Angela Lee Submits Rebecca Heintzman At ONE Championship 38Competing for the fifth time in a nine-month span, Angela “Unstoppable” Lee picked up another impressive submission win tonight at ONE Championship 38: “Tribe of Warriors” in Jakarta, Indonesia. The undefeated 19-year-old finished Rebecca “The Professor” Heintzman early in the second round.

Lee, who has fought exclusively for ONE since turning pro in May, battered Heintzman with punches and knees to the face in round one of tonight’s 120-pound catchweight bout. She landed more knees on the ground in the second stanza and secured a neck crank that forced Heintzman to submit.


Lee (5-0-0) rushed forward with punches right away in round one and the fighters engaged in a lengthy clinch battle. Lee landed hard knees to the body and Heintzman (3-2-0) countered with short punches in close. Lee scored two trip takedowns and she mounted Heintzman on her second try. From the top, Lee rained down punches from mount and back control as Heintzman tried to scramble free. She kept Heintzman pinned down and landed knees to the temples – legal strikes in ONE – that forced her opponent to turtle up. Lee attacked with a Peruvian Necktie and an armbar before the bell.

Heintzman opened the action in the second round with a Superman punch, but she lost her footing while throwing the strike and Lee took advantage by initiating a clinch. She pulled Heintzman down to the mat and landed more knees to the head before taking her back and locking on a tight neck crank. Heintzman tried to break Lee’s grip, but she could not do so and reluctantly tapped out.

With five submission victories on her unblemished pro record, Lee is one of the most popular fighters on the ONE roster. The talented young fighter has made a rapid climb up the rankings during the past nine months due to her incredibly active fighting schedule. She has yet to see round three in her career.

Winner: Angela Lee by Submission (Neck Crank) at 1:08 of round two. She improves to 5-0-0.



(Photo Credit: Evolve MMA)

  1. Dang, Angela; you go, girl! A submission every other month; no wonder you were nominated fighter of the year. Hope you continue the pace this year and that we see you fighting for the title soon.

  2. This gal is as tru-blue a Blue Chip prospect as they come. Shes the real deal, but I hppe she doesn’t get pushed to hard too soon. At her age, she is literally still growing into her own body.