Jessica Aguilar Defeats Megumi Fujii At Bellator 69Jessica “Jag” Aguilar scored the biggest victory of her MMA career tonight in a featured 115-pound bout at Bellator Fighting Championships 69 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Aguilar took a close but Unanimous Decision victory over long-time pound-for-pound standout Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii.

It was Fujii who held an edge early on in the fight with a takedown near the cage, but Aguilar battled back to her feet and stole back the round on the judges’ scorecards with late strikes. Aguilar kept the fight standing in round two and survived a strong final round from Fujii to take the decision win.


Aguilar (14-4-0) countered early jabs and a leg kick from Fujii (25-2-0) with a right hook. Fujii took her down against the cage and Aguilar worked back to her feet. She reversed the clinch and the fighters exchanged knees. Aguilar backed away and Fujii landed a left cross. Aguilar fell after a counterpunch from Fujii, but got back to her feet and landed a nice right hand of her own. Aguilar caught a kick and tripped Fujii. She landed punches from the top and knees to the body, but Fujii spun into an armbar. Aguilar defended and stood before the end of the round.

Aguilar opened round two with some solid punches and Fujii slipped to the mat. She stood and both fighters landed right hooks. Aguilar scored with another combination and Fujii responded with one of her own. Fujii remained the aggressor and threw more punches, but Aguilar deflected most of them and countered a head kick with a one-two. Aguilar scored with her best punches of the fight and Fujii was forced to briefly retreat. She switched to body kicks and Aguilar countered with another quick flurry as the round came to a close.

Fujii countered a right cross with a one-two in the final round and followed with a head kick. The fighters exchanged kicks and Fujii shot in for a takedown. She managed to get Aguilar down near the fence and moved to half-guard. Aguilar struck from the bottom, but Fujii snuck in two big right hands. Aguilar got back to full guard and looked for an armbar, but Fujii escaped and retook top position. Fujii punched with her left hand as Aguilar threw elbows from the bottom and continued to hunt for submissions. Fujii punched her way free, then moved back to half-guard before the bell.

Despite Fujii’s takedown and submission attempts in the opening round, all three judges scored it in Aguilar’s favour. Fujii’s dominant final round was not enough to steal back the fight and the Japanese star fell to defeat for only the second time in her storied career. Aguilar has won five straight fights.

Winner: Jessica Aguilar by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after three rounds. She improves to 14-4-0.


  1. Judges got it right.
    Congrats to Jag.
    Fujii must be bored with ground fighting.

  2. This was bogus every site covering this fight HAD MEGUMI WINNING EITHER 30-27 OR 29-28but its bellator and jag must be tthe girl they want to promote, they destroyed frausto career with giving her the bogus decisipn, now they rip off megumi again, between the second and third rd jagsown corner had the fight 1 rd apiece and lets be honest the 3 rd rd megumi totally dominated jag, lets look at mma scoring aggression, effective striking, effective grappling, cagecontrol and damage, rd 1 lets see striking pretty even megumi threww more and variety jag was a little more accurate, megumi tried and got a takedown, then another takedown resulting in a sub attempt, and megumi was the agressor, so rd 1 shouldbe megumii 10-9,rd 2 was basically all striking megumi again was busier but jag connected with the best shot, so either 10-10ormaybe 10-9 jag(thats being generous)now rd 3it was all megumi so 10-9megumi, for 29-28megumi win. Anyone who says differently does not understand mma, or just is a jag fan. bbut i think bellator is corrupt, its cheaperfor them to promote jag,its disgusting megumi has come over here and gotten robbed twice,lets hope she fights for invicta soon because at least invicta is an honorable org,

  3. And anyone who says Megumi won doesn’t know about fighting or is just a confused teenager.
    And if you think Bellator is corrupt, then never watch again.
    This will blow your mind, judges are picked by AC’s not the promotion.
    This sport has the worst “fans” out there.

  4. Heyits funny that someone with the name kid comments on whether someone is a teenager or not. Rather than trying to insult someone use logic list the criteria for mma scoring (I DID)THEN EXPLAIN HOW YOU HAVE JAG WINNING RD1i had the striking pretty even, megumi was the aggressor, tried and got a td in the midofthe rd, then got a second td resulting in a sub attempt against jag, so no way does jag win rd 1 by any stretch of theimagination (norhowmuch kool aid you drink) rd 2 i can see maybe a 10-10rd or even maybe jag getting it 10-9(because she did connect with the best shot of the fight, i guess it comes downto which is scoredmore variety andoutput or accuracy)now lets look at rd3 megumi totaly dominated jag, so again i say if you disagree list how you figure that jag deserved this win. Because even ja gsown corner hought the fight was tied up betwee rds 2and3 and they are right there. sadly even though bellator is corrupt at least i is sill giving fightes a plac e to fight, and that is the only reason i watch it.

  5. are bellator’s picked by commissions? i thought they always found ways around it, ala indian casinos and such

  6. Just watched it, and I had it Megumi 30 – 27 JAG. Megumi kept the action going, was taking the initiative of the fight and had cage control in all three rounds, IMO.

    She also outstriked JAG and was effective with her kicks, although JAG’s punches caused more damage.

    Now, none of the rounds was super dominant, though. So, I wouldn’t say it was completely robbery. But I think Megumi won.

  7. Well kid it seems more people agree that megumi won, i guess we are all stupid teenagers who dont understand mma scoring. So kid azteca show us how jag won because really everyone knows bellator used megumi to promote jag just like they did with frausto, it back fired then and it will back fire now costing jag fans. People who do follow womens fighting are more passionate about the sport because the ladies get less oppurtunities to showcase their skills, so when they do and it results in a bogus dec itreally hurts the sport because really iwouldnt blame megumi if she never fought in bellator again

  8. Well come on kid azteca, you mustbe a punk because you try to insult others but really all you do is show how ignorant you are of mma. oh well its obvious you are an idiot or a kid because you cant explain your emotional opinion about how jag won the fight. I have explained twice how i figure megumi won but you have still not explained your opinion, like i say its obvious based on emotion not logic