Machi Fukuda Defeats Ayaka Watanabe At Rizin FF: Landmark Vol. 6Undefeated strawweight prospect Machi Fukuda made a successful debut for Rizin Fighting Federation tonight at Rizin FF: “Landmark Vol. 6” in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Fukuda narrowly edged out Shooto Women’s Super Atomweight Champion Ayaka Watanabe via a hard-fought Split Decision.

Fukuda countered Watanabe’s striking with clinches and takedowns during the first two rounds. The final five minutes saw both fighters have success on the feet, though Watanabe’s punches late in the fight seemed to be the most impactful. Nevertheless, it was Fukuda who won the close decision.


Fukuda (4-0-0) circled and threw body kicks from a southpaw stance during the opening minute. She caught a kick from Watanabe (3-2-0) and held her in a clinch against the fence. Watanabe countered with a few knees to Fukuda’s body, but she was unable to escape from Fukuda’s grasp. The fighters were eventually separated and Watanabe landed three hard right hands shortly before the bell.

In the second round, Fukuda caught a body kick from Watanabe and took her down, but Watanabe quickly scrambled back up. Fukuda caught another kick and tripped Watanabe a second time, and this time she followed up with two stomps to Watanabe’s face. Watanabe pulled Fukuda down into her guard and threw hammerfists from the bottom until Fukuda passed to side control.

Early in round three, Fukuda got off to a good start with body kicks and lead right hooks. Watanabe landed two right hands of her own and fought off a clinch attempt, then blocked a Fukuda head kick. Momentum began to shift to Watanabe, who sprawled out of Fukuda’s takedowns and snapped her head back with straight rights. Fukuda finally got Watanabe down, but Watanabe elbowed the side of her head and stood up. Late in the close fight, Watanabe pressed forward with right hands and she snapped Fukuda’s head back three more times.

Judge Tomoki Matsumiya scored the bout for Watanabe. Judges Ryosuke Uchida and Minoru Toyonaga both sided with Fukuda for a Split Decision win. The 20-year-old remains undefeated since turning pro this past November.