Ai Takahashi Wins Eighth Straight At Shoot Boxing 2015: Act 4Former Shoot Boxing Japan Women’s Flyweight Champion Ai Takahashi extended her winning streak to eight with a dominant stoppage victory tonight at Shoot Boxing 2015: Act.4 in Tokyo, Japan. Takahashi finished Thai opponent Phetchompoo late in round two of a one-sided matchup.

In what was clearly one of her most impressive performances to date, the veteran Takahashi overwhelmed WMC champ Phetchompoo, who initiated numerous clinch battles but struggled to land anything damaging. After two standing counts, Takahashi finished the fight with a barrage of punches.


Takahashi (25-5-0 SB/KB) found herself trapped in clinches with Phetchompoo (0-1-0 SB) early in round one, and the Thai fighter used her extensive experience in Muay Thai by keeping the fight in close quarters. She landed knees to Takahashi’s ribs, but Takahashi became wise to Phetchompoo’s tactics and she countered nicely with punches over the top. A big flurry scored for Takahashi and the referee gave a stunned Phetchompoo a standing eight count shortly before the bell.

The fight continued into round two and Takahashi once again punched her way out of Phetchompoo’s clinch attempts. She backed her opponent into a corner and unloaded with punches that led to a second standing eight count. Phetchompoo indicated that she was okay to continue, but Takahashi immediately swarmed on her with more punches after the fight was restarted. The referee had seen enough and called off the fight at the 2:45 mark of the second round.

Since suffering her third loss to rival Mizuki Inoue in the finals of the 2013 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup 53.5kg tournament, Takahashi has regained her standing as one of Japan’s best female shoot boxers by winning eight straight fights. She has now racked up four impressive wins this year.

Winner: Ai Takahashi by TKO (Punches) at 2:45 of round two. She improves her combined shoot boxing and kickboxing record to 25-5-0.



(Photo Credit: Shoot Boxing)