 pro kickboxing and shootboxing record, entered the cage tonight following extensive training in Thailand where she worked to hone her striking skills in preparation for the bout with Shim (6-4-0). It was Shim whose striking was on display in round one tonight, however, and she used her reach advantage effectively by stifling Kubota’s offence with jabs to her face. A pair of overhand rights also scored for Shim, who opened a gash above Kubota’s left eye late in the opening round.

In the middle stanza, Kubota and Shim battled in clinches and Shim appeared to still hold an advantage in the striking exchanges. She took Kubota down and Kubota reversed with a rolling kimura. Shim was in some trouble, but she made it to the bell. The final round was largely dominated by Kubota, who countered a pair of takedowns from Shim and reversed the second one into back control. Kubota then blasted Shim with elbows and hammerfists until Shim escaped to her feet. A late takedown for Shim allowed her to very briefly pass to mount, but time expired.

All three judges scored the fight in favour of Kubota, who has won two of her past three fights and is 6-2 overall in Rizin since mid-2019. While her career has now reached 60 pro fights, and she has spoken about retirement in the past, Kubota proved tonight that she is still one of the top super atomweights on the Rizin roster.



(Photo Credit: Rizin Fighting Federation)