All UFC Main Events To Be Contested Over Five RoundsThe Ultimate Fighting Championship announced today that all upcoming non-title main events will now be contested over five, five-minute rounds. The change will not apply to fights that have already been signed, but the ruling will be utilised for newly-signed main event bouts moving forward.

In addition, UFC President Dana White stated that his promotion intends to create a flyweight division in the near future; possibly by the end of 2011. Meanwhile, Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz has vacated his title in order to challenge UFC champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre.

The trio of updates was announced today by White, who had previously indicated that he was open to featuring five-round non-title bouts in select situations. The new ruling will mean that all upcoming UFC main events – excluding bouts that have already been signed as three-round fights – will be contested over five rounds whether a title is on the line or not. The non-title UFC 133 main event between Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis and “Suga” Rashad Evans will remain as a three-round contest, as bout agreements have already been signed.

On the topic of flyweights, White stated that 125-pound fighters may have an opportunity to compete inside the Octagon by the end of this year. No firm date was given for when the new division may be formed, but the accelerated timetable represents a shift from earlier tentative plans that had targeted mid-to-late 2012 for the start of the 125-pound UFC weight class. The California-based Tachi Palace Fights organisation has recently showcased some of the top-ranked flyweights in the world; many of whom would likely be a part of the new division inside the Octagon.

Speculation was finally put to rest regarding the status of Diaz’s Strikeforce title, as the Californian has vacated his belt and will now once again be regarded as a UFC fighter. Two Strikeforce competitors will now face off for Diaz’s vacant Strikeforce Welterweight Championship, while Diaz challenges St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Championship in a bout currently targeted for UFC 137 in October. Diaz will reportedly still be allowed to compete in Strikeforce as well, though presumably only if he is not able to dethrone St. Pierre.



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  1. now this is a real slap in the face to all the top welter weights in the ufc. its one thing for diaz to come in and challenge gsp to unify the titles. its another thing to vacate and get an oautomatic shot. shields left as the middleweight champ and had to fight first. silva left uk champion belt and had to fight a contender first. now diaz who has losses to current fighters in the ufc , just gets to come in and fight gsp. how does he rate above , condit , lyttle, ellenberger, story, alves, kos, penn. sanchez, hughes, pyle, macdonald, hatheway fitch . its just bs diaz has fought no one equal to the fighters i mentioned. any of the fighters i mentioned would beat all the chumpds diaz has fought since leaving the ufc.dana should of given the fans what we have been asking for for yrs which is a fight between gsp and anderson silva it could of been contested at a catchweight ( silva at one point evensaid he’d cut to ww ) gsp weighed 194 at his last fight against shields so if they fought at a 178-180 catchweight the weight difference between them would not be very much if any , because silva startys his weight cut from 198 when preparing for his fights at 185.

  2. $$$$$$ talked.
    Coker wanted the same thing in the HW GP.