Deep Jewels 28 Live Play-By-Play & ResultsDeep Jewels showcased its 28th all-female fight card on Monday evening at New Pier Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Deep Jewels 28 was headlined by a featured featherweight bout between promotional standout “King” Reina Miura and Thailand’s Nitchanan “Andre The Rocket” Thubtrai, who made her debut.

In the semi-finals of the inaugural Deep Jewels Microweight (44.5kg) title tournament, Suwanan “Amp The Rocket” Boonsorn faced Emi Sato, and veteran Yasuko “Ikuko” Tamada battled skilled prospect Mizuki Furuse. has live play-by-play for the Deep Jewels 28 card.


Featherweight Bout – 3×5

“King” Reina Miura vs Nitchanan “Andre The Rocket” Thubtrai

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Yasuhiro Tazawa. Miura opened the fight with power punches and leg kicks before easily fighting off a Thubtrai takedown attempt. She knocked Thubtrai down with a leg kick and followed with punches and knees after Thubtrai returned to her feet. Miura continued to land strikes at will until she took Thubtrai down into half-guard. She moved to a high mount and landed numerous punches as Thubtrai tried to roll to her side. After a final series of punches from Miura, the one-sided fight was finally stopped.

Winner: Reina Miura by TKO (Punches) at 3:29 of round one. She improves to 12-3-0.


44.5kg Microweight Tournament Semi-Final #2 – 2×5

Suwanan “Amp The Rocket” Boonsorn vs Emi Sato

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Naoya Uematsu. Boonsorn wasted no time in securing a takedown from an early clinch and she moved to knee-on-belly position. After landing a handful of punches, Boonsorn quickly spun into an armbar and Sato submitted within seconds.

Winner: Suwanan Boonsorn by Submission (Armbar) at 0:49 of round one. She improves to 5-3-0 and advances to the Deep Jewels Microweight Tournament Final.


44.5kg Microweight Tournament Semi-Final #1 – 2×5

Mizuki Furuse vs Yasuko “Ikuko” Tamada

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Naoya Uematsu. The fighters were cautious in the opening two minutes as neither one committed to any sustained offence. Tamada switched stances frequently and threw occasional right hands while Furuse responded with leg kicks. Furuse eventually connected with a combination and Tamada backed up, which led to a clinch against the cage as Tamada pursued a takedown. Furuse hopped on one foot and punched with her right hand in defence, but Tamada eventually got her down. She postured up with hammerfists from the top and avoided two armbar attempts from Furuse late in the round.

Round 2:
Tamada immediately tried for a takedown in the second round and Furuse defended with her back against the cage. She created enough space to land a quick flurry of punches before stuffing a Tamada takedown. Tamada wound up on her back with Furuse striking from top position. Tamada worked her way back up and landed a body kick before shooting in one Furuse again. Furuse reversed another takedown and she took Tamada’s back on the ground. She landed punches to the sides of Tamada’s head and prevented her from getting back up. Furuse alternated between punches and rear-naked choke attempts as the fight entered its final minute. Soon after, Furuse spun into an armbar, but Tamada quickly escaped and stood up. Furuse countered a takedown attempt with punches and she finished the round on top in Tamada’s half-guard.

Judge Matsumiya scored the fight even at 19-19 with a Must Decision for Furuse, while Igarashi and Tazawa both had it 20-18 for Furuse, who took the victory.

Winner: Mizuki Furuse by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19 [Must Decision: Furuse]) after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 7-6-0 and advances to the Deep Jewels Microweight Tournament Final.


Strawweight Bout – 2×5

Miki Motono vs Pang “Nopang The Rocket” Kanjana

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Masato Fukuda. Kanjana landed a straight right hand in the opening minute and Motono responded with leg kicks from a distance. She landed more leg kicks and backed Kanjana up with a brief flurry of punches. Kanjana fired back with another solid right hand and a body kick. Motono began to bleed from the nose, but she landed two more leg kicks and took Kanjana down with just over one minute remaining in the round. Motono effortlessly moved to side control and then to mount, forcing Kanjana to roll over to her stomach. Motono flattened her out and landed numerous left hands to the side of Kanjana’s head until the fight was stopped.

Winner: Miki Motono by TKO (Punches) at 4:27 of round one. She improves to 4-1-0.


49kg Bout – 2×5

Nanaka “Nijika” Kawamura vs Mika Sakamoto

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Yasuhiro Tazawa. Kawamura began the fight very aggressively and she backed Sakamoto up against the cage with a barrage of punches. The fighters battled in a clinch and were soon separated by the referee. Kawamura landed another flurry of rushing punches before clinching and pinning Sakamoto against the cage again. Sakamoto countered with a takedown, however, and she worked from the top by landing numerous left hands to Kawamura’s face from half-guard. Kawamura scrambled back to her feet and charged at Sakamoto with left and right hooks. All of them landed, and Sakamoto turned her face to the side as she retreated and Kawamura continued to throw punches. That was enough for the referee to wave off the fight in what appeared to be an unnecessarily early stoppage.

Winner: Nanaka Kawamura by TKO (Punches) at 2:56 of round one. She improves to 3-5-0.


Atomweight Bout – 2×5

Sakura Mori vs Otoha Nagao

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Masato Fukuda. Mori tried to punch her way into an early clinch and Nagao responded with a kick to the upper body. Mori continued to throw looping punches and Nagao countered with more body kicks before the fighters clinched against the cage. Mori took Nagao’s back and dragged her down to the mat. She transitioned to mount and punched from the top. Nagao scrambled and briefly got back to side control, but Mori mounted her again and locked on an arm-triangle choke. Nagao held on for almost a minute and Mori eventually let the choke go in favour of more ground and pound from mount. She took Nagao’s back again and worked for a rear-naked choke. Nagao scrambled up to her feet before the bell, but not before eating more punches from Mori.

Round 2:
The second round began with another combination from Mori and the fighters briefly clinched against the fence. Mori landed body kicks and she followed with knees in a clinch battle. The referee separated the fighters with two minutes remaining and Nagao threw a series of body kicks. Mori pressed forward and took her down once, but Nagao did well to get back to her feet. In the final minute, both women landed body kicks and Mori pinned Nagao against the fence once more. Nagao broke free and landed a head kick in the final seconds.

Judge Igarashi scored the fight even at 19-19 with a Must Decision for Mori, while judges Matsumiya and Hashimoto both had it 19-18 for Mori, who took the victory.

Winner: Sakura Mori by Unanimous Decision (19-18, 19-18, 19-19 [Must Decision: Mori]) after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 2-0-0.


Strawweight Bout – 2×5

Chisato Wada vs Tomoko Inoue

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Tatsuro Nagase. Inoue opened the action with a combination and Wada responded with punches to the body. Seconds later, she floored Inoue with a left uppercut and the referee immediately dove in to wave off the fight.

Winner: Chisato Wada by TKO (Punch) at 1:06 of round one. She improves to 1-1-0.


44.5kg Microweight Tournament Reserve Bout – 2×5

Moe Sasaki vs Sae Kokuho

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Naoya Uematsu. After an exchange of jabs, Sasaki landed a hard combination and the fighters clinched against the cage. Kokuho worked for a takedown, but Sasaki defended well and she countered with knees to the body. She eventually attempted a trip of her own, but Kokuho reversed it and briefly held top position on the ground. The fighters stood and Sasaki landed a quick combination that led to an exchange of leg kicks. Sasaki avoided Kokuho’s clinch attempts and backed her up with a hard right hand late in the round.

Round 2:
Sasaki kept Kokuho on the defensive in the early striking exchanges in round two, which prompted Kokuho to jump into a flying guillotine choke attempt. Sasaki threw punches to the body, but Kokuho maintained her grip around Sasaki’s neck. She adjusted her grip and tried for a second time to pull Sasaki down to the mat with the guillotine, but Sasaki stayed on her feet and continued to hold Kokuho against the cage. With just over 90 seconds to go, Kokuho gave up on the choke and both women landed punches in close. Kokuho tried for another guillotine choke, this time using her right arm, and Sasaki broke free. In the final 40 seconds, Kokuho punched to the body and Sasaki responded with knees and a flurry of punches before the bell.

Judges Matsumiya, Hashimoto and Igarashi all scored the fight 20-18 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Sasaki.

Winner: Moe Sasaki by Unanimous Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18) after two 5:00 rounds. She improves to 1-0-0 and will move on in the microweight tournament in the event that a finalist cannot compete.