Rena Kubota, Mio Tsumura Victorious At Shoot Boxing World S-CupShoot Boxing Women’s Flyweight Champion Rena Kubota extended her winning streak to 18 with a Unanimous Decision victory tonight at the 2016 Shoot Boxing World S-Cup in Tokyo, Japan. Kubota defeated Brazilian MMA standout Kinberly Novaes in a 51kg matchup that headlined tonight’s card.

In featured action, Kubota’s teammate and protégé, two-time Girls S-Cup winner Mio Tsumura, captured the inaugural Shoot Boxing Japan Women’s Minimumweight Championship with a very hard-fought, six-round decision victory over long-time rival Akari “Union” Nakamura in an excellent fight.


Kubota (34-5-1 SB/KB; 2-0-0 MMA) opened the action with knees to the body in a clinch and she tried for a throw near the ropes, but Novaes (0-1-0 SB; 9-2-0 MMA) stayed on her feet and more knees were exchanged. Kubota backed Novaes up with front kicks and she followed with knees while pinning her in the corner. Novaes fought off a headlock throw attempt and ate a spinning backfist.

The second round started off with another exchange of knees in a clinch and Kubota tried for a throw, but she was unable to get enough elevation to earn a point. The fighters battled in a clinch and both landed hooks and body kicks. Novaes reversed a throw and the fighters fell to the mat. Back on the feet, Kubota cracked Novaes with a lead left hook and a combination in the final 30 seconds, and the competitive round ended in a clinch.

Both women landed kicks to the body in the third round and Kubota followed with right hands. Novaes answered with a spinning back kick and a combination, but Kubota knocked her off-balance with a front kick and rushed in with a jumping kick to the upper body. Another flurry scored for Kubota that led to a brief clinch. The fighters continued to battle in close proximity and Kubota countered a knee with a hard left hand. She hurt Novaes with punches and knees to the liver before the bell.

One judge scored the fight 30-29, while the remaining two each had it 30-28. All three favoured Kubota, who kept her streak of wins intact with the historic victory. Tonight marked the first time in World S-Cup history that women were showcased in the main event. Kubota next moves on to compete in an MMA bout for Rizin Fighting Federation on New Year’s Eve.

Winner: Rena Kubota by Unanimous Decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-29) after three 3:00 rounds. She improves her combined shoot boxing and kickboxing record to 34-5-1.


Tsumura (26-2-0 SB) looked for an early throw in tonight’s 48kg title fight, but she was unable to elevate her opponent and Nakamura (17-12-1 SB/KB) pressed the action with punching combinations. Tsumura threw body kicks and lead left hooks, and the fighters traded knees to the body in a clinch. Tsumura attempted a hip toss, but Nakamura stayed on her feet and she countered a flurry from Tsumura with more knees before the bell.

Round two began with another exchange of knees and Tsumura looked to set up a throw from a clinch. Nakamura countered with a standing arm-triangle choke attempt. The fighters soon separated and Nakamura landed a head kick. She backed Tsumura up with punches, but Tsumura snapped her head back with a right cross and followed with a nice combination. Nakamura replied with knees and the round ended with both women landing punches.

Tsumura opened round three with hard kicks to the body and Nakamura responded with knees. She fought off Tsumura’s throw attempts and landed more knees in close including powerful strikes to Tsumura’s midsection. Tsumura turned the tides when she secured a headlock throw for a crucial Shoot Point. Nakamura stood and looked for a guillotine choke before the bell.

The pace remained high in the fourth round and Nakamura once again countered Tsumura’s punches and kicks with hard knees to the body. More knees landed for Nakamura as the round progressed and she threw Tsumura to the mat, but it was not high enough to score a point. Nakamura pressured Tsumura with step-in knees and punches. In the final minute, Nakamura landed a head kick and she continued to score with knees.

Tsumura picked up the pace in round five and put together kick-punch combos early on. Nakamura landed a one-two and tried for a standing guillotine choke. She was awarded a Catch Point and the fighters continued to trade punches after separating. Tsumura’s punches became much more wild and Nakamura landed knees in a clinch. Tsumura scored with a three-punch flurry and both women targeted the body with hooks. The round ended with an exchange of body kicks and punches.

After five rounds of action, one judge scored the close bout 48-47 for Nakamura. The remaining two had it 49-49 and 48-48, respectively, for a Majority Draw, and the bout went to a sixth and deciding round.

Round six started with Tsumura landing body kicks and Nakamura firing back with punches, including one that knocked her opponent off-balance near the ropes. Nakamura continued to land knees to the body in every clinch and she followed with straight lefts. Both women landed punching combinations as the round progressed. Nakamura peppered Tsumura with knees and Tsumura responded with a big combination. She blasted Nakamura with her best punches of the fight just before time expired.

In spite of Nakamura’s strong performances in rounds four and five, Tsumura’s rally in the sixth round was enough to steal back the fight. All three judges scored the round 10-9 in her favour, and Tsumura captured her most prestigious title to date with the victory. She has defeated Nakamura four times.

Winner: Mio Tsumura by Unanimous Decision (10-9, 10-9, 10-9) after one 3:00 extension round and six rounds overall. She improves her shoot boxing record to 26-2-0 and becomes the inaugural Shoot Boxing Japan Women’s Minimumweight Champion.



(Photo Credit: Shoot Boxing)