UFC 195: "Lawler vs Condit" Live Play-By-Play & ResultsThe Ultimate Fighting Championship returned to the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight for UFC 195: “Lawler vs Condit.” The event was headlined by a UFC Welterweight Championship bout between “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler and “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit.

Also on the card, Stipe Miocic took on former UFC champion Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski in the heavyweight co-main event. Lorenz “The Monsoon” Larkin battled Albert “Einstein” Tumenov in a featured welterweight bout. MMARising.com has live play-by-play for tonight’s UFC 195 card.


UFC Welterweight Championship

“Ruthless” Robbie Lawler vs “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit

Round 1:
Condit threw kicks to the body from a distance in round one until Lawler closed in and landed three hard punches. Condit replied with a short left uppercut that sent Lawler crashing to the canvas. He recovered quickly and got back to his feet. Condit landed a right hand and he followed with knees in close. A punch-kick combo scored for Condit and he continued to mix up his strikes well. 10-9 Condit.

Round 2:
Condit more kicks to the upper and lower body of Lawler in the second round. Lawler clipped him with a counter left hook, but Condit answered back with a kick-punch combo. Lawler floored him with a right hook and settled into his guard. Condit worked for a submission from his back and Lawler stood up. Condit kicked at Lawler’s lead leg and followed with head kicks. Lawler flurried in return and connected with a solid uppercut before the bell. 10-9 Lawler.

Round 3:
The third round began with Condit once again landing kicks from the outside. Lawler backed him up with four punches and the fighters traded huge shots near the cage wall. Lawler countered Condit’s aggression with a standing elbow. Condit threw kicks to both of Lawler’s legs and he followed with a knee in a clinch. He landed a body kick and ate a leg kick in return. Close round. 10-9 Lawler, barely.

Round 4:
Condit resumed his strategy of kicking from a distance in round four and he knocked Lawler down with a leg kick. Lawler stood and threw winging punches that were met by two right crosses from Condit. A knee to the body scored for Condit and he pressured Lawler with punches. Condit flurried with punches and finished with a body kick. He rocked Lawler with a hook behind the ear and unloaded with punches, knees and kicks. Lawler survived and landed a left hook before time expired. 10-9 Condit.

Round 5:
The pace picked up considerably in round five as both fighters looked for a knockout early on. Lawler countered kicks from Condit by landing hard overhand rights. Condit answered right back with standing elbows and a spinning backfist. He backed Lawler up with a combination of elbows and punches. Lawler regained his footing and landed four punches in return.

Condit mixed things up with punches to the head and body. He landed knees that were met by huge punches from Lawler that rocked Condit on two occasions. Condit refused to go down even as Lawler blasted him with massive hooks. He fired back with a combination that briefly backed Lawler up. Lawler hurt him again in the final ten seconds with a head kick and a left cross. 10-9 Lawler.

Winner: Robbie Lawler by Split Decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-48) after five rounds. He improves to 27-10-0, 1 NC and remains the UFC Welterweight Champion.


Stipe Miocic vs Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski

Round 1:
Right hooks were exchanged right away and Miocic landed a big right hand to the temple that rocked Arlovski. He followed with another right hook and Arlovski fell to his knees. Miocic unloaded with punches on the ground and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Stipe Miocic by TKO (Punches) at 0:54 of round one. He improves to 14-2-0.


Albert “Einstein” Tumenov vs Lorenz “The Monsoon” Larkin

Round 1:
Larkin kicked at Tumenov’s lead leg throughout the opening minutes of round one and Tumenov fired back with straight right hands. A one-two and a head kick scored for Tumenov and he followed with a barrage of punches as Larkin retreated to the cage. Larkin recovered and kicked at Tumenov’s leg again, but Tumenov continued to find a home for his right cross. Larkin chopped away at Tumenov’s leg until he began to limp. 10-9 Tumenov.

Round 2:
Larkin landed more kicks to Tumenov’s leg in the second round and the fighters traded front kicks to the body. Larkin continued to score with leg kicks, but Tumenov replied with a rushing flurry and two body shots. Larkin’s kicks caused Tumenov to limp again, but he remained on the offensive and landed two hard shots to the liver. Larkin battered Tumenov’s leg with more kicks and Tumenov finished the round with a pair of one-twos. 10-9 Larkin.

Round 3:
The final round began with Larkin targeting Tumenov’s lead leg with inside- and outside-leg kicks. Tumenov initially countered with punches, but the kicks caused him to limp and slow way down. A spinning heel kick landed to the side of Tumenov’s knee, but he pressed forward with punches. Larkin landed a counter left hook and Tumenov punched to the body. Larkin shot in for a takedown and Tumenov reversed against the cage. 10-9 Larkin.

Winner: Albert Tumenov by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29) after three rounds. He improves to 17-2-0.


Brian “T-City” Ortega vs Diego “DB” Brandao

Round 1:
Brandao closed in and took Ortega down in the first round, but Ortega countered with a triangle choke attempt and the fight returned to the feet. Brandao landed powerful leg kicks and punches, and he took Ortega down again. Ortega scrambled up and ate a lead right hook to the jaw. He cut Brandao on the right cheek with punches and followed with a body kick. 10-9 Brandao.

Round 2:
Brandao walked Ortega down in round two and the fighters traded right hooks. Brandao threw an overhand left and Ortega responded with a head kick. A left-right combo to the body and head scored for Brandao. He cracked Ortega with a lead right hook. More left and right hooks scored for Brandao, who taunted Ortega before the bell. 10-9 Brandao.

Round 3:
Brandao was very aggressive with his punches in the final round and he tripped Ortega to the mat soon after. Ortega stood and he pulled Brandao down to the mat with a Brabo choke that he used to transition to a mounted guillotine and then a triangle choke. Brandao could not escape and he hastily tapped out.

Winner: Brian Ortega by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 1:37 of round three. He improves to 10-0-0, 1 NC.


Abel “Killa” Trujillo vs Tony “2.0” Sims

Round 1:
Sims kept his distance and picked his shots with hooks and one-twos in the opening round. Trujillo eventually shot in for a takedown, but Sims stuffed it. Sims secured a takedown of his own and Trujillo countered with a tight guillotine choke. Sims had nowhere to go and tapped out.

Winner: Abel Trujillo by Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 3:18 of round one. He improves to 13-7-0, 1 NC.


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