Jasminka Cive's Invicta Fighting Championships 5 Blog, Part ThreeFinally, I had my own event on the weekend. It was sold out, and over 2000 people joined the action. The fights were great and the audience had a lot of fun. Also, my fiancé Willi won the Austrian title with a spectacular fight. After nearly two full nights without any sleep, I headed off to Invicta.

We stopped in Berlin and again in Chicago, and then we finally landed in Kansas City. The weather here is nice and it is way warmer than in Austria. I joined Elias in Kansas later on. He was coming from Germany for GnP-TV coverage, and he helps me out a lot, but he seemed sleepy as well.


Elias was in Austria, too, for GnP-TV interviews and stuff at my event, and then he jumped onto the plane to join me and the rest of the Invicta girls here.

Jasminka Cive Signing

I finally met Janet Martin, who is just an amazing person. So nice and direct. You get what you need – all information – and can laugh in between. Signing 4000 posters was also fun, even though my arm nearly fell off. Haha. I got some headphones from Invicta sponsor V-Moda, which was really great, and a basket with more great stuff in it. I was very happy!!

Jasminka Cive Gift Basket

After a first night of sleep, we went out shopping to get some stuff for home and a lot of sweets – even though I can’t eat them right now, making weight, but later I will. Walmart is huge! I was like wooow! 🙂

My co-trainer Mirza and I packed a whole cart, as you can see here:

Jasminka Cive Shopping

I like America very much so far. Thanks Invicta!!

Jasminka Cive faces Bec Hyatt at Invicta FC 5 on April 5th in Kansas City, Missouri.