Julia Budd vs Talita Nogueira Set For Bellator 133 Main CardVeteran featherweight contender Julia “The Jewel” Budd is set to make her Bellator debut on February 13, 2015 at Bellator 133 in Fresno, California. Budd battles undefeated Brazilian rising star Talita “Treta” Nogueira in a featured matchup on the event’s main card, which airs live on Spike TV.

Bellator officials confirmed plans for the bout today following an initial report from Globo.com this past week. Budd is coming off of a 4-0 run for Invicta FC and she signed with Bellator earlier this year. Nogueira has knocked out or submitted all six of her foes to date and also makes her Bellator debut.

Budd (6-2-0) began her MMA career under the bright lights in Strikeforce and went 2-2 for the promotion before joining the all-female ranks of Invicta FC in 2012. She racked up three straight stoppage wins inside the Invicta FC cage and appeared to be on the cusp of a title shot on more than one occasion, but injuries and numerous opponent changes left Budd with limited opportunities. She handily defeated fellow Canadian Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet in her final Invicta FC appearance one year ago and subsequently signed on with Bellator in mid-August.

Nogueira (6-0-0) is one of Brazil’s most highly-touted female prospects and the 29-year-old has thus far crushed the opposition in her home country. After debuting with a second-round TKO win in November 2009, Nogueira earned three more finishes in 2010 before taking a lengthy hiatus from MMA. She returned to the sport this past year and scored back-to-back submission victories. Her most recent fight took place on December 7, 2013; the same day that Budd defeated Tweet at Invicta FC 7. Both Budd and Nogueira now make their long-awaited returns to action in February.

Bellator 133 takes place on February 13, 2015 at Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.



(Photo Credit: Esther Lin, AllElbows.com / InvictaFC.com)

  1. It will be great to see Julia back in action, over a year since she last fought. She really is a physical specimen at 145lb. It was her defeat at the hands of a 3-0 Ronda Rousey back in November 2011 that I realized Ronda was a force to be reckoned with. Since having her arm dislocated in that fight, Budd has looked extremely strong. I’m a little disappointed that we probably won’t be seeing Budd v. Cyborg any time soon. I think that would have been a very competitive match up.

  2. Good test for both ladies. Talita likely got the best ground game in the division, and would defeat even Marloes Coenen there.
    Budd is a physical specimen, and is uber strong. Her wrestling is looking good, too.

    Talita actually defeated Gadelha in a BJJ tournment, but there was a huge size difference there.

    I don’t think Budd vs Cyborg would be that competitive. Cyborg is likely stronger, and way more aggressive. Even her wrestling is better.

  3. Yeah, probably “interesting” match up would have been a better way for me to say it.

  4. You know, I was thinking about it yesterday… Budd seems stronger than her opponents, but Cyborg ragdolls them. I think, even in strength, Cyborg would have a clear edge.

    I am really interested in Budd vs Marloes Coenen. I see Marloes winning the standup fight, then, Budd wrestles her down, and Marloes makes her tap from her back.

    Anyways, the 145 lbs. division is stacked with the big / strong girls. And the talent poll is not as thing as they say. Tons of potential there… hope it finally takes off. We could have Cyborg, Carano, Coenen, Budd, Ediene Gomes, Talita Nogueira, Marina Shafir, Veronica Rothenhausler, Amanda Bell, Charmaine Tweet, Peggy Morgan, Faith Van Duin, Eliana Maxwell and many others… would be great!

  5. thing = thin*. Sorry.

  6. I agree, Rafael…we need one organization to corral all the best at 145. I don’t think Tweet and one other whose name I cannot remember are going to be fighting any longer at 145. Some of those girls are just too tall to make the weight and have stated that they would prefer to fight at 155…especially considering the ages involved. I think Charmaine is 38…still rockin and rollin though.
    It amazes me how one little mistake in ones life can make such a difference. If Cyborg had never tested positive the catchweight fight would have been made by now, and quite possibly two separate lives might have turned out completely different.

  7. I hadn’t thought about Coenen v. Budd, but that is absolutely a fight on the horizon in Bellator should Budd prevail in February against Talita Nogueira. You just have to think that there will soon be a groundswell of new talent in WMMA given its surge in popularity, especially in the 145lb division. Maybe even 155! It’s just a matter of time I think and we’ll have a number of very talented women hit the scene.

    Looking ahead though, near term, there aren’t too many WMMA fights scheduled. We have Tate-McMann on Jan 31st, then the Budd fight on Feb 13th, then it’s Rousey v. Zingano on Feb 28th. Maybe Invicta FC 11 coming up soon? Not much else though it seems. I think I got spoiled with the all the great TUF 20 fights last weekend!!

  8. Well, it seems Invicta 11 will be in February, and Cyborg will be back in action. I am excited!

  9. Oh that’s great news Rafael, thanks for that. I’m looking forward to it already!

    To you Rafael, to Mike, and to Robert Sargent who writes these great articles for us, I wish you guys happy holidays and a great 2015 filled with fantastic fights!

  10. Happy New Year to all the real MMA fans….the womens divisions fans!!!!
    Can’t forget about my favorite male MMA fighter either. If any of you guys get a chance to check out Patrick Cummins UFC…do it… you know the barista that fought Dan Cormier. My new favorite MMA fighter!!!! The belt at light-heavy is on the horizon and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!

  11. Thank you, Andy and Mike. To you also! Wish everyone great seasoms!

    I like Cummins also, Mike. I was kind of bummed Antonio lost, because I like his personal story, but Cummins is a great fighter for sure.

  12. quiero ver crys cyborg vs marina shafir, para que de una u otra forma, cyborg le de lo suyo a ronda, golpeandole su novia

  13. Hope all you guys had a decent holiday!
    Here is some food for thought…what tge hell is going on with Liz?? I love watching Liz fight (get robbed)…Meisha, what’s up??
    Did you guys see Pena’s interview with Maxim? She lied to Maxim and told them that she had signed a bout agreement to fight Ronda. And Maxim printed it!!#! Without checking the facts! Man, that girl can make a living slinging bullshit in perpetuity. And all the while luving at home with her momma. 25 years old and still living with mommy and daddy…she will never win another fight and fade into obscurity.
    What about Holly??? I sure hope she heals up before she turns 40. I would love to see her fight anyone credible. I don’t know what the deal is but Sean Shelby is slackin up or everyone must be in Pena mode (hurt)!!!
    Not enough bantamweight womens matches being scheduled. We want more!!! Now!!#

  14. Mm… I thought Miesha defeated Liz… barely. 😉 When Liz was on top, she didn’t do anything. It was more lay’n’pray than anything else.

    And, although I don’t care much about the drama side of women’s MMA (so, I don’t follow what Peña has been saying), I think she is coming back.

    Yes, we need more fights! Germaine de Randamie has been sidelined for over a year now. When did Kaufman fight the last time?

    I would love to see Germaine welcome Holly Holm to the Octagon…! That would be a great fight!

  15. Yes good Holiday indeed, hope a nice one for everybody too. Yeah I like Patrick Cummins too – great story behind that guy’s success. You know he actually fought four times in 2014? He should be breaking the top 15 here pretty soon if not already. I missed the Pena interview. Sounds like there’s always some crazy drama going on with her.

    BTW I just read that Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington is back on again, now set for the undercard of UFC 184 on Feb 28th (same night as Rousey – Zingano). Good stuff. Pennington will not be an easy out for Holm by any stretch of the imagination. I could even see Pennington pull an upset since she will be by far the toughest MMA test for Holm so far, and on such a big, high-pressure stage as the UFC. It’s going to be great!!

    One last – I’m not going to be able to buy the Jones vs. Cormier PPV. Do you guys have any picks for that fight? I think Cormier will take it, based mainly on the fact that he’s fought and beaten physically bigger guys than Jones has. But I’m usually total crap at predictions so.

  16. Ya know…if Jessica Eye and Julianna Pena had a brain between them…oh shit! I just listened to a recent interview with Eye and the interviewer asked her 5 times who she is gunning for and she came back with the same old retarded retort…whoever sean shelby gives me. Have these women learned nothing watching Conor Mac? If you have confidence in your skills you should call out everyone!! Do they not realize that without Ronda Rousey’s mouth no females would be fighting in the UFC. Eye thinks Dana just up and one day changed his mind. Hey Jess…there have been a thousand articles written about why Dana changed his mind and it wasn’t because of a few arm bars! It was the callouts…the personality…the brash extroverted confidence of Ronda Rousey. But Jessica Eye says, and I quote…”That just isn’t my style” Then sorry Jess…you will never get it and you damn sure won’t be a champion anytime soon.

  17. Andy…I love Dan C. He represents my home state. I really hope he takes Bones down and pounds him out but if I had to bet I would have to go with the youngster. Dan is turning 36 in two months. 12″ reach advantage! I know Dan can sneak inside and dish out a nite nite punch, too! So I am staying away from this one, fer sure. No bets this time around. I would not be surprised if either man won.
    Now for the co-main…Cowboy kicks the shit out of Myles! Hoo Rah!!

  18. Thanks Mike, are you originally from Oklahoma? Good stuff! My dad’s family came from Nebraska – kinda close to OK I guess 🙂 I just saw that a movie theater about 1/2 hour from me will be carrying the Jones-Cormier PPV for $15 a ticket. I’ll probably go down there to watch it. (I can’t afford the $70 PPV that’s ridiculous, even for this fight). I’m getting excited already and it’s only Wednesday! Happy New Year!!

  19. No, Andy…Dan is from Lafayette, La. He is what we here in New Orleans call a coon ass…that’s another word for cajun. All the people that originally settled in his neck of the woods were Canadian rejects…just like the Austrailians were to the British. That is where the word Acadian came from. DC won the state championships in high school and was considered the best Louisiana wrestler to ever come out of our state…but his grades sucked because he never went to class. He was recruited by everybody in the nation and was considered the second coming of Dan Gable. So he had to go to some no name jr. college to get his remedial courses in order and his ACT scores up. He made jr college all american two years…then was approached by Oklahoma State’s coach…and the rest is well known history.

  20. He and Dustin Pourier went to the same high school. (The guy that recently got KOed by Conor Mac.

  21. Hey Andy…you can pay $44 and get it on your smartphone…that is what I do…and plug in a pair of headphones.

  22. Wow thanks Mike for all this good info! I didn’t know any of that about Dan Cormier, nor Dustin Pourier. You know it’s funny – they both have French last names!! Now it’s starting to make sense. (Maybe your last name is French too, ha hah!). And another (little) coincidence is that I’m from Lafayette Indiana! Lafayette is also a “French” word! Okay I’m getting carried away now… Thanks also for the tip on the smartphone. I would have never thought of that. Did you catch the UFC 182 press activities this afternoon – Jones and Cormier went right back at it! The weigh-in’s tomorrow are going to be electric. Just hope no one does anything to affect the fight before Sat night (head butt, elbow, fight that goes into the seats…) anything’s possible at this point.

  23. Hey andy…well weigh in was uneventful but you can tell Daniel is ready to lose it. What gets me is…and I hate harping on retarded women all the time but it is what it is. The sneaky zebra (Alexis Dufresne) missed weight again. How stupid do you have to be to miss weight in your first two UFC fights. She is done. You wonder whether there is anything at all switched on between the ears woth some of these girls. She will probably be shocked when they cut her and wonder why.
    This PPV will do 800k to 1mil views I think. Jones and Cormier have almost gone to fist city twice already in the lobby of the MGM Grand…and that was today only!! It’s all over the internet. I know Dana said something to both of them prior to the weigh in. Much too peaceful!

  24. I am German Irish…no French here.

  25. German Irish is a good combo. I’m Belgian Czech myself (whatever that means 🙂 ) Does anyone know if there’s a “chat room” type resource on MMARising where we could all go to comment? I keep going back to older articles afraid someone said something that I missed. Oh well, I think we all keep pretty current with each other as Robert puts out new articles. But a common chat area would be a lot of fun too. Especially with such a massive fight as Jones-Cormier looming.

  26. But yes Mike, I hear and agree with everything you said about the weigh-ins. As to Alexis Dufresne – she was I think 143 last fight against Moras and now she’s 138. At least she’s getting closer!! But seriously, all I can think of is that the women’s fight was slotted only recently, and so Alexis may (that’s may) get a pass on this fight for that reason alone. But not good for the career or the pocketbook.

    You know I heard the back and forth between Jones and Cormier went on in back right up almost until the weigh-ins! The UFC announcers said that the Nevada Athletic Commission had to step in finally and said enough is enough and they threatened to withhold the entire purses of both fighters if things continued. Things quieted down after that apparently. But yeah, I’ve never seen Cormier so amped up/emotional before. He was pacing on the right side of the screen even as Jones was weighing in, he seemed to have so much pent-up energy. I hope he calms down before the fight or he’ll be exhausted midway through the 1st.

    Yes I was thinking this PPV is going to do very well. Plus it would give the UFC a nice financial shot in the arm that they seem to desperately need. A 900K buys PPV would be about $50M or so gross. That would kick off 2015 to a nice start for them!

  27. Andy…I was thinking the same thing. I thought…this guy is gonna have an adrenalin dump and be shot physically. He was sweating profusely at the media scrum…pacing up and down….oh man, I do hope he saves enough for Jon Jones. We will gind out soon enough. Even ‘blaze up’ Matt Riddle is in on this shit! This fight puts Rousey/ Tate to shame!!!

  28. I really like DC…I want to see him smash…then break down emotionally on the floor of the Octagon. He would be on the front page of every Louisiana paper!!! I worry because he is not getting any younger and lets face it…how many more chances will he get to showcase top form. He said it himself…”As far as wrestling goes, I am not nearly as good as I used to be”
    Hey…did you see??? Ben Askren is still in the back of Dana’s mind…in a good way.

  29. As far as Dufresne goes…all I see is stupidity. When I saw Ronda…not in fight camp…cut 17 lbs in 24 hours…then smoke Meisha on that rock wall right after#!!…I think, well…why cant any athlete given all the info on the internet and in athletic circles about the right way to shortcut a weightcut…I just can’t give her a pass. If her cardio sucks again like last time….that just tells me she is not ready mentally for the fight game.

  30. If a 37 year old full time teacher can cut weight and look like she did on that scale…then the 24 year old so called wrecking machine should be able to do it too. I don’t know anything about this Reneau girl but she looks like she has all her priorities in the right place.

  31. Yeah I”m pulling for DC big time as well. I think he’ll do it. And you’re absolutely right about Dufresne — the fight was set on short notice (2 weeks), but it was short notice for Marion Reneau as well, who did make weight! I guess they’re fighting even now as I write this. If Dufresne doesn’t win impressively, I agree she will be out of the UFC.

    Enjoy the fights tonight!! See you on the other side…

  32. Damn I just checked and it looks like Marion Reneau took the first round against Dufresne. If Alexis starts tiring out, this could be a short night for her.

  33. Dufresne is finished in the UFC. One of the scorecards was 30-25, meaning two 10-8 rounds for Reneau. I had high hopes for Dufresne when she signed with the UFC about 6 months ago. She was undefeated and had been blowing opponents out. Maybe she can find success in the Featherweight division of Invicta or Bellator.

  34. I am afraid she is too stupid to find a spot anywhere but at McDonalds. Too out of shape. Too dumb not to move her head. Blatantly brain dead. Dana is probably asking Sean Shelby as we speak…WTF???
    She would get beat by almost every straweight on Tuf 20. Hell, the atomweights would school her. Looked worse than an amateur. Reneau is good for being 37 but there is no way even she can stand with anyone in the top 15. She looked good because Dufresne was so so bad. Joe Rogan said she should go back to amateur ranks and start over.

  35. Rogan said a judge scored a 10-7. Never in 4 years of following this sport have I seen such a totally clumsy fighter. Rogan was actually pissed off that the ref didn’t stop the fight.

  36. Andy…I would think that someone like Amanda Bell or Charmaine Tweet would actually kill her on the ring. She needs to find a camp that knows that the name of this game is Mixed martial arts…with s conditioning program. Rogan said a half a dozen times that it appeared Dufresne was fighting underwater. Embarassing…totally.

  37. Hey andy…do you know who the idiot is who puts together these unified rankings? No Thug Rose on the list??? WTF?? Must be Aguilars’ girlfriend that set it up. Esparza would destroy Aguilar in 2015 if they fought. Aguilar is too chickenshit yo come over and fight any one of these girls in the UFC.

  38. TUF fights are exhibitions and do not count towards fighters’ official records. That is a UFC decision. The rankings are based on professional fights and therefore TUF bouts cannot be counted. And while I agree with you that Esparza would win a rematch, and have stated as much on Twitter multiple times, Aguilar still won the first fight and she stays at #1 until she loses or until Esparza defends her belt against a top-five opponent.

  39. I still dont see thug rose anywhere on your list, Mr. Sargeant. She should be top five. She beat Calderwood and fought for the title. WTF

  40. As I just said…TUF fights are exhibitions. They are not pro fights. Everyone wishes they were, but they aren’t. Take it up with the UFC. They dictate that along with the Nevada Athletic Commission.