Alexandra Chambers, Claire Fryer Victorious At Brace For War 17Australian prospects Alexandra Chambers and Claire Fryer made short work of their Japanese opponents tonight at Brace For War 17: “Brace Girls” in Southport, Queensland, Australia. Chambers needed just 42 seconds to stop Mika “Future Princess” Nagano, while Fryer defeated Rina Tomita.

The two Australia versus Japan bouts headlined tonight’s all-female Brace For War card, which included a total of 11 women’s matchups in multiple weight classes. In addition to the impressive performances from Chambers and Fryer, “Ferocious” Fiona Muxlow picked up her sixth career victory.


Chambers (3-1-0) rocked Nagano (10-8-0) with a head kick just seconds into the fight, but the veteran Nagano managed to recover and kept her distance. She tried to shoot in for a takedown, but dove right into a big knee from Chambers. Nagano fell to her back and Chambers swarmed with punches until referee Peter Hickmott intervened for the TKO stoppage just 42 seconds into the fight. The quick and impressive victory got Chambers back on track after she suffered her first career loss to Japan’s top female prospect, Mizuki Inoue, at Jewels: “18th Ring” in March.

The co-feature between Fryer (3-1-0) and Tomita (3-7-0) lasted a little longer than the main event, but Fryer left no doubt as to who was the superior fighter. Tomita secured an early takedown and landed punches from the top, but Fryer scrambled back to her feet and dropped Tomita to her knees with a counter hook. Tomita drove forward for another takedown, but she could not get it and was forced to pull half-guard. Tomita tried to sweep, but Fryer had none of it and unloaded with a barrage of punches from the top until referee Jason Green stopped the fight at the 2:37 mark. Tonight’s bout was Fryer’s first since a July 2010 loss to Chambers, which remains her lone defeat.

In a featured featherweight matchup, “Ferocious” Fiona Muxlow (6-1-0) used her formidable ground skills to take a clear-cut Unanimous Decision win over the debuting Leanne Reid (0-1-0). Reid had success on the feet with punching combinations and scored a takedown in round one, but Muxlow swiftly countered with an armbar. From then on, Muxlow dominated the fight on the ground and threatened with another armbar and a rear-naked choke attempt. She could not secure a finish, but cruised to the Unanimous Decision win after three 3:00 rounds.


Rhiannon “The Tornado” Thompson (3-0-0) stayed unbeaten with a second-round submission victory over Linda “The War Machine” Nikeller (2-1-0). Thompson landed some big knees in round one and Nikeller answered with combinations. The fighters battled for position against the fence until Thompson landed a flurry and a series of body kicks late in the round. Nikeller countered Thompson’s kicks with a takedown into mount in round two, but Thompson swept and landed some big shots before taking Nikeller’s back and locking on a fight-ending rear-naked choke at 2:27 of round two.

“Aussie Mayhem” Tanya Stevens (1-0-0) survived a strong third round from Mae-Lin Leow (0-1-0) to take a narrow Majority Decision victory after three 3:00 rounds. Stevens controlled round one on the feet with quick punches and threatened with a rear-naked choke for nearly the entire duration of round two. The final round was a much different story, however, as Leow stalked Stevens around the cage and landed kicks to the head and body. She closed out the round strong with knees and another head kick, but it was not quite enough to steal back the fight and Stevens walked away with the close decision win.

Shauna “Little Thunder” Carew (1-0-0) and Gina Cardillo (0-1-0) battled back and forth through three 3:00 rounds in what was clearly the Fight of the Night, with Carew prevailing via a close Unanimous Decision. Cardillo attempted a guillotine choke and an armbar in round one, but Carew defended and did well in the scrambles on the mat. In round two, Carew tried for a North-South Choke early on and moved to mount, but Cardillo battled back to her feet and landed some hard punches. Carew took her down again and worked for a triangle choke from mount. Cardillo took the fight to the ground in round three, but the scrambles continued and Carew wound up on top. She fought off an Achilles lock until the bell and took home a big victory in her pro debut.

Natalie “The Kilapino” Gonzales Hills (1-0-0) put on one of the most impressive performances on the preliminary card and eventually forced opponent Samantha Manderson (0-1-0) to submit to a rear-naked choke in round three. Gonzales Hills took Manderson down and landed in mount within seconds of the opening bell and she kept Manderson pinned down throughout the round. It was more of the same in round two, but Manderson did manage to work for an Achilles lock from the bottom. In round three, Gonzales Hills scored a takedown and fought off a leglock attempt by taking Manderson’s back and locking on the fight-ending rear-naked choke at 1:34 of the final round.

“Hellraiser” Helen Malone (2-0-0) kept her perfect record intact with a first-round submission win over Lana “The Black Mamba” Kate (0-1-0). Malone wasted no time in taking Kate down and fought off her opponent’s attempts to employ rubber guard. She moved to side control, then took Kate’s back and secured a rear-naked choke for the tapout victory at 2:07 of the opening round.

Kerry Barrett (1-0-0) survived a tight guillotine choke from Brettlyn Neal (0-1-0) in the opening seconds of the fight and earned a Unanimous Decision victory after three 3:00 rounds. Neal nearly finished the fight with the standing guillotine choke right away and she tried for another one later in the first round. Barrett landed some nice counterpunches in round two and took Neal down, where she punched from mount. Barrett controlled the striking exchanges in round three and secured another takedown to leave no doubt in the judges’ minds. All three scored the fight for Barrett, who made a successful debut.

Maryanne Mullahy (1-0-0) earned a dominant second-round submission victory over fellow newcomer Rebecca “The Wrecka” Steward (0-1-0). Mullahy kept Steward at bay with kicks in round one and later scored a takedown into mount. She tried for an armbar, but time expired. Mullahy picked up where she left off as the second round began and she was once again effective with a variety of kicks. Mullahy took Steward down and used a keylock to set up a move to mount, then spun into an armbar that forced Steward to submit at the 49-second mark of round two.

Kicking off the action tonight, Lisa Sutton (1-0-0) picked up a quick win over Belinda Sedgwick (0-1-0) in a bantamweight bout. Sutton scored an early takedown into side control and landed punches from the top until Sedgwick tried to get back to her feet. Sutton took advantage by trapping her in a rear-naked choke. Sedgwick did not tap out, but had nowhere to go and was about to be choked unconscious as referee Tim Takeno intervened for the technical submission stoppage at 1:32 of round one.



(Photo Credit: Jewels blog)

  1. How can a ref stop the fight when they are getting the thumbs up.If someone cant finish a sub why should they get it?