Satoko Shinashi Submits Hee Da Choi At Deep: 73 ImpactReigning Deep Women’s Flyweight Champion “Princess” Satoko Shinashi earned her sixth straight stoppage win on Saturday night at Deep: “73 Impact” in Tokyo, Japan. The diminutive grappler submitted South Korean pro debutant Hee Da Choi in a back-and-forth 44kg matchup on the card.

Shinashi has drawn criticism for taking on inexperienced opponents since returning to the ring this past October following a six-year retirement. Her bout with Choi was more competitive than many had predicted, but Shinashi secured a fight-ending rear-naked choke midway through the second round.


Shinashi (34-2-2) clinched right away and threw Choi (0-1-0) to the mat, but Choi quickly returned to her feet and secured a throw of her own. Shinashi swept into mount and landed punches from the top before transitioning to an armbar. Choi defended well and eventually escaped into top position. After dropping punches, Choi took Shinashi’s back and hunted for a rear-naked choke until the bell.

Choi threw punches immediately after the fighters touched gloves to begin round two and she pushed Shinashi back with a hard right hand. Shinashi regained her footing and shot in for a takedown, but Choi reversed on the way down and took her back. Shinashi then initiated a scramble, which ended with her on Choi’s back, and she landed a series of punches until she was able to lock on a rear-naked choke. Choi had nowhere to go and tapped out at the 2:30 mark.

Saturday’s win was Shinashi’s fifth in a row since her surprise return to MMA competition one year ago. However, her five opponents during that time sport a combined pro MMA record of just 1-6, and interest in Shinashi’s lopsided matchups continues to wane.

Winner: Satoko Shinashi by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 2:30 of round two. She improves to 34-2-2.



(Photo Credit: Deep)