Satoko Shinashi Stops Ye Jin Jung At Deep: "69th Impact" In TokyoDeep Women’s Flyweight Champion “Princess” Satoko Shinashi made a successful return to action tonight at Deep: “69th Impact” in Tokyo, Japan. Competing for the first time in more than six years, Shinashi stopped 15-year-old striker Ye Jin Jung with ground and pound in just 75 seconds.

Shinashi last fought inside a Deep ring in October 2008 and she wasted no time in securing a win during her long-awaited return. The talented judoka took Jung down right away and overwhelmed her with strikes on the mat, then called out Road FC star Ga Yeon Song for a New Year’s Eve battle.

Shinashi (30-2-2) and Jung (0-1-0) traded jabs in the opening seconds of their 45-kilogram (99-pound) bout tonight and Shinashi quickly closed the distance. She used an osoto gari throw to take Jung down and effortlessly passed to mount. From the top, Shinashi attempted an armbar and Jung defended well. Undeterred, Shinashi postured up with punches and she continued to rain down strikes until referee Masato Fukuda intervened to stop the brief fight.

Following her swift victory, Shinashi thanked the fans in attendance for their support and campaigned for a spot on Deep’s year-end New Year’s Eve card. She requested a bout against “the Korean idol,” Road FC’s 19-year-old breakout star Ga Yeon Song, on NYE. Song recently won her pro MMA debut for Road FC in August and she is already one of the most popular MMA fighters in South Korea.

Winner: Satoko Shinashi by TKO (Punches) at 1:15 of round one. She improves to 30-2-2.



(Photo Credit: Deep)

  1. Somebody actually wrote a serious article this farce of a fight? This is a joke. Who is she going to fight next, a toddler?

  2. The prospect of her fighting Ga Yeon Song is more interesting than this Deep fight because there’s a good chance that Song would actually win.

  3. she was my first “crush” on wmma, respect her sick gnp skill and her submission, she was up there with mega megu.
    really surprised that she fights again now, since back then she off wmma because of pregnancy, if i’m not mistaken.
    now her challenge is well planned, after tune up fighting this devastating, fighting the famous up and comer tough south korean will be a spot for her to catapult to her previous place on the top of her weight division.