Update: Maxwell vs Young Off Due To Scheduling ConflictA women’s bout between strikers Elaina “Beef” Maxwell and Kaitlin Young will have to wait. Originally set to take place under PRIDE rules for Colosseo Championship Fighting in Alberta, Canada, the fight has been cancelled due to a scheduling change that left Maxwell unable to compete on the card.

Maxwell and Young had agreed to face off for the promotion, but Maxwell and her management were not notified when CCF changed the date for its event to September 3rd. With another fight already signed for September 10th, Maxwell is out of the bout with Young, who awaits a new opponent.

In May, Young announced that she had officially signed on with Canada-based promotion, which came under fire after stating its plans to stage an entire event using the rule system employed by the former Pride Fighting Championships promotion in Japan. The first Colosseo event using PRIDE rules, CCF 6: “Bushido,” was first scheduled for July 23rd but has now been delayed until September 3rd.

Young, who had expected to compete for CCF later in the year, was recently added to the September 3rd card. Agreements were already in place for Young to face Maxwell at an upcoming CCF event, but confusion followed when Maxwell was not notified of the date change for the fight. As she is already scheduled to face Bethany Marshall for the Freedom Fight promotion on September 10th in Ontario, Maxwell can no longer face Young on the CCF card one week earlier.

MMARising.com reported on Wednesday that the bout between Maxwell and Young was set for CCF 6. However, while this information was correct at one point, it was not as of the time of posting and we regret the error. Maxwell was out of the fight as soon as the date was changed. She states that she is still interested in facing Young later this year, however, but not until after her fight with Marshall.

Maxwell is also set to compete on July 23rd against Angela Samaro at King of the Cage: “Shockwave.”

Young is expected to remain on the CCF 6 card, but is currently without an opponent due to Maxwell’s departure from the fight. Colosseo Championship Fighting 6: “Bushido” takes place on September 3rd at the Sangudo Arena in Sangudo, Alberta, Canada.

Tim Peterson contributed to this updated report.



(Photo Credit: ProTips4U)

  1. That sucks.
    PRIDE rules with Women got my attention.

  2. Kaitlin will most likely still fight on the card under the PRIDE rules, but she will need a new opponent. The initial report was entirely my own error, as the fight had technically been scrapped by the time that I had posted about it. There’s still over a month and a half for them to find Kaitlin an opponent, so hopefully they will do so.