Fan Vote: 2011 Favourite Female Mixed Martial Artist AwardThe third annual Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Awards are currently being constructed for the 2011 calendar year and will recognise many outstanding accomplishments by female fighters in the sport. This year’s awards again feature over a dozen categories including one that is open to the public.

The panel-voted portion of the awards will reward this year’s best knockouts, submissions, fights, promotions and fighters in a variety of weight classes. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks. Fans are able to vote for their favourite female mixed martial artist of 2011 in the poll listed below.



  1. Awesome, all around fighter !!!

  2. Outstanding fighter, on the rise!!!

  3. great fighter and great teacher

  4. Sara and Ronda are 4-0 in 2011.
    Ronda has the flashy wins.
    I think Sara’s competition was a little better.

    Going with Sara McMann

  5. alexis davis gets my vote,great fighter , great person

  6. Alexis Davis is the BEST fighter!! Hands Down!!

  7. Oustanding fighter, Outstadning teacher, Outstadning person, Alexis Davis Just Outstadning!!!

  8. You’re trolling to hard.

  9. She’s the greatest fighter, woman, and human being on the entire planet!

  10. She’s professional and humble right up to when she SMASHES YOUR FACE IN! Then she’s cordial and friendly again, lol. What an awesome fighter!!

  11. There’s something pure about the way she fights. None of that drama or smack talk. It’s refreshing.

  12. Awsome woman inside and out very talented!