Kailin Curran Defeats Emi Tomimatsu In PXC 38 Co-FeatureStrawweight prospect Kailin Curran improved her professional record to 2-0 with a hard-fought victory tonight at Pacific Xtreme Combat 38 in Mangilao, Guam. Curran took a close and competitive Unanimous Decision win over experienced Japanese veteran Emi Tomimatsu in the PXC 38 co-feature.

Tomimatsu put forth arguably the strongest performance of her career, but Curran’s takedown defence was on point and she secured two impressive throws in round one. Both women landed some nice combinations on the feet, but Curran maintained an edge in the exchanges en route to victory.


Curran (2-0-0) countered a right hand from Tomimatsu (5-7-0) with a head-lock takedown near the cage, but Tomimatsu scrambled up and briefly put Curran on the mat. On the feet, Curran landed a head kick and Tomimatsu answered back with a knee. Curran fought off a takedown and the fighters exchanged knees and punches in the clinch. Tomimatsu kneed Curran’s thighs, but Curran threw her to the ground and flurried with punches from mount. Tomimatsu swept into her guard and the fight returned to the feet, where Curran sprawled out to defend a takedown before the bell.

Tomimatsu landed a nice overhand right and a combination in round two. She continued to find success with her punches and Curran clinched against the cage. After separating, Tomimatsu snuck in left and right hooks. Curran fired back with a big combination and another clinch ensued. Both women landed combinations and Tomimatsu once again found a home for her right hand, but Curran defended well against her takedown attempts. Tomimatsu just missed with a Superman punch in the final seconds.

The final round began with an exchange of punches and Tomimatsu clinched, but she ate a knee to the jaw in the process. Tomimatsu stuffed a takedown and landed a short uppercut, but Curran put together a lengthy combination. Tomimatsu scored with an overhand right as both fighters began to slow down. A one-two from Curran snapped Tomimatsu’s head back, but she got a second wind late in the bout and pressed the action with punches. Curran landed a flurry of her own before the end of the close fight.

After three back-and-forth rounds, Curran earned her biggest win to date when all three judges scored the competitive fight in her favour. The Hawaiian fighter made history by winning PXC’s first women’s bout in March and she recently relocated to California to join the renowned Reign MMA team.

Winner: Kailin Curran by Unanimous Decision after three rounds. She improves to 2-0-0.


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