Deep Jewels 2 Live Play-By-Play & ResultsDeep Jewels showcased its second all-female fight card today at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan. The matinée event featured a three-round Deep Jewels Featherweight Championship showdown at 106 pounds between reigning champ Seo Hee Ham and challenger Sadae “Manhoef” Numata.

Deep Jewels 2 was headlined by two lightweight semi-finals in a tournament that will crown a champion at 114 pounds. Mika “Future Princess” Nagano faced Emi Tomimatsu in one. Mizuki Inoue battled Emi “Kamikaze Angel” Fujino in the other. has live play-by-play for the card.


52kg Deep Jewels Lightweight Grand Prix Semi-Final [Official MMA Rules] – 2×5

Emi Tomimatsu vs Mika “Future Princess” Nagano

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Ryogaku Wada. Tomimatsu is making it a striking battle early on. A two-punch combo lands for Tomimatsu and Nagano looks stunned. They clinch in the corner, but stall out and referee Wada restarts them in centre ring. Nagano gets caught coming in again and catches a hard right to the jaw. The fighters clinch and Tomimatsu looks to muscle out a takedown.

They trade position against the ropes and Wada breaks them up again. Nagano looks to land punches, but Tomimatsu evades and counters. They clinch against the ropes and Wada immediately calls for more action before breaking them up. Another one-two combo stuns Nagano. Takedown attempt from Tomimatsu and they clinch. Nagano reverses position and throws knees as the round ends.

Round 2:
They circle in round two and Tomimatsu comes inside to land punches as Nagano clinches. Tomimatsu hits a trip and lands on top in half-guard. Hard punches to the head from Tomimatsu. Nagano struggles to get up, but Tomimatsu keeps her pinned down and continues to throw punches to the head and body. Nagano starts to look for a kimura. Tomimatsu passes and they scramble. She takes the back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. Nagano keeps her hips high and gets into Tomimatsu’s guard. Triangle choke attempt from Tomimatsu with ten seconds remaining, but she can’t finish it.

Judges Akira Yamazaki, Kenichi Serizawa and Yoshinori Umeki all score the fight for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Tomimatsu.

Winner: Emi Tomimatsu by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 6-7-0 and advances to the final of the Deep Jewels lightweight title tournament.


52kg Deep Jewels Lightweight Grand Prix Semi-Final [Official MMA Rules] – 2×5

Mizuki Inoue vs Emi “Kamikaze Angel” Fujino

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Kenichi Serizawa. Both fighters are circling. Fujino throws heavy punches while Mizuki picks her shots and counters. Mizuki lands two clean punches and starts to tee off. Fujino muscles forward with hard punches and they break apart. A front kick lands flush for Mizuki and Fujino comes forward with a three-punch combo that lands. Fujino rushes in and they clinch in the corner.

The fighters break and Fujino lands two punches on the exit. Mizuki is landing shots and getting out without taking too much damage. Fujino is still landing punches of her own, however. They clinch and trade knees to the body, but Mizuki loses her balance and falls to the mat with Fujino in her guard. Mizuki sets up an armbar and gets on top. She is cranking to break Fujino’s grip, but loses the elbow and the round ends.

Round 2:
Mizuki is covering up to avoid flurries from Fujino. Hard single shots land for Mizuki. Fujino’s forward pressure seems to be making Mizuki hesitant. They clinch and Mizuki lands a few uppercuts before breaking away. Fujino muscles into the clinch again and Mizuki breaks free. Fujino eats two punches before landing two of her own. More clinching and uppercuts from Mizuki.

A big right hand wobbles Fujino, but she recovers her stance and replies with more punching flurries. They clinch in centre ring and Fujino muscles Mizuki against the ropes. Mizuki reverses position and they break apart. Mizuki is getting to the punch first, but Fujino is still making her pay with hard shots. They brawl for the final ten seconds.

Judges Ryogaku Wada, Akira Yamazaki and Yoshinori Umeki all score the fight for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Inoue.

Winner: Mizuki Inoue by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 7-1-0 and advances to the final of the Deep Jewels lightweight title tournament.


48kg Deep Jewels Featherweight Championship [Official MMA Rules] – 3×5

Seo Hee Ham vs Sadae “Manhoef” Numata

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Ryogaku Wada. Ham is stalking early, landing strong counterpunches. She catches a kick and throws Numata straight to the mat. Ground and pound from Ham leads to a brief back-take. Numata stands and gets a rear clinch, but she can’t do anything with it and they separate. The fighters clinch and Ham lands a trip takedown, but she loses her balance and Numata stands. They clinch again and Numata drops down for a kneebar.

Ham frees her leg and lands strong shots. They stand and Ham lands a hard punch in a scramble. Ham is being patient and landing hard punches, feinting and changing levels often. A head kick lands for Ham. Numata can’t close the distance without eating punches. She turns the fight into a brawl and Ham falls. Numata lands punches, but Ham gets up and throws her to the ground. Back-take attempt from Ham before the bell.

Round 2:
Hard body kicks land for Ham in round two and Numata gets stuck in a corner. Ham unloads and lands a barrage of heavy punches. They clinch against the ropes and referee Wada calls for action. Trip takedown from Ham and they scramble, but Ham locks up an inverted triangle choke. Armbar attempt from Ham and it looks tight. Numata steps over and escapes, landing on top in half-guard.

Ham is having trouble standing up and Numata takes her back. A body triangle keeps Ham stuck while Numata throws punches. Ham rolls and winds up in Numata’s guard. She stands and works to pass, but Numata looks for a leglock. Both fighters attempt toe holds at the same time. Ham throws heel kicks into Numata’s ribs as the round ends.

Round 3:
Numata tries to come forward, but Ham lands two straight punches that stun her and she circles out. Numata catches a kick and takes Ham down. They scramble and Numata takes the back, immediately sinking in a rear-naked choke. Ham breaks free of the choke. Neither fighter is able to change position and Wada calls for action. Numata looks for another choke, but can’t wrap it up. Ham rolls into Numata’s guard and Wada stands them up. Hard punches land for Ham. Numata connects with a winging hook. They clinch and Wada restarts them. Exhausted brawling for the remaining 15 seconds.

Judges Yoshinori Umeki, Akira Yamazaki and Kenichi Serizawa all score the fight for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Ham.

Winner: Seo Hee Ham by Unanimous Decision after three rounds. She improves to 12-5-0 and remains the Deep Jewels Featherweight Champion.


48kg Deep Jewels Official MMA Rules – 2×5

Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama vs Masako Yoshida

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Kenichi Serizawa. Yoshida lands a few punches early on, but Sugiyama adds some head movement and begins to counter. They clinch and Sugiyama looks for takedowns before referee Serizawa separates the fighters. Another clinch and Sugiyama wraps up both of Yoshida’s legs, landing right into mount. Yoshida flails and tries to escape, but Sugiyama throws hard punches to the head. Yoshida continues to flail and the punches just get harder. Yoshida gets to her knees and escapes out the back door. She stands and they trade punches briefly until the bell rings.

Round 2:
Yoshida opens up with a one-two salvo that lands, but Sugiyama lands a hard overhand right that slows her opponent down. They clinch and Yoshida jumps guard. Sugiyama stands and Yoshida hits a sit-up sweep, but Sugiyama recovers at the last second and stays on top. Sugiyama stands up and they get restarted on the feet. Cracking right hook from Yoshida. They trade punches and clinch again.

Sugiyama muscles Yoshida to the ground into half-guard. Yoshida gets an underhook and looks to take the back, but Sugiyama keeps her pinned down. Serizawa stands them up. Two hooks land flush for Sugiyama. Yoshida throws a winging hook and Sugiyama counters with a huge right hook that drops her opponent. Sugiyama pounces, but Yoshida wraps her up in guard and the round ends.

Judges Akira Yamazaki, Ryogaku Wada and Yoshinori Umeki all score the fight for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Sugiyama.

Winner: Naho Sugiyama by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 9-3-0.


53kg Deep Jewels Newcomer MMA Rules – 2×5

Sachiko Fujimori vs Megumi Sugimoto

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Yoshinori Umeki. Fujimori rushes in early with hard straight punches. She lands continuously and Sugimoto has no answer. Sugimoto drops and lands a sloppy double-leg into full guard. Fujimori gets an armbar and extends, but Sugimoto pops out and works to pass from the scarf hold to knee-on-belly. Fujimori escapes her hips and recovers into half-guard.

They scramble and Fujimori gets a headlock before standing up. Sugimoto shoots immediately, but Fujimori sprawls. Sugimoto is relentlessly looking for a takedown, but Fujimori is slowly taking a dominant position. Sugimoto goes for a switch and lands on top in Fujimori’s open guard. She tries to pass until the bell rings.

Round 2:
Sugimoto rushes forward with punches this time and drops into a takedown in the corner. Fujimori tries to stand, but Sugimoto keeps her down and postures up in her guard. Sugimoto tries to pass, but Fujimori uses the opportunity to get back to her feet. Sugimoto gets her in a headlock and starts to move to take the back. Fujimori scrambles and gets up for a second before Sugimoto shoots again.

Fujimori sprawls, but Sugimoto switches to a single-leg and muscles her down. Sugimoto passes the guard and lands in North-South. Sugimoto takes mount, but Fujimori immediately rolls and escapes. Sugimoto’s wrestling instinct keeps her glued to Fujimori, though, and she works for another takedown as the round ends.

Judge Ryogaku Wada scores the fight for Sugimoto, while judges Kenichi Serizawa and Akira Yamazaki both have it for the winner by Split Decision, Fujimori.

Winner: Sachiko Fujimori by Split Decision after two rounds. She improves to 2-0-0.


48kg Deep Jewels Official MMA Rules – 2×5

Yukiko Seki vs Madoka Ebihara

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Kenichi Serizawa. The fighters brawl early on with both women landing solid barrages of punches. A clinch follows and Seki throws punches to the body. They stall out in a corner and referee Serizawa separates them. More brawling. They clinch in the corner and get separated again. More brawling into clinching before the end of the round.

Round 2:
Seki tries to brawl early and they clinch again. Ebihara looks for takedowns but can’t get any. They break apart and Ebihara counterpunches before clinching. Hard punches to the body from Seki before Serizawa separates them and gives Ebihara a warning for stalling. They clinch again and Seki continues to throw shots to the body. Ebihara continues to stall and Serizawa gives her a Yellow Card.

The fighters restart in the centre and Seki goes wild with punches. Ebihara decides to continue her stalling clinch tactics. They move back to centre ring and Seki continues to attack. Ebihara clinches and lands a hip-toss, but Seki bounces off the corner post and lands on top. A few big punches to the head score for Seki before the round ends.

Judges Ryogaku Wada, Akira Yamazaki and Yoshinori Umeki all score the fight for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Seki.

Winner: Yukiko Seki by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 12-23-0.


52kg Grappling Rules – 2×4

Ayaka Miura vs Asami Kodera

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Akira Yamazaki. Kodera shoots in and switches to a back clinch. She tries for a takedown, but Miura stays on top in the scarf hold position. Kodera wraps up a leg and starts to inch her way out the back. They stall out and referee Yamazaki stands them up. Kodera pulls guard and twists to wrap up an armbar. Miura keeps her arms clasped together and escapes.

They scramble and Miura gets on top in half-gaurd before pressure passing into side control. Kodera wraps up a leg but Miura passes again and moves to North-South. Kodera scrambles, but Miura lands in side control again. She locks up an arm-triangle choke that looks tight, but the bell cuts the submission short.

Round 2:
Kodera wraps up Miura’s head and pulls guard. Another armbar attempt follows, but Miura muscles out of it. Kodera gets stuck in an inverted position, but Miura is having trouble passing her long legs. Yamazaki stands them up. Another guard pull from Kodera into an armbar. She can’t get control and Miura passes to side control. They stall and get restarted. Yet another guard pull to armbar attempt from Kodera before the bell.

Judge Kenichi Serizawa scores the match for Kodera, while judges Yoshinori Umeki and Ryogaku Wada both have it for the winner by Split Decision, Miura.

Winner: Ayaka Miura by Split Decision after two rounds.


48kg Deep Jewels Newcomer MMA Rules – 2×5

Tamaki Usui vs Naomi Taniyama

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Kenichi Serizawa. Taniyama tries to use her reach advantage, throwing front kicks to hold distance. Usui clinches and lands a series of hard knees to the body. More long-range kicks from Taniyama. Usui shoots and lands a double-leg takedown into half-guard. Taniyama holds on to stall out and referee Serizawa stands them up.

Taniyama catches a kick and lands a hard right before tripping Usui in the corner. Closed guard work follows from Usui. Another stand-up from the referee. Usui hesitates while moving in and eats a few hard punches before getting to the clinch. She scores a trip takedown into half-guard before the bell.

Round 2:
Usui clinches immediately and throws knees to the stomach. Taniyama botches a hip-throw and Usui lands on top in mount. She takes her time setting up an armbar. Taniyama rolls and Usui takes her back. Usui sinks in a rear-naked choke, but Taniyama holds on. Usui tries to reset her hand position and Taniyama escapes the choke, but she is still in danger. Serizawa calls for action before standing them up. Usui moves into the clinch again. They muscle each other around until the bell rings.

Judges Ryogaku Wada, Yoshinori Umeki and Akira Yamazaki all score the fight for the winner by Unanimous Decision, Usui.

Winner: Tamaki Usui by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 1-0-0.