Rosi Sexton Edges Roxanne Modafferi In Cage Warriors 40 Main EventA highly competitive women’s bout between 125-pound British standout Rosi “The Surgeon” Sexton and former Strikeforce title challenger Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi capped off a stellar night of fights this evening at Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 40 in North London, England.

The back-and-forth main event saw both fighters have their moments. Sexton scored numerous takedowns, but had to defend against an impressive array of submissions from Modafferi, who was making her debut in the 125-pound division. After three close rounds, Sexton earned a razor-thin decision.


The opening round was dead even and was contested almost entirely in the clinch against the cage. Following an early exchange of punches that saw both fighters land, a clinch ensued and both landed knees to the body. Sexton looked to take Modafferi’s back while standing, but Modafferi spun out and an exchange of short right hands followed. Neither fighter could get the other to the mat, but both continued to score with knees. Sexton landed a quick flurry of punches and took Modafferi down just before the bell, but was unable to do any damage. 10-10.

Sexton caught a kick to begin round two and backed Modafferi up to the cage. Modafferi broke away, then pushed forward with a barrage of punches. Sexton answered with three of her own and tripped Modafferi to the mat. She looked to move to mount, but Modafferi rolled out and returned to her feet. Modafferi attempted a takedown, but Sexton reversed it and wound up on top. Modafferi countered with a triangle choke and an armbar from the bottom, but Sexton somehow escaped. She stood and landed hammerfists as Modafferi looked for a leg submission. More hammerfists landed for Sexton before the bell ended the razor-thin round. 10-9 Sexton, just barely.

Modafferi aggressively rushed forward with punches in the final round, but Sexton took her down again. Sexton landed some solid strikes from the top until Modafferi scrambled to her feet. In a clinch, Sexton landed knees to the body and Modafferi pulled guard with a guillotine choke. Sexton popped her head out and stood up. Modafferi followed and looked to use a judo throw to take the fight back down to the mat, but Sexton reversed in mid-air and landed on top. Modafferi regained her guard and attempted a triangle choke. The fight returned to the feet and Sexton scored another takedown. Modafferi locked on a tight triangle choke in the final 20 seconds, but Sexton countered with hammerfists and survived until the bell. 10-9 Sexton in another close round.

Judging was excellent throughout the evening at Cage Warriors 40, and that was again the case in the main event as two judges made use of 10-10 scorecards. In the end, Sexton was awarded the close but unanimous judges’ verdict to earn her twelfth win as a professional.

Winner: Rosi Sexton by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-28, 30-29) after three rounds. She improves to 12-2-0.


Cage Warriors will return with their next event, CWFC 41, on April 2nd at Neptune Stadium in Cork City, Ireland. Fights for the April card are expected to be announced in the coming days and weeks.


  1. Very good win for Rosi.