Ronda Rousey vs Charmaine Tweet Set For June 17thFresh off of her successful pro MMA debut in March, Olympic Judo Bronze Medallist “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey will return to action on June 17th. The judoka will face standout kickboxer Charmaine “Not So Sweet” Tweet for Hard Knocks Fighting Championship in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. confirmed plans for the fight with the promotion today. The matchup will be contested at 150 pounds, slightly above Rousey’s previous fighting weight of 145, and will be part of “School of Hard Knocks 12” at the Century Casino in Calgary. Tweet will be making her professional debut.

Rousey (1-0-0) picked up three victories as an amateur fighter before turning pro in March. Her amateur fights lasted 23, 57 and 24 seconds, respectively, for a total time of just 1:44. All three ended in armbar submission wins for the judo star. She wasted no time in her pro debut, either, as she quickly took down once-touted Brazilian Ediane “India” Gomes and forced a tap with an armbar in 25 seconds.

Despite the quick wins, Rousey still has her critics in MMA. She made headlines last year after stating her intentions to challenge Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight Champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos by the end of 2011. Thus far, however, Rousey has backed up her words and lofty goal, but she will face a highly skilled striker in June.

Tweet (0-0-0) is a multi-time kickboxing champion who formerly trained with Duke Roufus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now living and training in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Tweet has turned her attention to mixed martial arts and will make her amateur debut against Tia Wishart on May 28th; less than three weeks before turning pro to face Rousey.

With an impressive striking pedigree, Tweet will hold a decided advantage over Rousey if she is able to keep the fight on the feet, but as Rousey has proven in each of her past bouts, that is much easier said than done.

Hard Knocks Fighting Championship: “School of Hard Knocks 12” takes place on June 17th at the Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


  1. Your freakin amaaaaaazziiing

  2. I think I know how this fight will end.
    Hopefully footage will emerge.

  3. My money is on the Judo Player, always.

  4. Will be interesting to see if Charmaine can even make weight. She couldnt make 145… I hope Rousey doesn’t take the fight if she can’t make weight.

  5. Weight doesn’t matter; Ronda can crush any woman in America. the so-called “MMA fighters” are glorified cheerleeders who can’t hack it in a real sport (Judo). I can’t wait until she makes Cyborg look silly.

  6. Not only will Ronda win, I think Ronda’s Mother can beat Charmaine, too.

  7. Ronda will take her regardless of her weight, when she’s on the floor it won’t matter, she has trained her whole life to be a fighter and this is just another step closer to being the ultimate champion.

  8. Well aren’t you all a little cocky!!! Not only will Char make weight but it will be funny to watch when she kicks Ronda’s head off or perhaps puts her knee through her sternum…lol.. Can’t wait to see you all eat your words.. And as far as Judo being the real sport, Muay Thai kicks the shit out of Judo!!!!

  9. So much bragging by Ronda fans… It’s hard to support for an athlete with fans like this. I will start rooting for Charmaine.

  10. and why should you judge ronda buy her fans? its not like she hired them.

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