Satomi Takano Defeats Laura Fontoura At Rizin FF: Landmark Vol. 4Shooto champ Satomi “Sarami” Takano overcame a cut from an early clash of heads and earned her first win under the Rizin FF banner tonight at Rizin Fighting Federation: “Landmark Vol. 4” in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan. Takano outpointed Maria Laura Alves Fontoura in a super atomweight matchup.

Tonight’s win was one of the biggest to date for the ten-year veteran Takano, who has now scored victories in six of her past eight fights. She finished strong with a key takedown into side control and a series of knees and punches on the ground that earned her a Unanimous Decision verdict.


Takano (17-13-0) kept her distance early on and jabbed, and time was called when the fighters clashed heads due to a bad gash that was opened above Takano’s right eye. The fight was allowed to continue and Takano landed a right-left combo. Fontoura (7-2-0) jabbed and re-opened the cut above Takano’s eye. Takano landed a leg kick and an overhand right shortly before the bell.

Punches were exchanged to begin round two and Takano’s cut was immediately opened again. She jabbed and threw a spinning backfist that partially landed. Fontoura scored with a left hook and Takano landed a front kick to the body. A right hook and two more body kicks landed for Takano, and Fontoura threw a knee and a right hand in response. In the final minute, Takano maintained a boxing-focused attack while Fontoura had some success with head and body kicks.

Takano threw a front kick in the final round that was answered by a left hook and a head kick attempt from Fontoura. Takano landed a quick combo and Fontoura, now cut below her left eye, jabbed and continued to mix in kicks. Time was called again to check on Takano’s cut. When action resumed, Takano scored an immediate takedown into side control. Fontoura attempted an armbar from the bottom, which Takano avoided, and Takano tried for one of her own. She returned to side control and landed knees and punches to Fontoura’s head during the final 30 seconds.

All three judges were united in scoring the fight for Takano, who bounced back after dropping a decision to Kanna Asakura in her Rizin FF debut in April. The skilled grappler currently holds the 110-pound Shooto Women’s Super Atomweight Championship, which she captured exactly one year ago today.



(Photo Credit: Deep Jewels)