2016 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup Pre-Fight InterviewsWeigh-ins for the 2016 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup tournament took place today in Tokyo, Japan, and MMARising.com was on-site to speak with the competitors. Tomorrow’s event is headlined by a Shoot Boxing Women’s Flyweight Championship bout between Rena Kubota and Klaudia Pawicka.

This year’s 48kg Girls S-Cup tournament will be contested in one night. Mio Tsumura faces Yurika Jimbo in one semi-final, and Akari “Union” Nakamura takes on Taiwan’s Yuri in the other. The winners will then face off in the co-main event to determine the 2016 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup Champion.


Takeshi Caesar (Shoot Boxing founder): “Women’s Shoot Boxing began in 2009 with the first S-Cup, and we continue to hold events while developing talent like Rena [Kubota]. I think that it is important for us to continue on. Kanako Murata’s fight is supported by Rizin, and I am very thankful for that. We hoped to have eight fighters in the 48kg S-Cup, but that was not possible and so we proceed with four.”

Rena Kubota: “I don’t view this as defending my belt. I will knock [Pawicka] out and earn the belt. I want to finish her in the third or fourth round. She looks like a very nice person, and so I am curious about how her personality will change once the fight begins.”

Klaudia Pawicka: “I’m ready for Rena and for [fighting in] shoot boxing because I compete in MMA, too. I also want to finish the fight, and I plan to stop Rena even faster than she said she would finish me. The fight will last fewer than 3-4 rounds.”

Mio Tsumura: “I want to make my dream a reality and that is why I left Oikawa Dojo and came to Tokyo. I will realise my dream of winning tomorrow. I think that I am the [tournament] favourite, but I don’t underestimate my opponents. I will win.”

Kanako Murata: “Thank you for this opportunity. I prepared well for this fight. My impression of my opponent is that she has good striking. I want to show the fun of MMA to the SB audience.”

Ilona Wijmans: “This is my first time fighting for SB and competing in MMA. We will see what happens tomorrow. I heard that [Murata] is a really good wrestler, and I want to keep the fight on the feet, so I hope the audience will be interested and invested in how the fight will go.”