Jewels: "Twelfth Ring" Weigh-In Results & Fighter QuotesOfficial weigh-ins were held today at the DEEP Gym for Friday’s Jewels: “Twelfth Ring” card in Tokyo, Japan, and all but one of the 14 fighters who weighed in successfully made weight. The lone exception was England’s Danielle “The Curse” West, who weighed in heavy for her 65kg fight.

American Top Team standout Jessica “Jag” Aguilar and Jewels Lightweight Queen Champion Ayaka Hamasaki had no troubles making weight for their non-title main event bout. Aguilar accepted the matchup on just one week’s notice. A full account of weigh-in results and fighter quotes is listed below.


Official Weigh-in Results:


Ayaka Hamasaki vs Jessica “Jag” Aguilar [52kg Jewels Special Rules – 2×5]

– Ayaka Hamasaki: 51.9kg / 114.2 pounds
– Jessica Aguilar: 51.4kg / 113.1 pounds


Mika “Future Princess” Nagano vs Emi Murata [54kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Mika Nagano: 53.9kg / 118.6 pounds
– Emi Murata: 53.6kg / 117.9 pounds


Sakura Nomura vs Ji Yun Kim [58kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Sakura Nomura: N/A*
– Ji Yun Kim: N/A*

*Both fighters will weigh in on the day of the event.


Shizuka Sugiyama vs Mayumi “Super Benkei” Aoki [62kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Shizuka Sugiyama: 62.0kg / 136.4 pounds
– Mayumi Aoki: 61.7kg / 135.7 pounds


Miku Hayashi vs Suzuna Nakamura [52.16kg Jewels Kickboxing Rules – 3×2]

– Miku Hayashi: 52.1kg / 114.6 pounds
– Suzuna Nakamura : 51.7kg / 113.7 pounds


Bolormaa “Esui” Erdenebileg vs Danielle “The Curse” West [65kg Jewels Special Rules – 2×5]

– Esui: 64.6kg / 142.1 pounds
– Danielle West: 66.0kg / 145.2 pounds*

*West will start the fight with a Red Card (point deduction) due to missing weight.


Rina Tomita vs Sadae “Manhoef” Suzumura [52kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Rina Tomita: 51.8kg / 114.0 pounds
– Sadae Suzumura: 51.9kg / 114.2 pounds


Miyoko Kusaka vs Yuka Okumura [50kg Jewels Official Rules – 2×5]

– Miyoko Kusaka: 50.0kg / 110.0 pounds
– Yuka Okumura: 49.5kg / 108.9 pounds


Fighter Quotes:


Jessica Aguilar: “I think it’s going to be a tough fight. Ayaka comes from a top camp, and her teacher [Megumi Fujii] is the best, so it’ll be tough but I’m looking forward to it. It’s my honour to be invited here, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to fight in front of the Japanese fans. I think it’ll be a great fight.”

Currently, Aguilar’s sole occupation is in fighting and teaching.

“That’s it,” she says. “I teach the kids’ class at the gym, and I have private [lessons], basically. Right now I’m drowning and it’s really hard to survive. It’s definitely much easier for male fighters. I couldn’t get [any sponsors on short notice]. Back home, I have a few monthly ones, but I don’t always receive regular payments on time, so I just have to do the best I can. I think I’ll have to go get a full-time job pretty soon. I studied biology and I used to work at a blood bank, processing blood that was drawn.

“I just went vegan three months ago,” Aguilar adds, of a switch in diet. “Firstly, I’m lactose intolerant. I’ve always had a problem eating, in addition to that. Ever since I cut out meat, I’ve felt really good; really lean and healthy. I might try reincorporating fish sometime in the future. I’m not totally sure exactly what was wrong.”

Aguilar also addressed her controversial lost to Zoila Gurgel (Frausto) from last year.

“I really felt that I won, of course. You know, every round my coach was telling me if I won or lost the round, and he’d been telling me, ‘okay you lost that one, okay you won that, you won that.’ So it was a big shock that I lost, but after the fight, seeing the fan’s response and getting all their support, it really feels like a win for me. I feel just as if I’d won that fight. And Zoila wants a rematch. It’s not her fault how the judges scored it. She’s not a bad person, of course. She wants to prove herself.”


Additional comments from Aguilar and Abe Ani Combat Club (AACC) members Ayaka Hamasaki, Emi Murata and Rina Tomita are available in the video below, filmed by Roxanne Modafferi and Megumi Fujii:



  1. i agree its not faustos fault the judges made the ridiculous decision they did . in a close 3rd fight human error can occur . but the megumi -frausto fight only 1 rd (the 3rd) was even close enough to go in fraustos favor. rds 1 ,2 4 and 5 were definately won by megumi. the fight wasn’t even close. it was by far the absolute worse decision in mma. it has led to many many different theorys to what happened. my own personal opinion is bellator thought they had another cyborg(afteer frausto’s ko of rosi sexton)and when their striker got outstruck by a grappling specialist , it was too late the decision was all ready bought and paid is easy to promote a champion with a highlight reel ko to the casuel fan. its only the hardcore fan who really knows who and what megumi has achieved in this sport, the only thing i have against frausto is she is part of the problem with shady judging because she should of been honest and said the judges made a mistake and both jag and megumi beat me. but she contnues to accept the accolades that she didn’t one who has watched the megumi -frausto fight thinks frausto even won more than 1 rd. lots of people pushing for improvementys in judging have gone over this fight in particuliar min by min rd by rd and they all agree megumim was out and out robbed.

  2. My fight is not Jewels official rules, I was told yesterday we are allowed head shots on the ground and will not be stood up after 30 seconds so long as we engage on the ground.

  3. Sorry about that. Typo on my part. I’ve corrected that, though I suppose that it does not matter now with the event cancelled due to the earthquake.

  4. Cheers. LOL< I suppose you're right