Deep Jewels 34 Live Play-By-Play & ResultsDeep Jewels showcased its latest all-female card tonight at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan. Deep Jewels 34 was headlined by an atomweight matchup between the returning Mizuki Furuse and recent Atomweight Grand Prix competitor Mizuki “Nisse” Oshiro, who looked to rebound with a key victory.

In tonight’s flyweight co-main event, Mikiko “Mikko Nirvana” Shimizu battled popular prospect Kate “Lotus” Oyama. Elsewhere on the MMA portion of the card, Tomoko Inoue faced off against Eru Takebayashi in a featured bout at strawweight. has live play-by-play for Deep Jewels 34.


Atomweight MMA Bout – 2×5

Mizuki “Nisse” Oshiro vs Mizuki Furuse

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Naoya Uematsu. Oshiro starts with a leg kick and clinches. The fighters battle for position in a corner until Furuse uses a Kosoto gari throw to get Oshiro down. Oshiro immediately stands back up and attempts a throw of her own, but Furuse sprawls and throws Oshiro to the mat with a second Kosoto gari. Oshiro turns to her side and then sweeps into top position, where she attempts an armbar. Furuse defends and winds up on top, but Oshiro tries for another armbar. Furuse defends and Oshiro retakes top position, where she lands punches before the bell.

Round 2:
Oshiro blocks an early head kick attempt and Furuse clinches. She takes Oshiro down and strikes from the top in Oshiro’s half-guard. Oshiro sweeps from the bottom, however, and takes mount. She prevents Furuse from turning to her side and continuously punches from the top. Furuse tries bridge but can’t escape. Oshiro lands more punches until Furuse’s corner throws in the towel and the referee steps in.

Winner: Mizuki Oshiro by TKO (Corner Stoppage) at 4:13 of round two. She improves to 3-4-0.


Flyweight MMA Bout – 2×5

Mikiko “Mikko Nirvana” Shimizu vs Kate “Lotus” Oyama

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Naoya Uematsu. Shimizu uses a body kick to set up an early waist tackle and she uses a Kouchi gari throw to get Oyama down to the mat. Oyama tries to kick Shimizu off and stand up, but Shimizu keeps her down and remains on top. She loses the position after attempting a heel hook, and Oyama scores with hammerfists from top position. Shimizu continues to work for heel hooks, but Oyama lands more hammerfists until the end of the round.

Round 2:
Oyama misses with an early right hand and Shimizu clinches. She lands knees to Oyama’s thighs until the referee separates the fighters. Oyama lands a left hook and attempts a head kick that is blocked. Shimizu clinches and gets Oyama down with a Kosoto gari throw. She lands punches from Oyama’s full guard and Oyama responds with punches from bottom. Shimizu’s strikes are far more effective, and she continues to rain down punches throughout the final seconds of the fight.

Judges Toyonaga and Fukuda both score the fight 20-18 for Shimizu. Judge Hashimoto has it 19-19 and awards his Must Decision to Shimizu.

Winner: Mikiko Shimizu by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19 [Must Decision: Shimizu]) after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 3-1-0.


Tag-Team Grappling – Best of 3 Matches, 10 Minutes

Hikaru Aono & Seika Izawa vs Emi Tomimatsu & Mika Nagano

Match 1:
Referee is Minoru Toyonaga. Izawa and Nagano start. Izawa secures neck control and Nagano drops down to the mat voluntarily. She aims for a leg lock, but that proves to be a mistake as Izawa secures a tight heel hook in response and Nagano taps out.

Match 2:
Aono and Tomimatsu start the second match. Aono gets a quick takedown and Tomimatsu gives up her back while turtling on the ground. She rolls to her side, but Aono pursues and takes her back again. Aono opts to tag out to Izawa, who immediately takes Tomimatsu down and locks on an armbar, forcing Tomimatsu to submit and ending the contest 2-0. The third match is unneeded.

Winners: Hikaru Aono & Seika Izawa by Submissions (2-0; Heel Hook & Armbar) at 3:51.


Strawweight MMA Bout – 2×5

Eru Takebayashi vs Tomoko Inoue

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Masato Fukuda. Both throw early jabs to gauge distance, but neither lands. Takebayashi attacks with a leg kick and the fighters continue to come up short with jabs as each keeps her distance. Takebayashi lands another leg kick and attempts a head kick, but it is blocked. The referee warns Inoue about extending her fingers and the potential for an eye poke. Takebayashi continues to fare well with kicks, which she uses to target both of Inoue’s legs and her midsection. Inoue attempts a right hook late in the round and misses.

Round 2:
Inoue continues to extend her fingers outward in the second round, and time is called. She is docked one point. After the restart, Inoue clinches and pulls guard. She throws up her legs and attempts an armbar, but Takebayashi escapes and stands up. She lands a hard right hook and Inoue drops to a knee, but she pulls Takebayashi down to the mat again. Takebayashi avoids another armbar attempt and the fight returns to the feet. Inoue lands knees in a clinch and then uses a leg lock attempt to get Takebayashi down. Both women look for heel hooks from the 50/50 position until the end of the fight.

Judges Toyonaga, Uematsu and Wada all score the fight 20-17 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Takebayashi.

Winner: Eru Takebayashi by Unanimous Decision (20-17, 20-17, 20-17) after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 2-0-0, 1 NC.


44.5kg Microweight MMA Bout – 2×5

Aya Murakami vs Kyoka “Chibisai” Minagawa

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Akira Shibata. Murakami lands an early leg kick and then follows with a takedown. Minagawa maintains full guard and keeps her arm around Murakami’s neck to prevent her from posturing up. Murakami eventually frees herself and moves to side control, then to a top-side crucifix where she lands hammerfists to Minagawa’s face. Minagawa rolls back and forth from side to side, and manages to escape to her feet, but Murakami takes her right back down. From Minawaga’s half-guard, Murakami eyes a move to side control but immediately changes course to an armbar instead, and the referee waves off the fight.

Winner: Aya Murakami by Technical Submission (Armbar) at 4:16 of round one. She improves to 2-0-0.


Lightweight MMA Bout – 2×5

Tae “Te-a” Murayama vs Yuko “Pochan Z”

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Yasuhiro Tazawa. Murayama begins the fight with a leg kick and Yuko responds with one in return. The fighters continue to trade single leg kicks and then begin to mix in punches. Both miss the mark with straight punches, but Murayama lands a body kick. Yuko kicks at her leg again, but she eats a right hook and another body kick for her efforts. Murayama follows with another left hook and a body kick attempt, but it strikes Yuko in the groin and time is called. Murayama is warned for the infraction and action resumes. Murayama lands three right hooks and Yuko swings wildly in return just before time expires.

Round 2:
Murayama uses a body kick to set up a right hook early in the second round. Yuko counters with a body kick, but Murayama scores with another right hook and then a calf kick. Yuko is visibly hurt by the kick, but she fights on and connects with a right hand. Murayama misses with two Superman Punch attempts, but she lands one more body kick and a right hook before the bell.

Judges Igarashi, Tosa and Toyonaga all score the fight 20-18 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Murayama.

Winner: Tae Murayama by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18) after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 2-0-0.


57kg Amateur Kickboxing Bout – 2×1.5

Saki Nakamura vs Miyu Yamamoto

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Minoru Toyonaga. Yamamoto runs forward and tries a flying knee but it does not hit. Nakamura throws hooks and lands some before Yamamoto clinches. The fighters are separated and Nakamura connects with more punches. Yamamoto clinches again before the bell.

Round 2:
Nakamura remains effective with her punches and she lands more hooks. Yamamoto tries to jab and has no success. Nakamura lands a body kick and follows up with a left hook. She lands another solid kick to the body late in the fight.

Judges Igarashi, Tazawa and Shibata all score the fight 20-18 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Nakamura.

Winner: Saki Nakamura by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18) after two 90-second rounds.


Deep Jewels – “Amateur Fight” Results:

53kg Bout [2×3]: Sara defeated Mio Hagiwara by Unanimous Decision (20-17, 20-17, 19-18).

60kg Bout [2×3]: Yuka Okutomi defeated Cocoa Amano by Submission (Armbar) at 2:08 of round one.

Featherweight Bout [2×3]: Chieko Hosoya defeated Haruka “Boss” Suzuki by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19 [Must Decision: Hosoya]).

Atomweight Bout [2×3]: Midori defeated Kimika “Jaca” Kawaguchi by Submission (Kimura) at 1:46 of round two.

Strawweight Kickboxing [2×1.5]: Rajina Bista defeated Miyu Kohinata by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18).

54kg Bout [2×3]: Arisa Matsuda defeated Sarah Suzuki by Submission (Armbar) at 1:16 of round two.

46kg Bout [2×3]: Seari Sumimura defeated Abuia Fujikawa by Submission (Armbar) at 2:37 of round one.


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