Aguilar-Fujii Result Changed, Now Deemed A Technical DecisionThis past Saturday night, MMA legend Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii fought for the final time in a rematch with Jessica “Jag” Aguilar at Vale Tudo Japan 3rd in Tokyo. The controversial bout was marred by eye pokes and Aguilar was initially declared the winner by doctor stoppage after the second round.

VTJ officials announced today that the result of the fight has been changed. Aguilar retains her victory, but the win will now be officially classified as a Technical Majority Decision. Aguilar held a lead on two judges’ scorecards following the first two rounds. A third judge had the abbreviated bout even.

Aguilar (16-4-0) and Fujii (26-3-0) engaged in a standup battle early in Saturday’s fight and each woman scored with quick punches on the feet. Time was called once when Fujii was inadvertently poked in the eye, but action soon resumed and the Japanese legend appeared to be fine. However, she was poked in the right eye a second time later in the round and a lengthy break of more than 15 minutes was called.

During the break, Fujii was given eye drops in order to help her to open her rapidly-swelling eye. She ultimately opted to fight on, knowing that the bout would be her last. The first round remained close and competitive until the bell, but Aguilar held a clear advantage in the striking exchanges in round two. Fujii struggled to see Aguilar’s punches and the American repeatedly found a home for her right cross.

At the end of the second round, the cageside doctor came in to check on Fujii for the third time and he deemed that she could not continue. The fight was ruled a TKO victory for Aguilar. However, Shooto and VTJ officials announced today that the bout’s outcome has been changed.

Judge Yuki Nakai had the fight even at 19-19 after ten minutes of action, giving Fujii round one and Aguilar round two. Judges Minoru Toyonaga and Gen Isono both had it 20-18 for Aguilar. As such, the result of the bout now stands as a Technical Majority Decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19) victory for Aguilar. She has won seven straight fights since suffering a contentious decision loss in the Bellator 115-pound women’s tournament semi-finals.