Cat Zingano Knocks Out Takayo Hashi At F2W: "Outlaws"Rising star Cat “Alpha” Zingano kept her unbeaten record intact tonight with a third-round knockout victory over Japanese veteran Takayo Hashi at Fight To Win: “Outlaws” in Denver, Colorado. Zingano finished the title fight with a highlight-reel powerbomb slam with just 18 seconds remaining.

Much of the three-round affair was contested in the clinch against the cage, where Zingano was able to use her strength advantage to keep Hashi on the defensive. Hashi was aggressive early on, but Zingano controlled most of the striking exchanges throughout until just before the end of the fight.


The fighters traded strikes early in round one and clinched against the cage. They separated and both landed kicks to the body. Zingano (6-0-0) scored with a flurry and Hashi (13-4-0) countered with a left hook. Zingano rushed in with a kick to the upper body and pushed Hashi to the mat. Hashi wound up on top, but Zingano held on until referee Tim Mills stood the fighters up rather quickly. Hashi backed Zingano up to the cage and Zingano reversed.

Hashi backed away and Zingano landed a flurry. She put Hashi up against the cage again and a battle for position followed. Zingano landed a knee in close and Hashi took advantage by reversing the clinch. She scored with a lengthy combination and backed Hashi up with more punches. 10-9 Zingano.


Round two began with a clinch and Hashi fell after a three-punch combination from Zingano sent her off-balance. She got back to her feet and Zingano muscled her up against the cage. Once more, the fighters battled for position in a clinch and Zingano landed a glancing elbow over the top.

Zingano followed with knees to the thighs, but Hashi caught one and reversed. The fighters separated and Zingano landed an uppercut. Punches were exchanged and Zingano backed Hashi up with another flurry. Hashi clinched and Zingano reversed before the bell. 10-9 Zingano.


Zingano opened round three with a front kick and a trio of punches. She clinched and landed short knees to the body. Hashi answered with knees of her own and backed away. Zingano threw a one-two and Hashi clinched in search of a takedown. She got Zingano down, but Zingano countered with an inverted triangle choke and a body lock. Zingano released the body lock and punched Hashi’s ribs while maintaining the inverted triangle.

Hashi eventually escaped and got back to half-guard. She prevented Zingano from passing to mount. Zingano scored with a short right hand and postured up as Hashi looked to utilise her butterfly guard. Zingano stood and both fighters landed punches. Zingano clinched and threw knees. Hashi tried to jump guard, but Zingano powerbombed her. Hashi was out cold and the fight was stopped.

Winner: Cat Zingano by KO (Slam) at 4:42 of round three. She improves to 6-0-0 and remains Fight To Win Women’s Champion.


The main event title bout was initially believed to be contested for Zingano’s existing Fight To Win 130-pound title, but the fight was set for a catchweight and both fighters weighed in under 126 pounds. Zingano was announced as the new champion following the fight, which would bring her running total of championship titles to five, spanning three weight classes.


  1. Awesome Fight. Saw it live.

  2. Excellent descriptive writing.

    J.R. Gordon

  3. Let’s make Cat Zingano and Zoila Frausto happen now :-D.

    The winner takes on Tara LaRosa!

  4. They’d both lose to Tara.

  5. Kid your smokin’ crack!! Zingano will crush LaRosa

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  7. unless it was in bellator then frausto would win just by being there , like she did against jag and megumi .