Amanda Bell, Jemyma Betrian Earn Knockout Wins At COTC 5Former amateur champ Amanda “The Lady Killer” Bell earned the biggest win of her young pro career tonight at Lights Out Promotions: “Chaos at the Casino 5” in Inglewood, California. Bell brutally knocked out highly-touted judoka Marina “The Supernova From Moldova” Shafir in just 37 seconds.

Also on the card tonight, multi-time kickboxing world champion Jemyma “The Golden Girl” Betrian made a successful pro MMA debut with a quick knockout victory of her own. The Dutch strawweight sensation dispatched of “Relentless” Hadley Griffith a mere 47 seconds into the opening round.


Bell (2-2-0) entered tonight’s featherweight bout against Shafir (1-1-0) as a significant underdog, but she showcased her vicious knockout power en route to her second straight victory. As the fighters traded punches on the feet, Bell countered a combination by landing a lead left hook that knocked Shafir off-balance. Shafir tried to regain her footing, but Bell knocked her down with a trio of right hands. She followed with more punches on the ground until Shafir was rendered unconscious.

With tonight’s impressive victory, Bell remains unbeaten in 2014 with back-to-back finishes. She has knocked out or submitted her opponents in all eight of her amateur and professional MMA victories and also holds an amateur title win over Shafir’s “Four Horsewomen” stablemate Jessamyn Duke.

Winner: Amanda Bell by KO (Punches) at 0:37 of round one. She improves to 2-2-0.


Earlier on the card, Betrian (35-2-1 KB, 1-0-0 MMA) opened her MMA career with a dominant first-round victory. Much like Bell did in her fight with Shafir, Betrian hurt opponent Griffith (1-3-0) with a left hook early in the fight. The strike backed Griffith up against the cage and Betrian unloaded with punches and a body kick. A powerful right hook sent Griffith careening to the canvas and Betrian immediately dove in with follow-up punches to solidify the knockout win.

At just 23 years of age, and with notable kickboxing victories over the likes of Su-Jeong Lim, Mellony Geugjes, Lorena Klijn, Ayano Oishi and Thais Souza on her fight résumé, Betrian is one of the brightest new prospects in the women’s strawweight division.

Winner: Jemyma Betrian by KO (Punches) at 0:47 of round one. She improves to 1-0-0.



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  1. Marina will be back…
    Marina, Jessamyn…just realize this…not everyone can be a Ronda Rousey. You guys are young and instead of attempting to emulate your BFF you both should have a a a picture of Matt Brown on your wall. Everybody said he was washed up and should retire…10 losses and fought for the title…or Robbie Lawler, 11 losses!!!
    Just remember…there can be only one…and her name is……RRR

  2. And for all the idiots out there blaming edmund tarverdyan for jessamyn’s and marina’s and jake ellenberger’s failures in their most recent fights I have this to say to you.
    Ronda knew absolutely nothing about striking 3 years ago. Now she knocks people out standing. Jake only worked with edmund for a few months and lets face it…robbie lawler is robbie lawler.
    And as I said in my first post…Ronda is a machine. It might take Jess and the Nova twice as long to adapt the technique and physical prowess that Ronda posesses.
    You are all morons if you can’t see that Edmund Tarverdyan is an exceptional coach and trainer.

  3. Well, Shafir learnt the hard way that running her mouth is easier than backing it up in the cage.

    She fought smaller people, on a losing streak before. Once she was faced someone as big as she, she was out in 37 seconds.

    Congratulations, Amanda Bell!

  4. bien por amanda bell, un knockout bien merecido contra la poca humildad de estas peleadoras, deben de ponerle a ronda rousey una verdadera oponente que le de su tate quieto

  5. Confidence is paramount in this game. Self reassurance on a daily basis is necessary for any fighter to keep climbing the ladder. The keyboard warriors need to realize that sometimes it is required that a fighter should ‘talj themselves up’. That is all that Marina was doing. She knows deep down that her experience and expertise at this stage of the game is limited.
    Amanda bell did an exemplary job. Things might have been different if Marina had bullrushed her and took the fight to the ground at the opening bell. She is young and was too excited to show off her newly acquired striking technique rather than focusing on the best way to win the fight.
    She will rebound if…she puts this weekend behind her and keeps on working.

  6. Mike, no name calling from this moron here, but Taverdyan’s cornering of Duke vs Bethe Correia was atrocious. Correia was picking Duke apart, and he said she was doing great and kept telling her to jab, jab, jab.
    Again, in Shafir’s fight, he told her to jab, jab, jab (you can hear it loud).
    So, he might work well for Ronda, but some of her success is definitely owing to her unique athleticism and judo background, and not because he’s this excepcional coach.

  7. No disrespect intended…just a generalization targeted at most of the haters on the UG.
    Point is…the jab should get you inside, close enough to use your strength in the clinch. Edmund spent a year with Ronda on just footwork. I believe he is bringing these girls along ultra slow…trying to create a good base.
    Marina made a bad decicion in trying to stand with a proven striker. I do believe that Edmund trys to instill in his fighters the value of confidence. The only flaw that I see in his coaching ability (and I am not qualified as a boxing expert other than observations based on common sense) is that all his fighters lack defensive posture. Ronda has proven that she can take a punch as well as give. Jessamyn is just too tall for 135…she becomes too frail at that weight…and Marina…well, we just found out that she cannot take the kind of punishment that Ronda can. Ronda got hit hard by Mcmann without being phased. And i would venture to say that McMann hits as hard or harder than Cyborg. Jessamyns hands have vastly improved under Edmunds tutelage. She still holds the record for significant strikes in a ufc debut male or female. But you cant do shit if you snap two bones in the center of your hand. Leslie Smiths head is like hitting a piece of granite.
    Dont want to get too long winded on this…just my opinion based on observation.

    Look out for Jemyma at 115!!!! If she can keep from going to the ground…she is a force to be reckoned with!!

  8. Where are you getting that soundbyte with Edmund screaming jab. All i hear is her team mate screaming watch out for the jab…i have only found 1 video of the fight????

  9. Anybody hear this bullshit about gina signing with bellator????
    WMMA news has a headline stating as such…and Scott Coker signing Marloes Coenen as well?????

  10. Marina shouldve did what RR did for most of her early fights dart accross the ring real fast judo trip arm bar. She will be back she just tried to box just like rousey has been doing but i guess her chin just isnt as sturdy

  11. Jimmy d…exactly my friend…exactly…she has the judo…do the bullrush and neutralize the opponents striking…push her to the ground and end it.