Tecia Torres Defeats Angela Hill At UFC 188 In Mexico CityIt was not the exciting performance that many had hoped for, but Tecia “The Tiny Tornado” Torres kept her perfect pro record intact with a Unanimous Decision victory tonight at UFC 188: “Velasquez vs Werdum” in Mexico City, Mexico. Torres outpointed Angela “Overkill” Hill in a main card matchup.

Though best known for her formidable striking skills, Torres opted to take the fight with Hill to the ground on multiple occasions, but Hill defended well in each round. Torres was never able to mount any sustained offence, but her takedowns and clinch control were enough to secure the decision victory.


Torres (6-0-0) landed body kicks from a distance in the opening round as Hill (2-1-0) tried to cut off the cage. She fought off one takedown attempt from Torres, but Torres succeeded in getting the fight to the ground on her second try. She was unable to pass Hill’s half-guard and kept busy by landing short punches and hammerfists from the top until just before the bell.

The second round was more of the same and Torres once again tripped Hill to the mat. She resumed striking from the top and briefly held side control, but Hill regained guard and the fighters were stood up. Both women landed leg kicks and right hands early in round three. However, the striking exchanges soon subsided and Torres spent the remainder of the fight working for takedowns against the cage.

Both fighters were met by a chorus of boos from the Mexican fans at the conclusion of the bout, but Torres’s performance was good enough to earn the judges’ nod on all three cards. She now takes another step towards title contention in the competitive women’s strawweight division.

Winner: Tecia Torres by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) after three rounds. She improves to 6-0-0.



(Photo Credit: UFC)

  1. Torres’s stock went way down. She might have won the fight, but she lost plenty of fans and probably didn’t make Sean Shelby very happy. She fought like Carla and Ben Askren’s love child.

    Laying on people, and then never advancing your position, is not going to get you more high profile fights. She does not deserve a top 10 opponent. Send her back to Invicta in exchange for Grasso.

  2. That’s interesting TJ. I didn’t see the fight. In the extremely competitive UFC 115lb division, a slip up like this for Torres could definitely hurt her. There’s a ton of talent coming into the division quickly. You mention Grasso – skill, personality, and looks. Maryna Moroz is another “newcomer” with enormous potential. I say “newcomer” as there are a bunch of talented girls who just happened to have not been in the regional U.S. circuit 2012-2013 when WMMA began taking off. I think Carla Esparza is probably the best example — she was beating everyone in the “regional” circuit, but once opposite an experienced, world-class fighter like JJ, she essentially collapsed. Unfortunately, I think the same outcome awaits Penne, except, I’m sorry to say, in even less time.

  3. It is funny how these fighters look like world beaters in Invicta, and then look terrible in UFC under the bright lights. Part of it is the pressure of UFC. Torres didn’t want to lose, so she had no interest in standing with Hill. Despite being a good striker with a TKD base. That meant just laying on Hill and killing the fight. But they fail to realize that UFC rewards exciting fighters. Just winning isn’t enough. So Torres actually hurt her stock by winning like that.

    These women are only hurting themselves. Instead of giving us more Leslie Smith vs. Kaufman fights, we are seeing a lot of low level snoozefests by women afraid to lose. If they keep this up, Ronda and JJ will be the only ones signed and WMMA will be dead. Everyone will be back in Invitca making $1500 and a set of headphones like Angela Magana said.

  4. Exactly, TJ. Well said. It was easily the worst fight in the card. It was horrible to watch.
    And it was not Angela Hill’s fought. It was Tecia.
    She got the takedowns and did NOTHING. Just wanted to stay on top. Didn’t advance, didn’t land strikes from top position, didn’t try submissions.
    Basically, she just wanted to secure a win.
    It was a disaster, especially since it was on the main card (I doubt Tecia will get it again).

  5. UFC should sign Viviane Sucuri Pereira and Jemyma, BTW.

  6. Agree Rafael – Lay ‘n Pray on the main card of a PPV no less. Career suicide.