Bethe Correia Stops Shayna Baszler At UFC 177 In CaliforniaBrazilian rising star Bethe “Pitbull” Correia kept her undefeated record intact with an impressive stoppage victory tonight at UFC 177: “Dillashaw vs Soto” in Sacramento, California. The talented bantamweight contender finished veteran Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler on tonight’s main card.

Baszler got off to a strong start in the opening round of the fight and she showcased her slick grappling skills on the mat. Correia rallied in round two, however, and she battered Baszler with dozens of unanswered punches on the feet until the bout was waved off, giving Correia another big victory.


Correia (9-0-0) reversed a takedown early in the opening round and worked from Baszler’s (15-9-0) guard. Baszler was active from her back and she looked to set up a triangle choke and an armbar. Correia eventually pulled her arm free and the fighters traded punches on the feet until Baszler shot in for another takedown. Correia landed uppercuts and hammerfists, but Baszler still managed to get her down and she tried for an arm-in guillotine choke before the bell.

The second round began with crisp punches from Correia, who fought off a Baszler takedown attempt by landing a knee. Correia then scored with standing elbows and punches to the body that caused Baszler to freeze in place against the cage. For the next 30 seconds, Correia unloaded with punches to the head and body as Baszler struggled to offer anything in return. Finally, after Correia had landed dozens of unanswered shots, referee John McCarthy stepped in to stop the fight.

Tonight’s victory moved Correia’s UFC record to 3-0 and she is now two-for-two against members of the Four Horsewomen stable. She previously defeated Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke at UFC 172 in April. Correia now has her sights set on a fight with the leader of the Four Horsewomen, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, but she may first have to fight her way to a shot against the champion of the stacked 135-pound women’s division.

Winner: Bethe Correia by TKO (Punches) at 1:56 of round two. She improves to 9-0-0.



(Photo Credit: UFC)

  1. Really painful to watch. At the end Shayna was just standing there and taking it because she was too exhausted and drained to know what to do. If only she had moved off the cage and circled out to buy herself some time she might have lasted the round.

  2. I saw this one coming. Very dominant in the striking department. For the record, Correia already beat a BJJ black belt in Erica Paes.

    She has done well against some top grapplers.

    I think it’s time for Bethe to face some of the top strikers in her division, such as Kaufman, Leslie Smith and Eye.

  3. Totally agree Rafael. I thought Baszler’s experience would be too much for Bethe, but I was completely wrong. I haven’t seen the fight, but all credit to Correia and the UFC bantamweight division is much better with her in top contention.

  4. Bethe is a bad bissh big fan of hers. I remember when almost everybody was mocking the ufc for signing her & thought julie would beat her easily. Even i thought she was gonna in over head in the ufc & would be too small. Boy was everybody wrong i just love her determination.

  5. I love shayna…but…the shayna that showed up against Bethe was a far cry from the one that should have beaten McMann. Completely different fighter. Hard to tell what the problem was but the problem was definitely not Bethe Correia. Eye destroys her…Kaufman destroys her…maybe even Pena. And despite what Bethe thinks…she is years behind Rousey. Shayna looked like a regional rookie and I love Shayna. I guess time passes us all by. Retirement, I think is her only option at this point.

  6. Maybe….just maybe she is that much stronger physically than I give her credit for. But if she can match Rousey’s strength she still wont last 1/2 round. Rousey will armbar her in seconds just to prove a point.

  7. Give her to Jessica Eye. If the fight stays standing…Eye will knock her out.

  8. Jessica eye will not destroy bethe bruh she may beat her but no way does she destroy her. Kaufman beats almost everybody so you aint saying much. I guess shayna is your favorite fighter but that was definitely the same fighter she just got totally destroyed it happens to the best of them.

  9. I disagree (respectfully, as jonny bones would say) that the Shayna that fought McMann was the same that fought Correia. And she is not my favorite…it is because I have been following her since she beat McMann badly in a bjj match years ago. If Correia is really that strong physically, we will find out soon I hope. The only ones that can really test her on her feet and possibly dominate (short of RR) are Eye and Kaufman. Hell, she didn’t totally dominate Jessamyn Duke! I still maintain that something is very off with Shayna…definitely not the same fighter I saw fight Julie Kedzie or Sara McMann. From minute one in the first round her hands were nothing like what she has been capable of in the past. Age??? Confidence??? Conditioning???? I don’t know.

  10. Dana White…you wanna make some serious bucks on a ppv…set up Correia and Pena back to back with 30 minutes rest for Rousey. Unprecedented!!!!!
    I would bet the farm on Rousey!

  11. Question:
    Does anyone know if the strawweight champion has been determined yet????
    Or is Tuf 20 set up with 2 finalists who will fight for the title at a later date this year???

  12. Mike,

    It could be her new camp. I’m not saying the people in the camp are bad, but there may have been changes in how the fighters train and develop techniques. For example, previously Shayna would wait on the outside for the opponent to make a mistake then take the opponent down. With Bethe she dove right in and expended a ton of energy trying to submit her. I was watching it and was thinking back to how Shayna gassed herself trying to submit Cyborg back in the day. If she had a better gameplan maybe she could have worn Bethe down a bit before jumping in.

  13. Jessica Eye, Leslie Smith, Cat Zingano and Kaufmann would be competitive against Bethe (and would destroy Shayna).

    She’d have a harder time against Holly Holms, Amanda Nunes and Germaine de Randaime, IMO. Stylistic, they are a bad match-up for her. I can easily see Germaine knocking Bethe out with a knee to the face.

    Same reason why I see Holms and Germaine defeating Kaufman or Eye. I’d favour Amanda Nunes against them in the first round and a half, but, much like Shayna, she has shown cardio issues in the past.

    Bethe’s ground game is pretty “green”, but she has been efficient using her strength (sometimes, more than technique) to defend submissions, and she definitely can roll and scramble (which makes her very hard to get pinned on the ground). So, I think she’d be a rough match to anyone. Superior strikers with a longer reach would be her biggest problem.

    To her credit, much like Eye and Zingano (even more so, maybe), Bethe is a natural flyweight. The fact that she is doing so well in the 135 lbs division speaks volume about her fighting ability.

  14. If bethe has shown anything she atleast has shown pretty good boxing. She keeps her chin on her chest has a good awareness of distance & she knows how to set up those left hooks. Mcmanns boxing has gotten better but against shayna she threw nothing but wild right hands and her top game was horrible. Shayna is a good fighter but she was never really anything special especially on the feet. Eye has good offensive boxing but her chin is always too high in the air, bethe would not miss with those short hooks imo bethe beats eye easily. But like refeal said nunes, holms & randamie would be very troublesome for bethe but everybody else in the weight class is all on equal ground.

  15. Problem with Eye is her speed and strength. I think she’s very athletic, and she beats Bethe in those two areas. She’s also good at counter punching.

    Bethe’s hands tend to be too low sometimes also.

    It’d be a fun and competitive fight, whatsoever. I could easily see a split decision there.

  16. Man reading all of these killer comments – you just gotta love WMMA. The best sport on earth, and it’s only going to get better. Can’t wait for TUF 20 starting next week

  17. I agree…I would rather watch a rose namajunes vs tecia torres or a jessica penne vs michelle waterson any day over a mens fight. You are right…you gotta love WMMA.
    In response to the comment about Shaynas camp…she hasn’t changed much at all from her early days…most of her ground work is with Josh B. as it has always been. Edmund takes charge of her sparring and mittwork but hasn’t tried to change anything about her technique and I know that is because she and Josh wish it to be that way. I do know that the few times she has sparred with Ronda prior to UFC 175 Ronda has steamrolled her. So…I guess because Shayna had had success in the past she didn’t want to screw anything up combined with the fact that she knew deep down that she is at the end of her career is the reason we saw what we saw.
    I know if you guys are like me you can’t wait to see the ‘next Ronda Rousey’ on tuf 20!!#

  18. I disagree that Bethe beats Eye. I believe Eye to be the best pure boxer in any womens division. She has a knack for scoring big shots while retreating or exiting the clinch. All her points against Kaufman came while backing up. Just my opinion for what its worth.

  19. There is a Polish girl at strawweight just sighned by the UFC that is a ‘must watch’. Incredible power to weight ratio. She just took Lima to a decision a couple weeks ago. No matter who comes out on top at the Tuf 20 finale…this Polish girl with the name I can neither spell or pronounce should be a factor to be reckoned with…along with the jap girl Inoue.