Strikeforce Champ Cris Cyborg Fined, Suspended For SteroidsStrikeforce Women’s Featherweight Champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos has been fined $2500 USD and suspended for one year after testing positive for a stanozolol metabolite prior to her December 17th victory over Hiroko Yamanaka. Santos’s win has now been overturned to a No Decision.

The California State Athletic Commission revealed the news in a release today. Santos was tested shortly before she dispatched of Yamanaka in 16 seconds and a urine sample was then sent to a World Anti-Doping Agency facility for testing. She has the right to appeal her one-year suspension.

Santos (10-1-0, 1 ND) had sat on the sidelines for 18 months during a contract impasse with Strikeforce before she made her long-awaited return to the cage against Yamanaka (12-1-0, 1 ND) at Strikeforce: “Melendez vs Masvidal” this past month. The hard-hitting Santos dropped Yamanaka with right hooks to open the fight and finished her off with a one-two seconds later against the cage. The bout lasted just 16 seconds and talk turned to which fighters, if any, remained to challenge for Santos’s 145-pound title.

Now, Santos will once again face a lengthy layoff unless she is able to launch a successful appeal of the suspension of her fighter licence. The suspension will not expire until December 16th of this year. While Santos has long been the subject of speculation regarding steroid use, she had never before tested positive for any banned substances.

Additional updates will follow as information becomes available.



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  1. Awful news 🙁

  2. Such shocking news!

    Hopefully Zuffa doesn’t do anything to drastic and drop the 145 women’s class. There’s still some good 145 women fighters out there, although one ran to 135.
    I would love to see Rin Nakai get a shot in Strikeforce, if she could actually get some training in a America first.

  3. the only surprise is how she managed to beat the test before , . at least the truth is out now and really this should not come as a surprise to anyone. oh well i guess ROUSEY WILL WANT TO STAY @ 145 NOW SHE CAN GET THE 145 TITLE WITHOUT FACING CYBORG .

  4. You know RE, that’s wot hit me. Ronda getting the one, then going back to 145 and get that one. Also, it makes me wonder about Carano. With Cyborg gone, come back? I can’t say I was shocked at the news, but think it’s sad. Even with no juicing, Cyborg has mad skills. I hope this doesn’t damage things too bad. I’ve really become a fan of WMMA. Go Kaufman!


  5. I am (or used to be) a Cris Cyborg supporter. but this puts an asterisk on all her performances.

    Yes, she had a very deep voice and other dubious traits, but she passed all the drug tests… so, part of her mystique was the fact that she was such a physical specimen. She could slam Tito Ortiz, toss guys around etc. etc.

    She seemed physically superior to all other fighters.

    Now, that mystique is gone, as everyone will always relate it to some kind of super steroids.

    For the record, winstrol is indeed good to get ripped. I don’t think it adds extra strength, but it helps maintain your strength while you get a lot leaner. Still, she should know better…

    What a shame…

  6. She was clean before December.

  7. First off this is no surprise. I mean look at her face. Anyone who has seen Womans bodybuilding could tell she was using. She looks like Tong friggin Po from Kick Boxer. The way she dismantled Gina Carrano so easily. Should have sent up some red flags. But it’s just an opinion folks.
    The Lionheart