Rosi Sexton Defeats Aisling Daly At Cage Warriors 47England’s top female fighter, Rosi “The Surgeon” Sexton, had all she could handle but emerged victorious at Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 47 tonight in Dublin, Ireland. Sexton earned a competitive Unanimous Decision win over hometown star Aisling “Ais The Bash” Daly after three rounds.

Tonight’s bout between Sexton and Daly was the second of two semi-final matchups in the inaugural CWFC 125-pound women’s tournament. Sexton now advances on to face German standout Sheila “The German Tank” Gaff in the tournament final later this year, where a champion will be crowned.


Sexton (13-2-0) clinched early on after a flurry of punches and a knee from Daly (13-3-0). She took Daly down and landed hammerfists from side control. Daly spun into a tight armbar and had Sexton in some trouble, but Sexton managed to escape and she scored with elbows from the top. Sexton slammed out of one armbar attempt, but soon found herself in another one. She again fought free and took Daly’s back in search of a rear-naked choke. Daly defended and the close round ended in a clinch.

Daly landed more punches in the second round and Sexton tripped her to the mat again. From the scarf hold position, Sexton landed short punches and moved into half-guard. Daly managed to get back to full guard, but not before eating more punches. She scrambled up and landed a flurry, but Sexton used an impressive rolling takedown to get the fight back down to the mat. Sexton worked for a top-side guillotine choke and landed punches until the bell.

Daly stuffed a takedown from Sexton and landed a nice knee to the body in round three. She pulled guard with a tight guillotine choke and rolled into mount. Sexton somehow managed to escape the choke and battled back to her feet. Daly countered a takedown with another guillotine, but this one was loose and Sexton easily escaped. She took Daly’s back, but Daly stood and landed a combination. She defended against Sexton’s takedowns with knees and elbows until the end of the fight.

Despite a strong final round for Daly, all three judges awarded the close fight to Sexton, who will have a chance to capture her second Cage Warriors title when she faces Gaff in the tournament final.

Winner: Rosi Sexton by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds. She improves to 13-2-0 and advances to the finals of the Cage Warriors 125-pound women’s tournament.


  1. Gaff has been overwhelming at 125 lbs., but I wish Rosi luck! And, while she was not cutting any weight, she was dominating bigger girls, like Cindy Dandois.

    But Gaff has been a cheater, and cheaters deserve to lose.

    Good luck, Rosi!

  2. It was a great fight. While I was for Rosi and was happy she won, it seemed Daly had figured her out in Round 3 and would probably won if it had been a 5 round fight. Hope Rosi doesn’t try to touch gloves with Gaff once the fight starts!

    Rock on, Rosi!