Seo Hee Ham Defeats Shino VanHoose At Road FC: Korea 3Deep Jewels Featherweight Champion Seo Hee Ham fought at home for the first time in her MMA career and scored an impressive victory tonight at Road Fighting Championship Korea 3: “Nations Fight: Korea vs Brazil.” The skilled striker outpointed teen prospect Shino VanHoose at 105 pounds.

Ham dominated most of round one by mounting VanHoose and landing hard punches that set up a rear-naked choke attempt. VanHoose defended well and threatened with submissions of her own as the fight progressed, but Ham maintained top position and was rewarded with a well-deserved win.


Ham (13-5-0) snapped VanHoose’s (3-3-0) head back with a quick one-two right away and she followed with a liver kick and a left cross. VanHoose clinched and Ham landed knees to the body, then tripped VanHoose to the mat and worked from the top in half-guard. VanHoose briefly regained full guard, but Ham stood and dropped down into mount. VanHoose gave up her back and Ham nearly secured a rear-naked choke. She kept VanHoose pinned down and landed a series of right hands until VanHoose kicked Ham off and the fighters stood up.

Ham tripped VanHoose again and passed to side control. VanHoose quickly countered with an inverted triangle choke, but Ham pulled her head free. The entertaining fight returned to the feet and Ham landed a left hook, but VanHoose threw her to the mat. Ham got back up and kicked at the legs of VanHoose, who remained on her back until the end of the round.

VanHoose landed a hard body kick in round two and Ham responded with punches. She clinched and backed VanHoose up against the cage, then took her down into half-guard. Ham worked to pass to mount and dropped short punches and hammerfists. She transitioned to an armbar, but lost the position and wound up on her back. Ham locked on another armbar and VanHoose slammed her way free.

Ham kicked out VanHoose’s lead leg and stood up, then landed a short knee to the body. She got VanHoose back down and tried to set up a kimura from North-South position, but VanHoose defended well and trapped Ham in an inverted triangle choke until the bell.

After two action-packed rounds, the judges were united and all three scored the fight in Ham’s favour. The South Korean standout had never before competed in MMA in her home country. She has won four straight fights and is undefeated since dropping back down to 105 pounds this past year.

In defeat, the 18-year-old VanHoose put on a solid showing and she continues to make significant improvements to her overall MMA game.

Winner: Seo Hee Ham by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 13-5-0.