Weekend Recap: Satomi Takano Defeats Jeong Eun Park At RFC 25Atomweight contender Satomi “Sarami” Takano rebounded from a setback in a Deep Jewels title fight in May with a hard-fought win on Saturday night at Road Fighting Championship 25 in Wonju, Gangwon, South Korea. Takano edged out 18-year-old Jeon Eun Kim in a back-and-forth bout.

Takano’s three-fight winning streak was snapped by new atomweight champ “V.V” Mei Yamaguchi at Deep Jewels 8, but she got herself back on track on Saturday night with her second victory inside the Road FC cage. Takano’s strong final round was enough to earn her a narrow decision win.


Both women connected with leg kicks and hard right hands in the opening minute and Takano (7-6-0) initiated a clinch with Park (0-2-0) against the cage. The fighters were separated and they traded more power punches. Takano landed a front kick to the face, but Park fired right back with an uppercut and she knocked Takano off-balance with a lunging one-two. Park scored with more punches and knees as the round progressed, and she followed with stiff jabs and body kicks, but Takano pressed forward aggressively with a nice flurry that allowed her to score a key takedown at the bell.

Takano countered a missed right hand by clinching in round two, but Park punched her way free and she secured a takedown. Takano immediately locked on a triangle choke from her back and Park tried to slam her way out. She stood up to escape from a Takano armbar, and briefly held top position, but Takano swept and mounted her soon after. Park ate a series of punches from Takano, who spun into an armbar attempt. Park initiated a late scramble, but Takano mounted her once again and she worked for more armbars in the final minute.

One judge favoured Park’s superior striking in round one and scored the bout even. The remaining two both scored the fight for Takano, who eked out a Majority Decision victory. She has now won four of her past five fights. In spite of her still-winless record that belies her talents, Park, who took veteran Deep Jewels contender Emi “Kamikaze Angel” Fujino to a Majority Decision in May, is one of the most skilled young female prospects on the Road FC roster.

Winner: Satomi Takano by Majority Decision after two rounds. She improves to 7-6-0.



(Photo Credit: Deep Jewels)