Jewels: "24th Ring" Live Play-By-Play & ResultsJewels returned to Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan tonight for Jewels: “24th Ring.” The ten-fight card was headlined by a Jewels Featherweight Queen Championship matchup between Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama and South Korean standout Seo Hee Ham, who moved down in weight for the fight.

Also tonight, final Valkyrie Featherweight Champion “V.V” Mei Yamaguchi took on Seo Ye Jung. Mika “Future Princess” Nagano battled Takumi Umehara and unbeaten prospect Jade Marie Anderson squared off against Yurika Nakakura. has live play-by-play for the card.


48kg Jewels Featherweight Queen Championship – 3×5

Seo Hee Ham vs Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Ryogaku Wada. They trade jabs and a quick leg kick lands for Ham. Sugiyama lands a left hook and stuns Ham for a second. Straight lefts from Ham land clean. Sugiyama tries to close in to clinch, but eats body kicks on the way in. She gets the clinch and Ham tries to jump to her back, but Sugiyama stays postured up and lands on top in Ham’s guard.

Ham works the rubber guard against the ropes until referee Wada stands them up. A straight punch, body kick combo lands for Ham. More straight punches get through and Sugiyama rushes into the clinch. Knees to the body score for Ham and they clinch and work for underhooks until the round ends.

Round 2:
Sugiyama rushes in for a takedown, but Ham recovers underhooks and they break and circle each other. Punches are traded, but both fighters do well to avoid being hit. Straight punches land for Ham. Sugiyama drops for a low single and gets it, but Ham begins working on a triangle choke. Rubber guard from Ham, but Sugiyama pops her hips and explodes through for the pass.

Sugiyama begins pressuring from North-South and Ham tries to wrap up an inverted triangle choke from the bottom. She has the triangle locked in, but Sugiyama keeps top position. She gets her head free and pins from side control. Sugiyama steps over into North-South again and throws a few punches to the face before the bell rings.

Round 3:
A lead right hook lands for Ham and Sugiyama clinches. They wrestle around the ring and Ham jumps guard. More rubber guard work again, but Sugiyama postures out of it to pass. Ham pulls her back in and starts to tie up a triangle choke. The triangle is locked up, but Sugiyama is posturing well. Ham can’t hold her down and Sugiyama passes. Ham tries to roll to escape and Sugiyama briefly gets to mount before Ham recovers half-guard.

Sugiyama works her head under the armpit to set up a choke or a pass. Ham tries to hip out and Sugiyama lands ground and pound. Ham reverses position and winds up on top in Sugiyama’s half-guard. Ham gets close to a knee-slide pass, then changes direction and gets the back with one hook in. She slips the other hook in, but is riding high over Sugiyama’s shoulders. Ham falls and Sugiyama lands on top in her closed guard as the bell rings.

Judges Yoshinori Umeki, Kenichi Serizawa and Akira Yamazaki all score the fight for the winner and new champion, Ham.

Winner: Seo Hee Ham by Unanimous Decision after three rounds. She improves to 11-5-0 and becomes the new Jewels Featherweight Queen Champion.


52kg Jewels Official MMA Rules – 2×5

“V.V” Mei Yamaguchi vs Seo Ye Jung

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Kenichi Serizawa. They circle early on and Yamaguchi lands a nice kick to the body. Jung comes in with jabs and Yamaguchi gets caught with her hands down against the ropes. They clinch and both work for takedowns. Yamaguchi gets a trip and lands in mount. She immediately sets up grips for an armbar and pounds to the stomach as Jung rolls. Yamaguchi takes the back for a belly-down armbar. Jung tries to escape, but Yamaguchi rolls again and extends the arm for the tap.

Winner: Mei Yamaguchi by Submission (Armbar) at 1:55 of round one. She improves to 11-5-1.


53kg Jewels Official MMA Rules – 2×5

Mika “Future Princess” Nagano vs Takumi Umehara

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Yoshinori Umeki. The fighters circle and trade one-two combos. Nagano tries to step in, despite her range, and eats counters. She gets to the clinch in the corner and lands a series of big knees to the stomach. Nagano gets Umehara to the ground and takes her back. She sinks in a rear-naked choke and Umehara taps.

Winner: Mika Nagano by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 1:42 of round one. She improves to 13-8-0.


65kg Jewels Official MMA Rules – 2×5

Yurika Nakakura vs Jade Marie Anderson

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Kenichi Serizawa. Nakakura opens up with straight rights that land clean and go unanswered. Anderson pushes in against the ropes and goes for a lateral drop, but Nakakura recovers and they clinch. More right hands land for Nakakura. Anderson answers with knees and they separate. Nakakura comes in with a one-two that lands and Anderson tries to whip her to the canvas. She is unsuccessful and there is more clinching around the ring.

Nakakura gets underhooks and lands an outside trip. Anderson gets full guard and soon stands as Nakakura tries to pass. More punching combos land for Nakakura and Anderson misses a double-leg attempt. Knees follow from Anderson before a big hip throw from Nakakura. She pressures from side control. Anderson rolls and reverses position, and she takes the back as the round ends.

Round 2:
Anderson works her jab for a bit and clinches. Big hip toss again from Nakakura and she moves to North-South. Anderson rolls and gets to her knees, but Nakakura keeps her in a front headlock. Anderson breaks free and stands. A one-two lands for Nakakura and there is more clinching. They break and Nakakura starts to throw punches.

They clinch again and Nakakura brings Anderson down to the canvas into side control. Anderson works to get to the back and Nakakura stands to avoid it. They clinch and trade knees in the corner. Nakakura hits an inside trip, but the ropes keep her from completing the takedown. They stand and clinch until the bell rings.

Judges Ryogaku Wada, Akira Yamazaki and Yoshinori Umeki all score the fight for the winner, Nakakura.

Winner: Yurika Nakakura by Unanimous Decision after two rounds. She improves to 2-1-0.


52kg Jewels Grappling Rules – 2×4

Emi Tomimatsu vs Masako Yoshida

Round 1:
Referee for this match is Yoshinori Umeki. They go for single-collar ties early on and Tomimatsu pressures up against the ropes. Yoshida jumps guard, but Tomimatsu breaks from the closed guard and passes with a toreando pass into side control. She steps over for an armbar, but Yoshida rolls and Tomimatsu takes the back.

Tomimatsu takes her time working for a rear-naked choke and rolls over into mount. Yoshida hip escapes and recovers half-guard. Tomimatsu stands and passes the guard again, taking the back as Yoshida rolls away. Tomimatsu starts to lock in a body triangle. She sinks in a rear-naked choke, but the round ends before she can get the tap.

Round 2:
Collar ties in round two and Yoshida jumps guard. Tomimatsu breaks from the guard and looks to pass. She steps over into side control and Yoshida rolls to escape. Tomimatsu looks to take the back, but Yoshida plays an inverted guard against the ropes. Tomimatsu wraps up a leg and works to flatten out Yoshida and take the back.

Yoshida returns to a normal open guard and Tomimatsu passes again. More inverted guard play from Yoshida to avoid the pass once more. Yoshida gets a leg and works for a kneebar, but Tomimatsu slips out quickly and keeps up the pass attempts. She passes around Yoshida’s inverted guard and takes the back before the bell.

Judges Ryogaku Wada, Kenichi Serizawa and Akira Yamazaki all score the match for the winner, Tomimatsu.

Winner: Emi Tomimatsu by Unanimous Decision after two rounds.


50kg Jewels Grappling Rules – 2×4

Madoka Ebihara vs Yukiko Seki

Round 1:
Referee for this match is Akira Yamazaki. The competitors circle around the ring and Seki keeps a low wrestling stance. They clinch up in the corner and Seki gets double underhooks and works for a takedown. Ebihara reverses it and gets to the ground momentarily, but Seki scrambles back to her feet. Seki pressures in the corner again, but Ebihara gets away.

Seki whips behind her opponent and secures a back clinch for a moment, but Ebihara stands and gets a whizzer. They stall and referee Yamazaki separates them. They clinch again with single-collar ties and Ebihara hits a hip throw, but the ropes are there and she has trouble completing it. She gets to a scarf hold as the bell rings.

Round 2:
Seki gets double underhooks, but Ebihara wrestles her down and they both go for leglocks. Ebihara steps over for an armbar, but she can’t get it extended from the bottom. Seki starts to step over her head to escape, but Ebihara won’t let go. They stall and Yamazaki stands them up. Seki goes for a single-leg in the corner, but Ebihara gets her in a front headlock.

They break apart before Seki pressures in for another takedown against the ropes. Ebihara whizzers again and works for trips, then goes back to the front headlock before jumping guard. She can’t pull Seki down and Seki works to pass the open guard until the bell rings.

Judges Yoshinori Umeki, Kenichi Serizawa and Ryogaku Wada all score the match for the winner, Ebihara.

Winner: Madoka Ebihara by Unanimous Decision after two rounds.


48kg Kickboxing Rules – 3×2

Satomi Takano vs Kaoru Chatani

Round 1:
Referee for this bout is Ryogaku Wada. The fighters come out aggressively. Takano is favouring kicks, but Chatani is asserting herself with strong punches. Takano finds her range and keeps Chatani at bay with front kicks and counters when she steps in. A hard right hook lands for Takano and they clinch. Chatani starts to get aggressive again as the round ends.

Round 2:
Takano opens up with a leg kick, right hook combo that lands cleanly. Chatani starts to brawl. Chatani throws hard leg kicks but none land well. A three-punch combo follows from Chatani. A Superman Punch feint from Takano backs her opponent up and she lands a right hand. More brawling from Chatani and two one-two combos land for Takano. Chatani answers with a right hook before the bell.

Round 3:
They trade punches immediately and Chatani gets the better of the exchange. Takano is still working leg kicks. A huge straight right lands for Takano and Chatani replies by brawling against the ropes. They separate and Takano starts to find success with overhand rights. Chatani is tired. They brawl sloppily until the bell.

Judges Akira Yamazaki, Kenichi Serizawa and Yoshinori Umeki all score the bout even at 29-29.

Result: Unanimous Draw (29-29, 29-29, 29-29) after three rounds.


50kg Jewels BJJ Rules – 1×5

Aya Abe vs Yukiko Seki

Round 1:
Referee for this match is Akira Yamazaki. They get grips and wrestle around the ring, looking for trips and throws. Seki gets a hold of a single, but Abe counters and gets her down, landing in closed guard and earning two points. Seki gets an over-arm grip on the collar, looking for the komlock position. Abe manages to break the legs and gets a step-over pass for three points.

Abe tries to step into mount, but Seki wraps up her leg and pulls her back into closed guard. Referee Yamazaki stands them up after a brief stalemate. Seki gets a collar grip and drives in against the ropes. More wrestling and pulling around the ring ensues until the match ends.

Winner: Aya Abe by Decision (5-0 Points) after one round.


50kg Jewels BJJ Rules – 1×5

Ayaka Miura vs Harumi Todate

Round 1:
Referee for this match is Akira Yamazaki. They clinch early on and Miura works for a trip, but Todate drops to guard and there’s no point awarded. Todate works the spider guard and Miura stands. She works to pass but can’t free her arms. Todate pulls her into closed guard. Time is called and referee Yamazaki removes Todate’s fighter press badge that she’s still wearing for some reason.

Miura stands out of the closed guard, but is soon caught in the spider guard again. They stalemate and Yamazaki stands them up. Todate jumps into closed guard again and works for sweeps while Miura looks to pass. Miura gets the legs open and cuts through with a knee-slide pass, earning three points. She pins Todate in side control and looks to spin over for an armbar, but the bell cuts her off.

Winner: Ayaka Miura by Decision (3-0 Points) after one round.


50kg Jewels BJJ Rules – 1×5

Madoka Ebihara vs Aya Abe

Round 1:
Referee for this match is Akira Yamazaki. They cricle and Abe looks for grips on the collar. She gets them and works for a trip, but gets countered and sloppily hip tossed by Ebihara. Abe works for a triangle choke, but Ebihara stays postured high. Abe switches to an omoplata. Ebihara starts to step over and pass to mount, but Abe keeps her grip on the arm.

Ebihara turns back and stands up in Abe’s open guard. Abe gets a leg lasso and works for another triangle. Abe tries for a sweep from the spider guard but can’t get Ebihara off-balance. Another triangle attempt from Abe against the ropes as time runs out.

Winner: Madoka Ebihara by Decision (2-0 Points) after one round.


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