Saori Oshima, Moeri Suda Earn Victories At Rizin FF 36Saori Oshima made it two-for-two under the Rizin FF banner with a narrow Split Decision victory tonight at Rizin Fighting Federation 36 in Okinawa, Japan. The two-division Deep and Deep Jewels champion edged out former title challenger Miyuu Yamamoto in the super atomweight co-main event.

In a second 49kg super atomweight bout, 17-year-old Moeri Suda, who challenged unsuccessfully for Oshima’s Deep Jewels atomweight title in May, rebounded with a quick victory in her Rizin FF debut. Suda finished Mizuki “Nisse” Oshiro with an impressive armbar early in the first round.


Oshima (9-3-0) slipped after throwing an early head kick, but she returned to her feet and the fighters battled for a takedown. Yamamoto (6-7-0) wound up on top in Oshima’s guard, but Oshima swept into top position and worked for a kimura from side control. Yamamoto tried to escape to her feet, but Oshima used a guillotine choke to pull her back down. She moved straight to mount, but lost the position when she went for a triangle choke and Yamamoto spent the remainder of the round on top.

The second round began with Oshima landing a combination and she went high with two head kicks. Yamamoto blocked them and landed a hard left cross. After Yamamoto caught a body kick, Oshima pulled guard, but Yamamoto stood up and forced Oshima to follow. Oshima landed a head kick, but Yamamoto was unfazed and the fighters exchanged body kicks. Oshima tried to take Yamamoto down, but she wound up on the bottom again and Yamamoto landed short right hands until the bell.

Oshima landed a strong right hand to begin round three, but Yamamoto caught a body kick and tripped her. She allowed Oshima to stand back up and Oshima grazed with a spinning backfist. Yamamoto reversed a takedown and briefly stayed in Oshima’s guard. The fighters stood and Yamamoto countered a spinning back elbow from Oshima with a takedown into half-guard. Oshima got back to full guard, but she was unable to get up and Yamamoto landed punches on the ground before the end of the fight.

Despite Yamamoto’s success in the second half of the fight, only one judge scored the bout in her favour. The remaining two both sided with Oshima for a hard-fought Split Decision victory. Oshima has won six of her past seven fights, with the lone defeat coming in a non-title bout against Namiko “Hime” Kawabata at Deep Jewels 36 in March.

Saori Oshima Celebrates Rizin FF 36 Win
Saori Oshima celebrates Rizin FF 36 win with her twin daughters.


Earlier on the card tonight, Suda (6-3-0) got back on track following the defeat against Oshima in May by quickly submitting Oshiro (4-6-0). Suda pulled guard in the opening 30 seconds, but Oshiro stood up and she kicked at her downed opponent’s legs. Suda stood and immediately jumped guard again. She postured for an armbar on Oshiro’s right arm and Oshiro defended. Suda switched to throwing elbows from the bottom, then spun into one more armbar. She pulled back on Oshiro’s arm and Oshiro verbally submitted, prompting referee Masato Fukuda to stop the fight at the 2:12 mark.

With tonight’s successful Rizin FF debut, Suda has won six of her past seven fights. The talented teen prospect has now finished four opponents with her signature armbar.