Momi, Simone Van Dommelen Added To SB Girls S-CupsJ-Girls Mini Flyweight Champion Momi and Dutch kickboxing star Simone van Dommelen are the latest fighters to sign on to compete in the 2014 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup tournaments, which both take place on August 2nd at Yamano Hall in the Yoyogi district of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Momi, who is one of Japan’s top female strikers, will be the fourth and final participant in the 48kg all-Japan Girls S-Cup tournament. Van Dommelen, who is undefeated in kickboxing competition, joins a star-studded lineup of international competitors in this year’s Girls S-Cup worldwide tournament.

Momi (20-9-6 SB/KB) is one of the most experienced fighters on next month’s Shoot Boxing card and she is the only woman to have defeated two-time Shoot Boxing JKS48 high school girls’ champion Mio Tsumura, who will also be a part of this year’s 48kg all-Japan tournament. Since the win over Tsumura, Momi has faced elite opponents in each of her bouts and she most recently fought to a Majority Draw with 15-year-old “Muay Thai Genius” Saya Ito in a kickboxing match this past weekend.

Van Dommelen (15-0-0 KB) brings a strong striking pedigree into her shoot boxing debut next month. The Dutch champion has won all 15 of her kickboxing matches including seven via a form of knockout. Training alongside K-1 legend and shoot boxing veteran Andy Souwer, van Dommelen now hopes to capture her most prestigious title to date by winning this year’s Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup. She joins three-time winner Rena Kubota, Lorena “Lady Pitbull” Klijn and Christina Jurjevic in the worldwide tournament, which is expected to feature a total of eight competitors.

Also confirmed for the preliminary portion of the Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup card is a non-tournament bout between pro wrestler Arisa Hoshiki and former pop singer Maki Goto. The three-round bout will be contested at 50 kilograms.

The 2014 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup takes place on August 2nd at Yamano Hall in the Yoyogi district of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.


2014 Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup Participants (Matchups & Remaining Participants TBD):

– Rena Kubota
– Lorena “Lady Pitbull” Klijn
– Christina Jurjevic
– Simone van Dommelen


2014 48kg Shoot Boxing Japan Girls S-Cup Participants (Matchups TBD):

– Mio Tsumura
– “V.V” Mei Yamaguchi
– Yukari Yamaguchi
– Momi


Non-Tournament Bout (50.0kg):

– Arisa Hoshiki vs Maki Goto


Confirmed Participants (Match[es] TBD):

– Ai Takahashi
– Madoka Jinnai