TUF 23 Quarterfinal: Lanchana Green Defeats Helen HarperTeam Claudia took a commanding 4-0 lead thanks to another impressive victory during tonight’s fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 23: “Team Joanna vs Team Claudia.” Standout striker Lanchana Green earned a Unanimous Decision win over Team Joanna’s Helen “Hellraiser” Harper.

Tonight’s episode once again highlighted tensions between rival coaches Joanna JÄ™drzejczyk and Claudia “Claudinha” Gadelha, but it was Gadelha’s squad that ultimately celebrated in victory. Green edged out Harper on the feet in the third and deciding round and now moves on to the semi-finals.

The fight began with an exchange of quick punches on the feet and both women landed overhand rights. Green (0-1-0 pro) opened a cut beside Harper’s (4-1-0 pro) right eye with a flurrry and Harper clinched in search of a takedown. Green defended well and she scored with knees to the body. She continued to land knees until Harper eventually pulled guard and attempted a heel hook. Green avoided danger by raining down punches from the top and the fight returned to the feet, where Harper tried unsuccessfully for a late takedown and ate two right hands.

Harper closed the distance and looked to secure a takedown against the cage in round two, but Green countered with hard knees and punches. Harper finally got her down and worked from half-guard. She mounted Green soon after and landed punches while isolating Green’s left arm. Green tried to buck her off, but Harper scored with some vicious elbows and punches to the face. She continued to batter Green with strikes from mount until the bell sounded to end the round. The close bout was declared a Draw after two rounds and a third round was required.

Early in the extension round, Green landed a three-punch flurry that prompted Harper to clinch again. Green countered with elbows, but Harper took her back and briefly dragged her to the mat. Green stood up and threw back-elbow strikes that allowed her to turn into the clinch, and she bloodied Harper’s nose with crisp punches and knees. Harper tripped Green in the final minute, but Green attacked with elbows from her back and quickly stood up. She cracked Harper with a nice overhand right and stuffed a final takedown attempt before the bell sounded to end the spirited fight.

All three judges scored the final round 10-9 in favour of Green, who advanced to the semi-final round. Gadelha remained in control of the fight picks and she matched up undefeated jiu-jitsu ace Eric Spicely against Team Joanna’s last pick, Elias Urbina, for next week’s episode.