UFC 292: "Sterling vs O'Malley" Live Play-By-Play & ResultsThe Ultimate Fighting Championship headed to the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts tonight for UFC 292: “Sterling vs O’Malley.” The event was headlined by a UFC Bantamweight Championship grudge match between champion Aljamain “Funk Master” Sterling and “Sugar” Sean O’Malley.

In the co-feature, UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion Weili “Magnum” Zhang defended her title against challenger Amanda “Amandinha” Lemos. Neil “The Haitian Sensation” Magny took on Ian “The Future” Garry in welterweight action. MMARising.com has live play-by-play for UFC 292.


UFC Bantamweight Championship

“Sugar” Sean O’Malley vs Aljamain “Funk Master” Sterling

Round 1:
O’Malley kept his distance early on as Sterling threw front kicks. A right hand landed to the body for O’Malley, followed by a long jab. Sterling kicked at O’Malley’s lead leg, but both fighters remained very tentative as the round entered its final minute. Sterling shot in for a takedown and landed a few right hands to O’Malley’s face while holding him against the cage. Very close and uneventful round. 10-9 Sterling.

Round 2:
Sterling caught a kick and troed to take O’Malley down in the final round, but O’Malley stayed on his feet and the fighters separated. O’Malley dropped Sterling with a counter right hook and rained down punches and hammerfists while standing over him. Sterling deflected some of them, but O’Malley continued to land unanswered punches and the bout was stopped.

Winner: Sean O’Malley by TKO (Punches) at 0:51 of round two. He improves to 17-1-0, 1 NC and becomes the new UFC Bantamweight Champion.


UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship

Weili “Magnum” Zhang vs Amanda “Amandinha” Lemos

Round 1:
Zhang swept out Lemos’s leg with an early kick and stood over her before passing to side control. She landed left hands to Lemos’s face and then switched to elbows. Lemos sat up and ate more punches, but she trapped Zhang in a modified ninja choke from the bottom. Zhang kneed Lemos in the ribs and then took her back. She blasted Lemos with punches to both sides of her head. Lemos rolled over and Zhang landed elbows from Lemos’s half-guard. Lemos got to her knees and attempted another ninja choke, which Zhang slammed out of. 10-9 Zhang, if not a 10-8.

Round 2:
Early in the second round, Zhang landed a side kick to Lemos’s upper body and Lemos answered with a right hook. Zhang slammed her down into side control and tried to pass to mount. Lemos got back to half-guard in the process and Zhang landed elbows to her face. Lemos tried to scramble up to her feet and Zhang took her back. She retook top position in Lemos’s half-guard and landed more elbows. Lemos got to her feet and Zhang swept out her leg. She took Lemos’s back once more and kneed her in the body. 10-9 Zhang.

Round 3:
Zhang clinched after landing a side kick and Lemos attempted a takedown. Zhang countered with two elbows and tripped Lemos to the mat. She stood over her and kicked at Lemos’s legs. Zhang took side control on the ground and then moved to Lemos’s back. Lemos rolled and Zhang landed two elbows from Lemos’s half-guard. When Lemos got to her feet against the cage, Zhang greeted her with elbows to the temple. 10-9 Zhang.

Round 4:
Lemos finally landed two right hands in the fourth round and Zhang answered with a body kick. The pace slowed and Lemos knocked an off-balance Zhang down with a right hook as Zhang threw a body kick. Zhang took Lemos down and escaped from another ninja choke attempt. Lemos stood and Zhang landed a side kick. Lemos punched her way into a late clinch and Zhang circled out. She landed a right hook before the bell. Largely uneventful round. 10-9 Lemos.

Round 5:
Zhang floored Lemos with a massive right hook early in the final round and she immediately dove in looking for a finish with punches on the ground. Lemos tried to spin into a kneebar and Zhang continued to batter her with punches and hammerfists. She moved to a back crucifix and landed more punches until Lemos escaped to her feet. Zhang held her against the cage and then slammed Lemos down into side control. Lemos finally got back to her feet and attempted a late guillotine choke, which Zhang easily escaped from. 10-8 Zhang.

Winner: Weili Zhang by Unanimous Decision (50-43, 50-44, 49-45) after five rounds. She improves to 24-3-0 and remains the UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion.


Ian “The Future” Garry vs Neil “The Haitian Sensation” Magny

Round 1:
Garry knocked Magny down with the first leg kick of the fight. Magny stood and Garry dropped him with another leg kick. Back on the feet, Garry landed a jab and an overhand right. He continued to target Magny’s lead leg and held Magny against the fence. Garry tripped Magny and then allowed him to stand. He dropped Magny for a third time with a leg kick and forced him to stand. Magny caught a head kick, but Garry pulled his leg free and landed a right hand late in the round. 10-9 Garry.

Round 2:
In round two, Garry kicked at Magny’s lead leg and body. He hurt Magny with another leg kick and stuffed a Magny takedown attempt. Magny took Garry’s back in a standing clinch until Garry turned into it and punched Magny in the ribs. The fighters separated and Garry landed a leg kick. Magny could not put any weight on the leg and hopped away. Another leg kick and a combination of punches scored for Garry. In the final seconds, Garry landed one more leg kick and a counter right hook as Magny attempted a desperation flying knee. 10-9 Garry.

Round 3:
The final round began with Garry landing a lead left hook and he flurried with more punches after landing a leg kick. Garry dropped Magny with a second leg kick and forced him to stand. Garry landed a right hook and two more leg kicks. Magny was unable to mount any significant offence and Garry landed more leg kicks until Magny fell. He rose to his feet and Garry greeted him with three head kicks and a takedown. From side control, Garry landed elbows and Magny held on until the bell. 10-8 Garry.

Winner: Ian Garry by Unanimous Decision (30-24, 30-26, 30-26) after three rounds. He improves to 13-0-0.


Mario Bautista vs Da’Mon “Da Monster” Blackshear

Round 1:
Bautista circled on the outside and landed early leg kicks. Blackshear connected with a right hook and tried to take Bautista down, but Bautista maintained his balance and Blackshear held him against the cage. He elevated Bautista and slammed him down to the mat. Blackshear passed to side control, but Bautista was able to battle back to his feet and he jabbed as Blackshear closed in with a right hook. Blackshear landed kicks to Bautista’s body and right leg. He caught a kick and took Bautista’s back. Blackshear pulled Bautista down to the mat, but Bautista turned over and stood up. Blackshear got him back down and he escaped from a guillotine choke. The fighters stood and Blackshear landed an elbow. Back-and-forth round. 10-9 Blackshear.

Round 2:
Bautista landed a strong right hand in the second round and he looked for a takedown against the cage. Blackshear defended and Bautista landed an elbow on the break. Blackshear landed four consecutive leg kicks and stuffed another Bautista takedown attempt. Bautista jabbed and pressed the action until Blackshear ducked under a punch and took him down. Bautista immediately stood up and Blackshear landed two elbows. The fighters traded right hands and Blackshear threw uppercuts in close. Another close round. 10-9 Blackshear.

Round 3:
Blackshear landed a one-two in the final round and Bautista countered with a right hook and a lead left hand. He shot in for a takedown and Blackshear easily defended. Bautista remained the aggressor and he finally got Blackshear down from a body lock. Bautista took Blackshear’s back and peppered him with punches as Blackshear got to his knees. Bautista looked to set up a twister and Blackshear quickly scrambled free. He stood up and kneed Bautista in the body. Blackshear landed two right uppercuts and attempted a takedown, but Bautista sprawled and reversed with a takedown of his own. The fight ended with Bautista landing elbows from the top. 10-9 Bautista.

Winner: Mario Bautista by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds. He improves to 13-2-0.


Marlon “Chito” Vera vs Pedro “The Young Punisher” Munhoz

Round 1:
Munhoz just missed with a spinning wheel kick and Vera landed a stiff jab. Munhoz began to attack Vera’s lead leg with kicks and this continued for two minutes. Vera landed a knee and he began to find success with jabs, but Munhoz landed more leg kicks and an overhand right. Vera landed a left hook to the body and Munhoz continued to score with kicks. Vera landed one more left hook before the bell. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 2:
Vera picked up the pace somewhat in round two as he kicked at Munhoz’s leg. Munhoz used his jab to set up two straight rights and he resumed kicking at Vera’s lead leg. Munhoz switched to southpaw and landed an overhand left. Vera countered with two jabs and a hard right cross. Munhoz landed two overhand rights and a leg kick late in the round, but Vera countered effectively with jabs and a right hand of his own. Very close round. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 3:
Munhoz landed a nice right cross early in the final round. Vera snapped his head back with a jab and he followed with an overhand right. Vera landed more jabs and a one-two, then hurt Munhoz momentarily with a left hook to the liver. With just under two minutes to go, Vera landed a hard left hook and he attempted a head kick soon after. Munhoz blocked it and landed a leg kick. Vera used his jab to keep Munhoz at bay in the final seconds and taunted before the bell. 10-9 Vera.

Winner: Marlon Vera by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after three rounds. He improves to 21-8-1.


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