Three More Fights Set For Saturday's Jewels: "23rd Ring" CardThree more fights and a one-day grappling tournament have been added to this Saturday’s Jewels: “23rd Ring” event at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan. In amateur kickboxing matches, teen prospect Miiri Sasaki takes on Moga, and 16-year-old J-Girls veteran Mao Muronaga battles Ayumi Otaki.

A featured mixed martial arts bout involving teen prodigy Mizuki Inoue has undergone a change due to injury. Inoue’s original opponent, Mi-Jeon Chan, has been forced to withdraw from the event. Her South Korean compatriot, unbeaten kickboxer Seo Ye Jung, will now face Inoue on the main card.

Inoue (4-1-0 MMA; 4-1-0 Kickboxing; 4-1-0 Shoot Boxing) has excelled in all forms of martial arts since turning pro in 2010. In only her second MMA fight, she became 2010 Jewels Rough Stone Grand Prix Champion at 56kg. This past August, Inoue became the first Shoot Boxing Girls S-Cup winner at 53.5kg. While best known for her striking skills, the Hakushinkai Karate fighter has secured submission finishes in all four of her MMA wins and has also medalled in numerous grappling tournaments during the past year. Against Jung (0-0-0 MMA; 4-0-0 Kickboxing), Inoue faces a fellow striker who has made waves in her home country. Jung was named 2012 Rookie of the Year by both the Korean Muay Thai Association and the International Kickboxing Federation. She steps into this bout on short notice and looks to score an upset in her mixed martial arts debut.

Also announced for the card today was an amateur grappling match between Ayaka Miura and Megumi Sugimoto. The event will also feature a one-day grappling tournament. Those participating are Aya Abe, Tamaki Usui and Yukari Yamaguchi. At just 14 years of age, Yamaguchi has followed the lead of her Hakushinkai teammate, Inoue, and she has also fared well in both striking and grappling competitions.

Jewels: “23rd Ring” takes place on March 30th at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan.


Jewels: “23rd Ring” Fight Card (subject to change):

– Mika “Future Princess” Nagano vs Emi Tomimatsu [52kg Jewels Special MMA Rules – 2×5]
– Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama vs Celine Haga [49kg Jewels Special MMA Rules – 2×5]
– Shizuka Sugiyama vs Sung Eun Kim [60kg Jewels Special MMA Rules – 2×5]
– Yasuko “Pink Spider” Mogi vs Takumi Umehara [56kg Jewels Official MMA Rules – 2×5]
– Mizuki Inoue vs Seo Ye Jung [53kg Jewels Special MMA Rules – 2×5]
– Yoshimi “Arika” Miyake vs Rena Matsuda [53.2kg Jewels Kickboxing Rules – 3×2]
– Mina Kurobe vs Tomo Maesawa [48kg Jewels Special MMA Rules – 2×5]

– Miiri Sasaki vs Moga [50kg Jewels Amateur Kickboxing Rules – 2×2]
– Mao Muronaga vs Ayumi Otaki [53kg Jewels Amateur Kickboxing Rules – 2×2]
– Ayaka Miura vs Megumi Sugimoto [55kg Jewels Grappling Rules – 1×4]

Jewels 50kg BJJ tournament participants (one 5:00 round per match):
– Aya Abe, Tamaki Usui, Yukari Yamaguchi