UFC On ESPN 15: "Munhoz vs Edgar" Live Play-By-Play & ResultsThe Ultimate Fighting Championship staged its latest event tonight at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC on ESPN 15: “Munhoz vs Edgar” featured a bantamweight showdown between Pedro “The Young Punisher” Munhoz and former 155-pound champion Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.

In the light heavyweight co-main event, Marcin Prachnio battled “Slow” Mike Rodriguez. Elsewhere on the main card, Austin “Thud” Hubbard took on Joe Solecki at 155, and Mariya Agapova faced Shana “Danger” Dobson at strawweight. MMARising.com has live play-by-play for tonight’s card.


Frankie “The Answer” Edgar vs Pedro “The Young Punisher” Munhoz

Round 1:
Munhoz opened the action with two hard leg kicks and a lead left hook. Edgar replied with a four-punch combo and he landed another quick flurry soon after. Munhoz threw two more leg kicks and followed with lead left hooks. More leg kicks scored for Munhoz and he remained effective with looping hooks. Time was called to replace Edgar’s mouthpiece and Munhoz remained aggressive with his punches after the restart. He landed two hooks and a leg kick, which Edgar answered with a three-punch flurry. In the final seconds, Munhoz landed a hard left hook. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 2:
Edgar scored with a hard left hook that briefly knocked Munhoz off-balance in the second round. Another flurry landed for Edgar and Munhoz began to bleed from near his left eye. Edgar slipped and Munhoz tagged him with a right hook and a knee as he returned to his feet. After landing a one-two, Edgar briefly took Munhoz down, but he could not keep him there for long. Soon after, Edgar caught a kick and he tripped Munhoz once more. Munhoz scrambled up and Edgar continued to circle to his right. He landed an uppercut-hook combo and a bloodied Munhoz threw kicks late in the round. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 3:
Munhoz mixed things up with overhand rights and kicks to Edgar’s upper body in the early stages of round three. Jabs and right hands landed for Munhoz in an ensuing exchange, and he chopped away at Edgar’s leg with kicks. Edgar returned fire with three power punches that halted Munhoz’s momentum. Munhoz began to walk him down again and Edgar’s face began to swell up from the force of Munhoz’s punches. Another leg kick landed for Munhoz, but Edgar countered with a head kick. Munhoz jabbed and the fighters traded right hands. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 4:
Edgar opened the fourth round with a takedown, but Munhoz quickly returned to his feet. Both men landed combinations and Munhoz followed with another leg kick. He landed two body kicks and Edgar responded with a nice left hook. Munhoz used his jab to set up a hard right cross. He countered a three-punch flurry with another right hook to Edgar’s jaw. Munhoz continued to score with jabs and leg kicks as the round entered its final minute. He kept the pressure on with overhand rights and leg kicks before the bell. 10-9 Munhoz.

Round 5:
Munhoz attacked both of Edgar’s legs with kicks to begin the final round and Edgar began to limp. He landed a quick flurry and Munhoz answered with two looping hooks. Edgar landed a hard right hand and he just missed with a spinning backfist. A quick combination also landed for Edgar, who ducked under Munhoz’s counterpunches. Munhoz landed a front kick to the body and Edgar responded with a lunging jab. Munhoz landed two right hands and a leg kick, but Edgar cracked him with a counter right hook. Both men landed right hands and Munhoz followed with a leg kick and an overhand right. Close final round. 10-9 Edgar.

Winner: Frankie Edgar by Split Decision (48-47, 48-47, 46-49) after five rounds. He improves to 24-8-1.


“Slow” Mike Rodriguez vs Marcin Prachnio

Round 1:
Rodriguez threw front kicks early in the fight and Prachnio responded with leg kicks. He followed with a head kick attempt and Rodriguez jumped in with a flying knee. This led to a clinch against the cage and Rodriguez mixed up his strikes with elbows over the top and knees. As Prachnio broke free from the clinch, Rodriguez hurt him with an elbow to the temple. Prachnio fell to his back and Rodriguez knocked him out with punches on the ground.

Winner: Mike Rodriguez by KO (Elbow & Punches) at 2:17 of round one. He improves to 11-4-0, 1 NC.


Joe Solecki vs Austin “Thud” Hubbard

Round 1:
Both men landed punches in the opening minute and Solecki initiated a clinch against the cage. He hopped on Hubbard’s back soon after and worked for a rear-naked choke while keeping Hubbard trapped in a body triangle. He secured the choke with just over one minute remaining in the round and Hubbard tapped out.

Winner: Joe Solecki by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 3:51 of round one. He improves to 10-2-0.


Shana “Danger” Dobson vs Mariya Agapova

Round 1:
Agapova landed two head kicks and a flurry of punches right away. Dobson clinched and took her down, but Agapova attacked with elbows from the bottom and scrambled up to her feet. She threw more elbows and reversed a throw attempt from Dobson. Agapova postured up with punches until Dobson rose to her feet. She whipped Agapova to the mat and took Agapova’s back, then transitioned to an armbar. Agapova punched her way free and took Dobson’s back. She hunted for a rear-naked choke and threw punches to the side of Dobson’s head. Agapova spun into mount, but Dobson regained full guard in the final seconds. 10-9 Agapova.

Round 2:
The second round began with an early takedown from Agapova, but Dobson secured a sweep from the bottom and she mounted Agapova. Dobson landed punches and elbows as Agapova rolled to her side. She took Agapova’s back and landed a series of hammerfists as Agapova turtled up, and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Shana Dobson by TKO (Punches) at 1:38 of round two. She improves to 4-4-0.


Daniel “D-Rod” Rodriguez vs Dwight “The Body Snatcher” Grant

Round 1:
Punches were exchanged early on and Grant dropped Rodriguez with a big counter right hook. Rodriguez got to his knees and Grant battered him with left and right hands on the ground. Rodriguez eventually got back to his feet and he chased after Grant with looping punches. Grant landed two hooks in return, but Rodriguez kept the pressure on with overhand punches and he rocked Grant with a right hook. A second right hand sent Grant crashing to the mat and referee Chris Tognoni intervened to rescue him from further punishment.

Winner: Daniel Rodriguez by TKO (Punches) at 2:24 of round one. He improves to 13-1-0.


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