Invicta Fighting Championships 1 Live Weigh-In ResultsWeigh-ins for the inaugural Invicta Fighting Championships event took place today at Hotel Phillips in Kansas City, Missouri. Main event fighters Marloes “Rumina” Coenen and Romy Ruyssen face off in a 145-pound rematch on the all-female card, which also features ten additional women’s bouts.

In the Invicta FC 1 co-main event, Jessica Penne and fellow Bellator veteran Lisa Ellis clash at 105 pounds. Other main card competitors include Liz “Girl-Rilla” Carmouche, Sarah “The Monster” D’Alelio and Kaitlin Young. has live coverage of today’s Invicta FC 1 weigh-ins.


Marloes Coenen and Romy Ruyssen Faceoff

Featherweight (145 Pounds): Marloes Coenen (146.0) vs Romy Ruyssen (149.8)*

Atomweight (105): Jessica Penne (105.6) vs Lisa Ellis (106.0)

Bantamweight (135): Liz Carmouche (134.2) vs Ashleigh Curry (136.0)**

Bantamweight (135): Kaitlin Young (135.4) vs Leslie Smith (135.0)

Bantamweight (135): Sarah D’Alelio (135.2) vs Vanessa Mariscal (136.0)

Strawweight (115): Sally Krumdiack (113.6) vs Sarah Schneider (115.6)

Atomweight (105): Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (105.4) vs Amy Davis (105.6)

Flyweight (125): Sarah Maloy (125.4) vs Michele Gutierrez (125.0)

Featherweight (145): Randi Miller (149.0)*** vs Mollie Estes (145.0)

Strawweight (115): Ashley Cummins (115.0) vs Sofia Bagherdai (120.6)****

Atomweight (105): Cassie Rodish (105.2) vs Meghan Wright (103.6)



*Romy Ruyssen initially weighed in at 150.4 pounds. Loses 25% of her fight purse.

**Ashleigh Curry initially weighed in at 137.4 pounds. Loses 10% of her fight purse.

***Randi Miller initially weighed in at 149.8 pounds. Loses 25% of her fight purse.

****Sofia Bagherdai could not cut any more weight, so opponent Ashley Cummins moved up to 121. Bagherdai loses 25% of her fight purse.


  1. To the 4 fighters who failed to make weight: Invicta FC is giving you a chance to showcase yourself and, perhaps more importantly, Women’s MMA, please be professional and live up to your end of the contract. If you can’t make that weight, don’t sign a contract to fight at that weight.

  2. It’s on like Don King Kong.
    Can’t wait.

  3. well said mma fan. and by so far. 5 pounds.

  4. Wow, that sucks. Not something you want marking your first event. With that said, still looking forward to the fights.

  5. yeah but the story must be more complex than that.
    nice fights to come anyway!

  6. ya really, four of them??

  7. Agreed, make the weight

  8. Thinks its BS that these women couldnt make weight..its already hard enough for women to get respect in this sport without this nonsense..And u wonder y the UFC doesnt have do u expect anyone to take u serious when u dont take urself serious..everyone who didn’tmake weight deserves to lose n I hope they do…

  9. Wow, I assume all of women are pro on making weight. It’s funny since some of them complained about Ronda Rousey and RR happened to make cut perfectly at 135. And it was her first time at that weight! A Olympics wrestler couldn’t do as well and how can she expect to fight against others especially with RR?

  10. i dont understand ashley moved up but no one else did

  11. Very unprofessional, and very bad for the sport.

    People are right: we have even an Olympian here missing weight. This is awful.

    Anyways, go, Marloes!!! Hope you kick behind and take names!

  12. i doubt it . but i hope randi gets ko’d

  13. One troll with multiple personality disorder.

  14. Ruyssen, Miller, and Bagherdai looked like they didn’t try to dehyrate at all, which puts their opponents at a huge disadvantage. Since Invicta was supposed to have the women weigh in when they go to town, what measures did they take to try and make these women cut, if any?