Justine Kish, Juliana Lima Post Wins At UFC Fight Night 102She lost the battle with the scale, but Justine Kish picked up her second UFC victory in razor-thin fashion tonight at UFC Fight Night 102: “Lewis vs Abdurakhimov” in Albany, New York. Kish, who weighed in just over the strawweight limit, narrowly defeated Ashley “Spider Monkey” Yoder.

Kish and Yoder battled back and forth throughout the scramble-filled fight, which saw both women threaten with submission attempts and ground and pound. Also tonight, Juliana “Ju Thai” Lima bounced back from a tough loss in April by defeating prospect J.J. Aldrich in the 115-pound card opener.


Kish (6-0-0) and Yoder (5-2-0) traded knees and elbows in an early clinch and Yoder followed with body kicks. Both women landed one-two combinations and Yoder threw Kish to the mat. Kish scrambled, but Yoder transitioned to back control and looked to set up an armbar. Kish took top position, but Yoder reversed into full mount and the fighters stood and traded front kicks before the bell.

Round two began with the fighters landing knees and elbows once again, and Yoder appeared to slow down. Kish knocked her down and looked for a guillotine choke on the ground. She switched to an Anaconda choke, but Yoder scrambled and took top position in the process. Kish swept back and attacked with a belly-down armbar attempt, but Yoder escaped and the fighters continued to battle back and forth until Yoder mounted Kish and rained down punches.

Kish connected with a body kick and a spinning backfist in the final round. Hard kicks and punches were exchanged until Kish used a headlock to take Yoder down against the fence. Yoder pulled her head free and took top position after yet another scramble. She passed to mount, but Kish escaped out the back and stunned her with punches on the feet. Yoder pulled guard, but Kish stood and forced Yoder to follow, and the fight ended with Kish landing kicks and lunging punches.

All three judges scored the close bout 29-28 for Kish, who kept her perfect record intact.

Winner: Justine Kish by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds. She improves to 6-0-0.


Lima (9-3-0) circled on the outside and picked her shots early on with single kicks and punches as Aldrich (4-2-0) looked to set up a combination. Lima followed with knees and elbows in a clinch. She caught a body kick from Aldrich and shot in for a takedown, which she eventually got against the cage. Aldrich tied Lima up from the bottom and prevented her from landing much of anything. Lima postured up in the final minute and she scored with punches and knees as Aldrich scrambled up to her feet.

The second round began with both women landing leg and body kicks. Aldrich pressed the action with punches until Lima rushed at her with a five-punch flurry. She took Aldrich down on two occasions and followed with powerful knees to the body after Aldrich returned to her feet against the cage.

Aldrich initiated a clinch in round three and the fighters traded knees before separating. Lima caught a kick and backed Aldrich up against the fence, which allowed her to score with knees. She took Aldrich down in the final two minutes and punished her with knees as the fighters stood. Big punches were exchanged and Lima landed a hard combination that snapped Aldrich’s head back. Aldrich landed some of her best punches of the fight in the final 20 seconds, but Lima tied her up in a clinch.

The judges were united and all three had it 30-27 for Lima, who picked up another key victory.

Winner: Juliana Lima by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three rounds. She improves to 9-3-0.



(Photo Credit: UFC)