Norma Center Edges Out Rachael Cummins At Pandemonium 8Stepping in on two days’ notice, Norma Rueda Center made a successful pro debut on Saturday night at MEZ Sports: “Pandemonium 8” in Pomona, California. The Jackson’s MMA fighter edged out Tuff-N-Uff veteran Rachael “The Panther” Cummins in a bout much closer than the scores suggested.

Center scored a big takedown in the opening round, but had to work quickly to fend off Cummins’s submission attempts from her back. Cummins began to show signs of fatigue as the fight progressed and Center took advantage with a strong third round to take home a close Unanimous Decision victory.


After an early exchange of strikes, Center (1-0-0) scored a takedown from the clinch and landed punches from the top. Cummins (0-1-0) countered with an armbar attempt, but Center used hammerfists and two slams to free herself from the hold. Center landed punches to the body as Cummins worked back to her feet and the round ended with both fighters throwing knees in the clinch.

Cummins clinched quickly in round two, but Center threw her down against the ropes and landed a knee on the way up. Cummins was already breathing heavily as Center held her against the corner turnbuckle. Cummins pulled guard with a guillotine and switched to a triangle choke. She looked to secure a triangle armbar, but Center pulled her arm free. Cummins continued to try to finish the fight with the triangle choke until the end of the round.

Cummins closed the distance right away in the final round, but Center cracked her with an elbow over the top. Cummins tried to pull guard and Center slammed her down to the mat. Center stood to escape an armbar attempt and a tired Cummins followed her to her feet. Cummins slowed way down and Center began to pick her apart with leg kicks and straight lefts. Cummins threw a right hook and Center took her down shortly before time expired.

Despite the close nature of the first two rounds, all three judges scored the fight 30-27 in Center’s favour. The former amateur champion racked up a perfect 5-0 record prior to turning pro on Saturday’s card. Cummins, who went 2-4 as an amateur, has dropped three straight fights.

Winner: Norma Rueda Center by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after three 3:00 rounds. She improves to 1-0-0.